Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X – Which Should You Go For?

Our article today compares the Sony alpha a500 vs Canon G7X. It’s gonna be a long ride, so buckle up!

Even if you’re just starting out in your photography career, you most likely have heard of these two camera giants – Sony and Canon. We’re also guessing you asked around for good beginner cameras and someone recommended these cameras to you. Or maybe you just heard of them somehow.

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Either way, you’re here to find out if either of these cameras is worth your hard-earned money. Or maybe you just want to find out which camera you need to be gunning for considering your tastes and purpose. Well, we’re here for you.

Now, before we go any further, there are few things you might want to keep in mind.

In the first place, the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X is a contest between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR. If you don’t know what that means, not to worry. We clear that up in this article.

Secondly, this is also a contest between an interchangeable lens camera and a fixed lens camera. As you might or might not know, mirrorless cameras typically come as interchangeable lens cameras while DSLRs are usually fixed lens cameras.

Of course these conditions (and many others) affect the performance and usability of each of these cameras. And it’s our sworn duty to, through this article, guide you on which of the cameras to go for based on your interests and needs.

Table of Contents

Comparison Overview — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Our article today is a lengthy one as most of our articles are. This is because we spend many hours researching and compiling the most accurate information so you can make a well informed decision.

That said though, it’s perfectly understood if you can’t afford that luxury of time. Although, we would have preferred for you to go through the long article, we have also made provisions for people like you in such situations.

From this section down to the section where we discuss what situation each camera is best for, we will be giving an executive summary of the entire article.

You’ll miss the devil in the detail but we tried to cover the most important points as concisely as possible so that, out of time or not, you still get to make an informed decision. Sound good? Let’s hit the road!

Where Both Cameras Get It Right — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

These cameras are small, compact, and lightweight and even though the Sony a5000 seems much lighter now, remember it’s just the base for now. The Canon G7X, on the other hand already has a fixed lens on it which is why it is heavier. By the time you fix a lens on the Sony a5000, the weight of the camera would definitely increase. All the same, these cameras are still light and compact.

Also, both cameras have an articulating screen although only the Canon G7X comes with touch sensitivity feature. And, of course, sensor resolution is amazing at 20 megapixels. Aggressive croppers and photographers that print in large sizes would love the detail these cameras give.

Built-in flash, fast shutter speeds, face detection focus, RAW support are other features that these two cameras get right as well.

But a feature we particularly like on these two cameras is the wireless connection. With the in-built WiFi and NFC connection, users can easily transfer their files from their camera to their devices in a snap. Also, it takes away the hassle of cables and cords as well.

Lastly, these two cameras have smartphone remote control which means you can control either camera remotely using your smartphone.

Where The Sony alpha a5000 Does It Better — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

There are a number of areas where the Sony a5000 does better than the Canon G7X. For instance, it has a large sensor than the Canon G7X. It also has a larger sensor pixel area than that of the Canon G7X. Add these two to the fact that the G7X comes with a pretty high low light ISO and you see why the Sony a5000 makes a better camera in low light than the Canon G7X.

Furthermore, the Sony a5000 also has better color depth than the Canon G7X. This means that it can pick more unique colors than the Canon G7X with less chances of color banding.

In terms of max shutter speed and ISO, the Sony a5000 is higher than the Canon G7X. Plus, this camera comes with AE bracketing for perfectly exposed pictures –a feature the Canon G7X lacks.

Finally, the Sony a5000 is more affordable than the Canon G7X.

Where The Canon G7X Does It Better — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

The Canon G7X comes with an optical image stabilization system while the Sony a5000 lacks that feature.

Besides that the Canon G7X also beats the Sony a5000 in terms of its LCD screen. It’s super sharp and clear and is also touch sensitive. All the same, while it makes a good replacement for a viewfinder (something the Sony a5000 might not be able to boast of), it might be a little difficult to work with especially when shooting handheld. Holding up a screen to your face rather than a viewfinder is just weird, you know?

Besides that, the Canon G7X also has more focus points, better continuous shooting ability, as well as a further reaching flash coverage. Plus, it supports UHS memory cards as well.

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Where Both Cameras Get It Wrong — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

As much as the Sony a5000 and the Canon G7X are great cameras, they also suck in some areas. There are four that come to mind.

First, none of these cameras comes with a viewfinder and holding an LCD screen to your face while taking photos feels pretty awkward.

Next, these two cameras also lack an external flash shoe even though they come with built-in flashes.

A built-in flash is a good one. However, there are times where they don’t suffice and you’d need your external flash. However, that’s not possible with either of these cameras. But then again, considering the users to which these cameras are targeted, that might not even in the picture for many – situations that demand the use of an external flash shoe, that is.

Again, both cameras lack environmental sealing. You’d have to be careful with these cameras especially outdoors to ensure that they don’t get exposed to moisture or dust. These things could damage your cameras since they aren’t weather-sealed.

Finally, the battery life of these cameras suck to say the least. The Sony a5000 does better but it sucks all the same.

Which Has The Better Price-Value Ratio: a5000 or G7X?

The Sony a5000 has a better price-value ratio than the Canon G7X. Now, although it cannot be categorically declared to be the better camera of the two, the a5000 is surely not that inferior to the G7X. So, then considering that you save about 300 dollars going for the Sony camera over the Canon one, that leads us to believe it will be giving you more value per dollar.

Comparative Brand Strengths — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Both Sony and Canon are big, reputable brands in the industry. With names constantly tossed around in the photography industry and community, it’s no argument that these companies are strong brands. However, one is stronger and that’s definitely Canon.

Canon was founded in 1934, so it’s a pretty old company as you can see. Sony is also an old brand. However, Canon already had a 12-year head start by the time Sony opened for business. This means that Canon had already established a pretty strong hold on the market before Sony came around. And till today, Canon still holds giant market share in the market especially in North America and Europe.

Canon is a pretty versatile camera brand, carrying cameras in nearly every category from DSLRS to compacts and mirrorless cameras as well. The best part is that these cameras are of excellent which is only expected from a brand so high up in the industry.

Canon cameras do cost a pretty penny for sure, however, they offer value for money. Moreover, they also have offerings for entry-level photographers like the Canon G7X with prices that are not is cut-throat.

On the other hand, we have Sony. Compared to Canon, Sony is a younger brand but that’s not to say they’ve not been doing their homework. Currently, besides Canon and Nikon, Sony is one camera brand with a strong grip on the market. In fact, there are some that project that Sony might begin to give Canon and Nikon a run for their money pretty soon. That is if they aren’t doing that already.

Unlike the diversified Canon, Sony seems to have a more focused product offering than Canon. Sony mostly manufacturers full frame mirrorless cameras. And it goes without saying that these are some of the best you’d find in the market.

To appeal to its wide range of diversified customers, Sony has two major lines of what we’d call specialist cameras. There’s the R line which is Sony’s lineup of high resolution cameras. We also have the S line which is Sony’s lineup of fantastic low light cameras. By the way, Sony makes some of the best low light cameras in the industry.

Cameras like the Sony a5000, a6000, and the likes are typically entry-level cameras.

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Comparison Table Of Major Specs And Features — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X


Sony alpha a5000

Canon G7X

Announcement Date 7th January, 2014 15th September, 2014
Sensor Resolution APS-C CMOS 1 Inch BSI-CMOS
ISO 100 – 16000 125 – 12800
Lens Sony E mount 24 – 100 millimeter F1.8-2.8 Zoom Lens
Continuous Shooting 4 frames per second 6.5 frames per second
Image Stabilization No Optical Image Stabilization
LCD Screen Resolution 461k dots 1.040k dots
LCD Touch Screen No Yes
Focus Points 25 points 31 points
Max Shutter Speed 1/4000 second 1/2000 second
Color Depth 23.8 23.0
Dynamic Range 13.0 12.7
Low Light ISO 1089 556
Sensor Pixel Area 18.03µm2 5.82µm2
Flash Coverage 4.0 meters 7.0 meters
Support for UHS Memory Cards None Yes (UHS-I)
AE Bracketing Yes No
Battery Life 420 shots 210 shots
Dimensions 110 x 63 x 36 millimeters 103 x 60 x 40 millimeters
Weight 269 grams 304 grams

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

What Situation Is Each Camera Best For — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X?

Sony alpha a5000

Canon G7X

The first set of people we would recommend the Sony alpha a5000 to are the beginners. This is primarily an entry-level camera and it’s quite obvious from its price and all its features.  

If you’re currently still contemplating the idea of venturing into photography, the Sony a5000 is worth “risking” your investment on. It’s super affordable and from our review, we found its performance very much worth the price.  

Besides the price, the weight of this camera and the fact that it’s a mirrorless camera also make this camera perfectly suited.  

Mirrorless cameras are typically easier to learn with as they are more interactive and the settings are fewer. Plus, the weight is nice enough for the hands of the non-initiate. Besides, since you’re going to be practicing a lot, you’d need something that’s convenient to lug around.  

DSLRs, on the other hand, have a rather steep learning curve. With the Sony alpha a5000, you can begin learning the ropes and then you can transition to a full-blown DSLR afterward.  

Another set of people who’d benefit from the Sony a5000 are the frequent travelers and hobbyists. This is an inexpensive camera that can go with you anywhere.  

Now, if you’re a vlogger and you need an inexpensive, easy-to-lug-around camera that allows you setup anywhere and begin shooting at the drop of a hat, the Sony a5000 is not your guy. Look next door.  

It lacks a fully articulated screen and does not come with an input for an external microphone. There’s a way to fix that but it’s going to be extra gear. And especially if you’re a one-man vlogger or Youtuber, this could be quite demanding, most especially because the camera lacks a fully articulating screen that’s selfie-friendly.
On the other hand, we have the Canon G7X, one of the smallest DSLRs around for miles. If you’re a DSLR lover or you’ve been looking to try your hands out on a DSLR after working mainly on mirrorless cameras for a while, the Canon G7X makes a fantastic starting point. Also, those looking to graduate from a point and shoot to a proper DSLR camera wouldn’t go wrong getting the Canon G7X.  

Like we said, this is one of the smallest DSLRs around thanks to its sensor. The Canon G7X comes with a one inch sensor. This smaller sensor also impacts on the price of the Canon G7X.  

If you’re conversant with cameras, you’d find that the price of the Canon G7X is far lower than the price of regular DSLRs. In fact, you can find DSLRs that are more than four times the cost of the G7X.  

That said, another situation where you might want to consider getting the Canon G7X could be for back up. That is, say you own a DSLR but you really don’t want to lug it around or you don’t want to hurt your precious baby, the G7X can serve.  

Furthermore, we recommend the Canon G7X to beginners venturing into photography for the first time. If you want to head straight for the big guns, then you won’t be missing it with the Canon G7X.  

For videography needs, the Canon G7X performs about the same way as the Sony a5000.  

If you plan to use the camera in low light or in unpredictable lighting, you might want to jettison the G7X for the Sony a5000. Its low light capability in comparison to the Sony a5000 does not quite meet up.  

In burst mode, the Canon G7X does quite well too. So, for action shoots, you can depend on the Canon G7X. It outperforms the Sony a5000 in this section.
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This section ends the comparison overview of our Sony alpha a5000 v Canon G7X comparison review. We will now be going into the meat of this article. You can skip this part of this article. However, we’d advise you to spend the time to go through the entire article so you know just what exactly you’re going whichever camera you decide to go for.

Which Features Do They Have In Common? — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Here are some similarities between the Sony alpha a5000 and the Canon G7X:

i. 20 mega pixel maximum sensor resolution

ii. Decent ISO range

iii. Articulating LCD screen

iv. RAW support

v. Decent maximum shutter speed

vi. Continuous shooting

vii. Few focus points

viii. Dynamic range

ix. Excellent color depth

x. Full HD video

xi. Built-in Wi-Fi

xii. Near field communication

xiii. Face detection focus

xiv. Time-lapse

xv. No weather sealing

We will now look at these similarities in detail…

20 Megapixel Sensor Resolution

So, the first common feature we will be comparing in the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X comparison review is their sensor resolution. These cameras are pretty sharp. We are looking at cameras with sensor resolutions of 20 megapixels. So, yes, you are free to call these cameras high resolution cameras.

There are many reasons this fact could excite you. One of them is for the visual appeal of your pictures. High resolution cameras give really beautiful, sharp, and detailed photos. This is great for portrait photographers. However, if we were to choose between the Sony a5000 and the Canon G7X for portrait photography, we would go for the Sony a5000 only for the reason that it has the larger sensor.

Also, if you’re going to printing your portrait in large sizes then either of these cameras makes a fantastic choice. At 20 megapixels, your camera will be able to produce photos that are printable in large sizes.

Furthermore, at a resolution of 20 megapixels, these cameras can do you a portrait of 11 by 14 inches perfectly. For larger sizes up to 30 by 40 inches, at 20 megapixels, these cameras can also do quite a good job as well

Besides printing in large sizes, the resolution of these cameras’ sensors are also great for cropping as well. Even if you’re an aggressive cropper, the resolution of these cameras are equal to the task. So, no worries.

Lastly, for downsampling as well, 20 megapixels more than suffice. As you know, the higher your sensor’s resolution, the higher the quality and the larger the size of your photo as well. If you choose to downsample any photo, the photo would only decrease in size. It will, nonetheless, retain its original quality.

Decent ISO Range

Next up on the common features of the Sony alpha a500 vs Canon G7X is their ISO range. Although not ridiculously high like the ISOs you find on pro cameras, the ISOs of these cameras are sufficient for the kind of cameras that they are.

The Sony a5000 has an ISO range of 100 to 16000 while the Canon G7X clocks in at an ISO range of 100 to 12800. In comparison to pro cameras, you could say that the ISO range of these cameras are only manageable at best. There are those that have a max ISO of up to more than a hundred thousand stops.

ISO is very important when we talk of low light conditions. In such conditions, a good ISO range would help you take photos that are clear and decently detailed. But you have to be careful seeing as the higher the ISO setting of your camera is when you take a shot, the higher the risk for noisy photos.

You might wonder then why professionals still reach for cameras with high ISOs. Well, working at certain shutter speeds and certain aperture settings require high ISO settings. This is why professionals generally reach for such kinds of cameras.

However, for the kind of cameras that the Sony a5000 and Canon G7X are, their ISO ranges are good enough.

Now, let’s talk about something also as important and that’s low light capability. When it comes to low light capability, one of the best in the industry is Sony. Most Sony cameras are naturally fantastic in low light. And this is especially so in their pro cameras, especially those in the alpha S line.

So, it comes as no surprise that comparing the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X, the low light capability of the Sony a5000 surpasses that of the Canon G7X. Besides the fact that the low light ISO of the Sony a5000 is higher, the sensor size as well as sensor pixel area are other features that make the Sony a5000 better in low light than the Canon G7X.

A larger sized sensor and sensor pixel area naturally makes for more light to get in which improves performance in low light.

Articulating LCD Screen

The LCD screen of any camera plays a huge role in determining how comfortable and convenient it would be shooting with your camera.

To explain, LCD screens come in different kinds. There are those that are fixed, there are those that tilt, and there are those that fully articulate. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that fixed screens would be very inconvenient to use.

Now, comparing the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X, you’d find that both cameras come with a tilting LCD screen. This means that it is possible for you to move the screen to a position of convenience. However, even that is limited as the screen does not articulate fully. This means that you can’t move the screen of either camera to face you as in the case of a selfie.

Besides making the camera less selfie-friendly, this characteristic of the screen also makes it a little less than ideal for one-man vloggers and Youtubers.

For touch sensitivity, only one of these cameras comes with that feature and that’s the Canon G7X. Touch sensitivity is always a desirable feature when using cameras as it makes it much easier to interact with your camera. For fast changes and a shorter learning curve, a camera with a touch sensitive screen is best. This is why in this case, the Canon G7X beats the Sony a5000.

RAW Support

When it comes to taking photos in modern cameras, you can either take your photos in JPEG format or in RAW format. JPEG format is quite common and is also a more versatile photo format than RAW. This is because JPEG photos are smaller and therefore easier to share. It’s also because you can share them right after taking the shot without having to do any form of editing.

It’s not the same with RAW. RAW photos require editing and compressing before you can share them or use them. This is why JPEG photos are more prevalent online than RAW photos. Usually, the size of a RAW image is equivalent to the megapixel count of the camera’s sensor resolution.

So, in the case of the Sony a5000 and Canon G7X, one photo can be about 20 megabytes. That’s a whole lot, right? But then again, RAW images have their advantage which is that they have a fantastic quality that JPEG images can’t quite give.

Also, RAW images are great for editing purposes because they exhibit a characteristic referred to as non-destructive editing. What this means is that editing does not affect the original quality of the image. So, when you undo the edits, the image quality of your photo is preserved.

Furthermore, RAW photos are easier to correct in cases of errors. In essence, if you happen to make a mistake while taking the photo like with the white balance or exposure, it’s a lot easier to correct all that if you’re shooting RAW.

Now, keep in mind that RAW photos tend to require a lot of space and skill to work with. Because they come out unprocessed and uncompressed (unlike JPEG images which have undergone several optimization processes), you’d need to get certain software in your arsenal. Some good software applications include Lightroom and Photoshop.

You know JPEG images are great but RAW images are off the hook. Everyone needs to shoot RAW.

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Decent Max Shutter Speeds

Another aspect of these cameras we would be comparing in this Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X showdown is the shutter speed. The max shutter speed of these two cameras are pretty fast. However, the Sony a5000 has a faster max shutter speed than the Canon G7X. While the Sony a5000 has a max shutter speed of 1/4000 second, the Canon G7X has a max shutter speed of 1/2000 second.

Actually, the usual thing is that cameras come with a shutter speed range. You’re going to be adjusting this shutter speed along that range depending on the kind of work you have at hand at that moment.

For most cameras, their slowest shutter speed is 30 seconds and the same applies to the Sony a5000 and the Canon G7X. This automatically makes the shutter speed range of the Sony a5000 wider and therefore, gives you more options when working with shutter speed than the Canon G7X.

From capturing moving subjects frozen in movement to shooting in certain dark conditions, you have a wide range of shutter speeds to work with. At this stage in your career, you might not even need to use up to 1/2000 second shutter speed. But hey, having many options is never a bad idea, right?

Continuous Shooting

Continuous shooting or burst mode is another really important feature when checking out cameras. And yes, we also checked that out while researching for the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X.

In the case of these cameras, the Canon G7X is the winner. With this camera (the Canon G7X) you get 6.5 frames per second. The Sony a5000, on the other hand, only has a continuous shooting ability of 4 frames per second.

With these figures, the results are obvious. The Canon G7X could be your go-to if the reason you need the camera is for taking action shots whether video or photo.

Of course, in itself, 6.5 frames per second isn’t exactly impressive. But then again, this isn’t a pro camera we are looking at. We are looking at an inexpensive, entry-level camera. For this reason, therefore, we give big kudos to the Canon G7X.

And that’s not all, the Canon G7X also has the comfortable weight and fast shutter speed to further make the camera even more suited for such scenes. It also comes with optical image stabilization. So, handheld on or a tripod, the Canon G7X will perform well for action shoots.

Few Focus Points

The Sony a5000 and Canon G7X have only few focus points which is a small issue. Because of the few focus points, it might be a better idea to use these cameras for portraits, landscape or architectural photography. In these genres, focus points don’t really matter especially because there are only few subjects in the field to be focused on. Plus, the subject is usually stationary.

However, with the number of focus points on these cameras, you’re sure to experience some limitations while using your camera. One limitation you’re likely going to face is with slow autofocusing. Usually, cameras with few focus points take longer to focus in autofocus mode than those with more focus points. This isn’t a major deal, but then again, it could be a mild pain point.

Another limitation with few focus points is that it’s pretty tough to use such cameras if the subject in question is going to be moving. For instance, say you have a shoot involving wildlife or sports. Photographing pets and children are also other instances where these cameras could limit you because of their few focus points.

So you find that a number of your photos could come out underexposed or not properly focused. This is because the cameras lack enough focus points to be able to catch your subject and keep them in focus swiftly as they move across the frame.

But there’s a benefit to fewer focus points though. In autofocus mode, cameras with fewer focus points are more likely to focus on the right part of the frame than those with more focus points. This is because there are fewer focus points and so random placement of focus is reduced. Most times, with many focus points, for landscape or portrait, photographers would rather work with their focus points in manual mode.

Dynamic Range

How well any camera performs outdoors in the sun is determined by the camera’s dynamic range. If the dynamic range is good enough, the camera would lose less or no detail to the highlights and shadows which makes for better pictures.

Experts usually place this figure at about 12 to 14. In the case of the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X, the values we are dealing with for the dynamic range of these cameras are impressive. We have 12.7 for the Canon G7X and 13.0 for the Sony alpha a5000.

As you can see, these numbers fall into the range as mentioned earlier. This makes these cameras great for use even outdoors at noon.

Excellent Color Depth

So far, so good, we have been comparing the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X finding out their strengths, weaknesses as well as other areas where they do just meh. Now, we will be discussing color depth and we are glad to say that these cameras pass in flying colors in this section (oh pun very much intended! Haha!).

Anyway, the color depth of a camera tells you the number of unique colors the sensor of that camera can correctly capture. If a camera has a good color depth, it will exhibit less color banding especially around areas where there is subtle shading.

A good example is when capturing blue skies. If the color depth of a camera isn’t good enough, there is a huge tendency for the photo to exhibit color banding because of all the subtle shades involved in the blueness of blue skies.

With a good color depth though, transitions from one color to the other would be pretty smooth and neat.

The benchmark for a good color depth on any camera is generally pegged at 22 bits, and anything higher than 22 is considered excellent. That said, let’s now find out how our cameras are doing in this respect.

On the one hand, we have the Sony a5000 with a color depth of 23.8 while the Canon G7X has a color depth of 23.0. As you can see, fantastic figures. These two cameras have impressive color depths.

However, the Sony a5000 is the clear winner in this particular contest and it also wins by a landslide. There’s a “.8” difference between the Sony a5000 vs the Canon G7X which gives the Sony a5000 a head over the Canon G7X.

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1080p Video Resolution

It need not come as a surprise to you that these cameras shoot in 1080 pixels. These are entry-level cameras after all and 4K is usually exclusive to pro cameras. But trust us when we say you aren’t missing anything shooting in 1080 pixels.

For professionals simply looking for either of these cameras as backup for their pro cameras, you probably already have your main camera which probably shoots in 4K. You also probably understand that shooting in 1080 pixels isn’t a big deal as long as video quality is good enough.

For beginners who might not fully understand yet, you hardly lose anything shooting in 1080 pixels. A 1080 pixel resolution is actually pretty good and the standard for most filming and movie projects.

To put things in perspective, the standard for broadcasting is 1080 pixels. So, think of broadcasting videos you have seen, that’s the kind of quality you’d be getting with either the Sony a5000 or the Canon G7X. Of course, knowing your way around would also be important for that to happen.

Another advantage of 1080 pixels is that it’s great for beginners as well as for casual, day-to-day photography. Even vloggers who are just starting out would appreciate shooting in full HD. In comparison to 4K, you don’t need a lot of sophisticated tools to edit 1080p videos.

Also, if you’re still managing your computer, you wouldn’t have to upgrade your computer to handle post-production. 4K videos, on the other hand, require a computer with a fast processor to be able to get post-production work done.

So, although quality is better with 4K videos, it might make more economic sense for the beginner to shoot in full HD which is why beginner cameras usually shoot in 1080p.

Wireless Connection And NFC Connection

The main reason for a wireless connection on any laptop is for snappy and hassle-free transfer of files. Before now, photographers would have to go with cables and cord in order to connect their cameras to their computers or other devices in order to make transfers. However, this can cause a clutter and is also quite inconvenient as well.

With in-built WiFi as many cameras of nowadays, including the Sony a5000 and the Canon G7X, come with, transfers can now be more efficient.

And then there’s also the part about NFC connection. NFC connection is a feature that allows your camera to instantly connect with other devices nearby. And this is done by simply pushing a button for instant pairing.

Face Detection Focus

Cameras that have the face detection focus feature are able to recognize human faces. This is good as it helps the quality of your image. If your camera is able to detect and recognize human faces, it can then give the face the right exposure making the resulting photo even more attractive.

Time Lapse Recording

These two cameras have the ability to carry out time lapse recording. On the Canon G7X, time lapse recording comes with the camera. However, on the Sony a5000, you’d have to get the app before you can record in time lapse. That’s a small con. But then again, getting the app actually works in your favor as you get access to other interesting features of the camera as well.

No Weather Sealing

Finally, on the “common features” section of the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X, we check out the weather sealing of these cameras. Well, it appears both cameras are not weather-sealed which, of course, isn’t good news. Weather sealing keeps your camera protected from certain elements of the weather like dust or moisture.

Since this is absent in these cameras, you’d have to be careful with them. Try to avoid using them in the outdoors so much. Also, in cases of poor, unpredictable weather, it might be better to leave the camera indoors.

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Features Unique To Each Camera — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Which has the bigger sensor: a5000 or G7X?

The Canon G7X is designed with a 1 inch sensor while the Sony a5000 comes with the bigger APS-C sensor. The latter is the best option for a beginner camera for three principal reasons. The first is that a smaller sensor is a less expensive sensor and, therefore, makes for a less expensive camera. Also, smaller sensors make for more compact cameras which makes the camera easier to carry around. And then finally, crop sensors also make the cameras lighter which also affects portability as well.

However, you lose a few things with crop sensors. First off, their field of view is tighter (the word “crop” probably already suggests that to you). Next, they don’t have that shallow depth of field which would have been perfect for amazing quality portraits with that bokeh effect that full frame cameras give.

But then again, full frame cameras might be a little more difficult to manage financially especially for beginners than full frame cameras.

Since most buyers of the Sony a5000 are beginners and others simply seeking backup cameras, crop sensors are a more commonsensical option. They are inexpensive both in the overhead and in the operational costs.

A one inch sensor is even more compact and also much lighter than a crop sensor. However, you’d notice that when you compare the Sony a5000 vs Canon G7X, the Canon G7X, even with the one inch sensor, is the heavier camera.

You want to keep in mind that the Canon G7X is a fixed lens camera which makes the camera heavier. By the time you add a lens to the Sony a5000, it will definitely come in a bit heavier than it is right now.

Besides size, one inch sensors also do great in terms of the quality of their images. Many times, you find that cameras with one inch sensors also feature pretty wide aperture settings which allows the camera sensor to get enough light. This, of course, improves image quality.

The major limitation one inch sensors face is that they can only work with one type of lens which is either a 24 to 70 millimeter or a 24 to 100 millimeter lens. In the case of the Canon G7X, the lens used is the 24 to 100 millimeter lens.

Which is the interchangeable lens camera: a5000 or G7X?

One major thing that makes the Sony a5000 unique — especially relative to the Canon G7X — is the fact that it is an interchangeable lens camera. Nearly all mirrorless cameras are interchangeable lens cameras and the meaning of that is obvious. The Sony a5000 comes with the Sony E mount which means you’ll be able to use all kinds of optics on your camera.

You want to keep in mind though that Sony is not exactly known for making versatile cameras. So, the range of lenses usable on the Sony E mount might not exactly be wide. But there are always adapters, so, you’ll be alright.

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Which comes with image stabilization: a5000 or G7X?

Unlike the Sony a5000, the Canon G7X comes with optical image stabilization. This is great as it means that you can compose your frames easily. And with optical image stabilization, the benefit is even made better since the stabilization occurs in real time. Usually, optical image stabilization is burdensome in terms of cost and travel inconvenience. However, in this case, the G7X is a fixed lens camera and not an interchangeable lens camera. So, thankfully, that’s averted.

The Sony a5000 lacks an image stabilization system and that’s a small problem but not too surprising, though. This is an inexpensive, entry-level camera after all. So even though we’d have loved to see it, we’re not so surprised.

However, what does that mean for you? Well, the best way you can stabilize your camera is to place it either on a tripod or on any other kind of rig to keep the camera stabilized. But this only works if you’re not shooting handheld. This is where image stabilization will help.

When shooting handheld, there is always that tendency of involuntary camera shake. This could make it more difficult to compose your scenes. Also, it could make your images come out blurry.

One way to manage camera shake so it doesn’t affect the quality of your images too much is to get IS lenses. However, this might be a little expensive for beginners.

Usually, Sony would have a built-in sensor-shift stabilization which would work with any lens. But in this case, there is no built-in stabilization system. This means you’d need to have a wide selection of IS lenses. It’s both expensive and bulky.

So, in the end, your best bet might be to work with a tripod stand.

Which comes with auto exposure bracketing: a5000 or G7X?

The Sony a5000 comes with auto exposure bracketing while the Canon G7X lacks it. AE bracketing betters your chances of getting photos with perfect exposure especially when lighting or contrast is tricky. For instance, in the sunset, brighter and darker areas might vary and getting your photos the perfect exposure might be hard, not to mention time consuming. Manually setting and resetting your exposure for the perfect shot might even cause you to lose some moments as well.

So, with AE bracketing, the camera gets you three shots. One with perfect exposure (according to your camera’s best guess) and then two others at the two extremes of the “perfect one.” So, one is underexposed while the other is overexposed. This way, you have more options as well as a higher chance of getting the photo with the exposure you want.

Don’t forget that you can even get more control over your camera by choosing to either shoot in Aperture Priority mode or Shutter Priority mode.

In the Aperture Priority mode, your preselected aperture setting would remain constant while the camera varies your shutter speed while taking the three shorts. In the Shutter Priority mode, the reverse would be the case.

Which comes with an anti-aliasing filter: a5000 or G7X?

The Sony a5000 comes with an anti-aliasing filter. People who mainly take photos of fabrics usually have a need for this filter. Especially in fabrics with similar, repeating patterns, there is always that tendency for a moire to form. A moire is like a wavy-like pattern you notice on patterned clothes in a video or a photo.

This problem is usually faced by older generation cameras with sensors that are not as advanced as newer ones. These cameras find it hard to tell these similar and recurring patterns apart which is what causes the moire to form hence the need for the anti-aliasing filter.

So what an AA filter does is that it blurs the details a little in the sensor of the camera so that the sensor is better able to tell these recurring frequencies apart.

In more modern and higher-priced cameras, anti-aliasing filters are usually absent since they tend to affect sensor resolution. For this reason therefore, photographers who are not mostly around fabric, might be better off avoiding cameras with an AA filter. However, for photographers who are always around fabric, then it’s better safe than sorry. Go for a camera with an AA filter like the Sony a5000.

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Unique Pros — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Pros Of The Sony alpha a5000

  • The Sony a5000 has a higher max ISO.
  • It’s also the better camera in low light with its low light ISO of 1089 and a sensor pixel area of 18.03µm2.
  • The Sony a5000 has better color depth than the Canon G7X. This gives the camera better ability to pick unique colors with less chances of color banding than the Canon G7X, although the G7X also has great color depth as well.
  • AE bracketing is another feature which the Canon G7X lacks.
  • The max shutter speed of the Sony a5000 is faster than the Canon G7X.
  • Battery life is longer than that of the G7X.
  • Finally, this camera is more affordable than the G7X.

Pros Of The Canon G7X

  • The Canon G7X comes with an optical image stabilization system which is great as it gives real time stabilization.
  • The LCD screen of the Canon G7X comes with touch sensitivity and also has a higher resolution than that of the Sony a5000.
  • It also has more focus points than the Sony a5000.
  • The Canon G7X does better in burst mode than the Sony a5000.
  • The flash coverage of the Canon G7X extends farther than that of the Sony a5000.
  • Lastly, this camera also supports UHS memory cards.
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Unique Cons — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Cons Of The Sony alpha a5000

  • It does not have any image stabilization system.
  • The LCD screen is nowhere as sharp as that of the Canon G7X. Plus, it also lacks the touch sensitivity feature.
  • Continuous shooting ability of this camera is not so great.
  • Flash coverage only extends 4 meters while that of the Canon G7X extends 7 meters.
  • Lastly, this camera does not support UHS memory cards.

Cons Of The Canon G7X

  • The max ISO of this camera is not quite high.
  • Battery life is quite poor, especially for a DSLR.
  • The Canon G7X does not do so well in low light.
  • It’s the more expensive camera.
  • Finally, it does not have the AE bracketing feature.

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Common Pros — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Sony alpha a5000

Canon G7X

This camera comes with a wireless connection and NFC for instant, hassle-free transfers of photos and videos. Also comes with a wireless connection and NFC connection.
The articulating screen of this camera makes the camera easier to use at weird angles. Same goes for the Canon G7X.
Also comes with a built-in flash. Also applies to the G7X.
Face detection focus feature is present for detecting human faces. Also comes with a face detection focus.
Excellent sensor resolution at 20 megapixels. Also features a sensor with a 20 megapixel resolution.
Smartphone remote control available. Same goes for the Canon G7X.
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Common Cons — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Sony alpha a5000

Canon G7X

The Sony a5000 lacks a viewfinder. Also lacks a viewfinder.
Does not come environmentally-sealed. Same goes for the Canon G7X.
No external flash shoe. Also applies to the Canon G7X.
Battery life sucks. Battery life of the Canon G7X also sucks.

General Feeling Among Users — Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X

Sony alpha a5000

Canon G7X

The first point of attraction for users of this camera is its price tag. The Sony a5000 is a pretty affordable camera.  

In addition to that, the camera was also found by most customers to be compact and lightweight enough for frequent travels as well as for day-to-day use.  

As for picture quality, the Sony a5000 was not found wanting by users. Those who worked with the app, especially, loved their photos.  

Video quality was also pretty good although getting good sound quality was the problem with the lack of an input for an external mic.  

Another complaint a few customers noticed was that the camera tended to overheat after recording for up to 30 minutes at a stretch. They had to pause, get the camera to cool before resuming filming.  

Altogether though, we think most users enjoyed their Sony a5000 camera.
Users of the Canon G7X and the Sony a5000 pretty much liked the same things about their cameras. From cost to size to weight, users appreciated the G7X for being a dependable, go-to camera.  

Images were also clear and of good quality as well as was the video shot with the Canon G7X.  

Now, a mind boggling observation. Even without environmental sealing, they were able to use the camera underwater which we found pretty impressive.  

Although the camera didn’t immediately work underwater, it started again on second try. They also plan to continue using this to for more underwater adventures.  

Another observation we made on the G7X was its focusing. The Canon G7X focuses fast, however, precision was a small problem. Plus, battery life was also a bit disappointing as well.  

Overall though, customers loved their camera. They also seemed to understand that the camera, in no way, could replace a full frame DSLR and they were fine with that.
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We guess you’ve made your decision already and that’s fine. In this section of the Sony alpha a5000 vs Canon G7X review, we will now give you our opinion on the contest. Of course, you’re free to disregard our opinion and go for the camera you prefer. However, you might still want to take whatever we say under advisement. It’s up to you, as usual.

So, which of this would we go for if we were to choose? Well, for us, that would be the Sony a5000. It’s the less expensive camera but it packs a lot of features much more than the Canon G7X. For instance, it comes with AE bracketing, interchangeable lens, faster max shutter speed, and a larger sensor.

The Canon G7X is also a great camera with many beneficial features like the touch sensitive LCD screen, optical image stabilization and great continuous shooting ability. It’s, altogether, a great mini DSLR camera but, all things considered, we consider the Sony a5000 a better buy in this contest.

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Sony alpha a5000 Vs Canon G7X – FAQs

Which is better: Canon G9X or G7X?

The Canon G9X and the G7X are very similar cameras. But one thing is for sure, if you are a big fan of selfies — or perhaps you are a vlogger and will, therefore, need a selfie-friendly camera to self-record — the Canon G7X is the better one for you. It is the only one that comes with a selfie-friendly LCD screen.

However, if you are on a tight budget, then the G9X is perhaps the better one for you. It is more affordable than the G7X, and you know what those few extra bucks could get you.

Is the Canon G7X good for vlogging?

The Canon G7X is a good camera for vlogging. It shoots full HD which is surely good enough visual quality for YouTube or anywhere else you may want to upload your video to. Also, if you ever want to get creative, you can play around with time using the time-lapse feature this camera comes with.

Perhaps the main reason vloggers will love the G7X is because of its selfie-friendly camera. Because of this, vloggers can easily and conveniently record videos of themselves by themselves without help from anybody else.

The Canon G7X is not compatible with external microphones, though, so, you may not always love the quality of audio you will get.

Does the Canon G7X have image stabilization?

The Canon G7X comes with built-in optical image stabilization, so, to a large extent, you are guaranteed sharp and steady images in spite of shakes and vibrations of the camera during the shoot.

This is a particularly great feature for you if your type of photography requires that you hold your camera in your hands and make a lot of movements. Anyway, if you can, it will always be a great idea to use tripod stands while you shoot; to be double sure.

Is the Canon G7X good for beginners?

The Canon G7X is a good camera for beginners. And one major reason for this is that it is such an easy camera to use. Among other things, its touch sensitive screen makes the camera very intuitive. You can literally operate this one like you do your smartphone.

The G7X is also a fun camera to use; you can use your smartphone as a remote controlling device for the camera, you can record time-lapse videos, and many other interesting stuff.

More so, it is an affordable camera, so, you do not have to break the bank to get your first camera.

Does the Canon G7X have wireless connection?

The Canon G7X comes with built-in Wi-Fi. With this, you can create a wireless connection with your smartphone and easily transfer files. Also, thanks to this Wi-Fi, you are able to connect your smartphone and use said smartphone as a remote controlling device for the camera; to shoot, record videos, and all that.

More so, the G7X comes with near field communication which allows you create a wireless connection with a compatible device just by touching them together; now talk about conveneince.

Is the Canon G7X good for flash photography?

If you plan to go into flash photography, then you better stay far away from this camera. With the Canon G7X, you can neither use off-camera flashes nor regular external flashes. So, it is not one any photographer would recommend for flash photography.

The G7X only comes with a built-in flash which, surely, will not be enough to get the results you desire in flash photography. It will, however, be great in getting you some pretty good images in low light.

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