Sony a6000 Vs T5i – Detailed Comparison

Wanting to purchase a camera is one thing, and knowing what camera to pick is another. Well, we are here to help with that headache-causing, decision-making crisis. If you’re not sure of what is best for you – mirrorless or DSLR, then this is the perfect place to be. You’re about to read a thoroughly prepared article, comparing the Sony a6000 vs T5i.

This article contains detailed explanations and comparisons on why or why not to pick either of these cameras. By the time you are done with this Sony a6000 vs T5i comparison article, you’d have all the details and information you’ll need in other to make your decision on what camera works best for your working conditions, pocket and so on.

We know you might not have the luxury of time to go through the whole article. But not to worry, just find your way to our comparison table and comparison overview sections for a short but informative executive summary. There we give you a brief overview of the features and operations of the two cameras in comparison – the Sony A6000 vs T5i. This will help you make a quick choice.

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Table of Contents

Comparison Overview — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

The two cameras in comparison are both quite different from one another, one being a mirrorless camera – the Sony a6000 – and the other a DSLR – The Canon T5i.

Overall Rating Of The Sony a6000 Vs T5i

As different as they are, a comparison of the Sony a6000 vs T5i reveals that these cameras have a lot of common features although, some function slightly differently from each other, and some better than others. There are a lot of features that make them different from each other, which doesn’t come as a surprise as the two cameras are of very different types. Here we’ll be taking a quick look at all these.

Where Both Cameras Get It Right — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

First off, let’s take a quick look at features these two cameras share that make them both great camera choices:

  • Viewfinders: This is a feature that helps with image control and proper framing.

Viewfinders come in two basic types namely: electronic and optical.

The Sony a6000 is a mirrorless camera and therefore, it is built with an electronic viewfinder. The Canon T5i, on the other hand, is a DSLR and is built with an optical viewfinder.

  • Articulating screens: This is a feature that lets you take shots at very flexible positions, including positions that make it difficult or impossible to use the viewfinder.

The Sony a6000 has a tilting articulating screen (meaning it tilts just slightly upwards and downwards at a particular angle), while the T5i has a fully articulated screen (this implies that it moves in all directions; up, down, forward or backward).

The fully articulated screen of the Canon T5i is more of an advantage as it allows for even more flexibility with shooting, including selfies and videos.

Other features the Sony a6000 and Canon T5i share are, built-in flashes for enhanced lighting, as well as external flash shoes for flash photography and extremely bad lighting conditions.

These cameras also support RAW format files for great image quality. And they also boast a full HD video resolution of 1080p (1920 by 1080).

For max shutter speed the Sony a6000 vs T5i both come in at 1/4000 second. And they also share a 3-inch LCD screen size. For these features the two cameras function exactly the same way.

Where The Sony a6000 Does It Better — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Now we’ll be taking a brief look at some of the features that make the Sony a6000 a better camera choice. The comparison table section below gives a better view at the values involved in these various features.

To start with, the Sony a6000 is significantly lighter and smaller than the Canon T5i. This makes it more convenient for carrying around.

The Sony a6000 is also likely to produce larger potential prints, this is as a result of its sensor resolution. The Sony a6000 has a higher sensor resolution of 24 megapixels as against 18 megapixels of the Canon T5i.

The Sony a6000 has a lot more focus points than the T5i. What are focus points? Focus points are points on the scene to be shot that the camera uses to focus on a particular subject.

Also, the a6000 possesses better continuous shooting ability at 11 frames per second as against a poor 5 frames per second of the Canon T5i.  When trying to capture objects in action like in sport photography, this feature comes in handy.

Another feature that puts the Sony a6000 in front is its wireless and Near-field communication connection. This makes it very easy for file sharing and allows the user to remotely operate the camera.

Where The T5i Does It Better — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Firstly, the Canon T5i has a stronger battery life than the Sony a6000 which is typical. DSLRs are known to have better battery life than mirrorless cameras. The T5i has the ability to shoot 80 more frames than the Sony a6000 with a single charge.

The Canon T5i is a more user friendly camera. Its interface is much easier to navigate with its touchscreen feature. This is a feature the Sony a6000 lacks.

The Canon T5i has a better ISO range than the Sony a6000. ISO is basically how sensitive the camera is to light, the larger the range of the ISO the better pictures you can get in very low light conditions.

Where Both Cameras Get It Wrong — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

The Sony a6000 vs T5i are both very good cameras for specific forms of photography. But, they both share a common downside, which is the lack of two important features. These are image stabilization and environmental sealing.

Image stabilization reduces the chances of ending up with blurry images when shooting in unstable positions.

Environmental sealing is a feature added to a camera to protect it from damaging elements in harsh weather conditions.

Which has a better price-value ratio: Sony a6000 or T5i?

The Sony a6000 has the better price-value ratio. Both the Sony a6000 and the Canon EOS Rebel T5i are affordable cameras, but the a6000 is even more affordable. And it also edges out the T5i in the area of features and specifications, making it the camera that will be giving you more value for your money. Although, it has to be said that, for a DSLR camera, the Canon T5i is pretty inexpensive and gives great value, too.

Sony a6000 Vs T5i – Comparative Brand Strengths

The two cameras -Sony a6000 vs T5i- involved come from two big players in the camera-making industry. However, when placed side by side and in a hierarchy, Canon would come up top as the larger brand of the two.

Sony as a company is known for its mirrorless and full frame cameras. It has a record of having the best full frame cameras in the industry in two different lines; the alpha S series known for its strengths in low light situations, and the alpha R series; known for producing fantastic image resolutions.

Canon, on the other hand, has been in the business much longer than Sony. Founded in 1934, Canon is, unlike Sony, involved in a variety of camera types ranging from DSLRs to mirrorless and compact cameras. And the company’s biggest markets are found in North America and Europe.

Canon is one of the most trusted brands by photographers at all levels, form beginners to pros. Generally, Canon as a camera brand has something fascinating to offer anyone, whether you’re picking up a camera for the first time, or you’re a pro just needing something new for a change.

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Comparison Table — Sony a6000 Vs T5i


Sony a6000

Canon T5i

Weight 344 grams 580 grams
Dimensions 120 x 67 x 45 millimeters 133 x 100 x 79 millimeters
Wireless Connection Yes No
Viewfinder Electronic Optical
Sensor Resolution 24 MP 18 MP
Continuous Shooting 11 frames per second 5 frames per second
Battery Life 360 shots 440 shots
ISO Range 100 to 12800 and can be expanded to 25600 100 to 25600 and can be expanded to 51200
Articulating Screen Tilt only Tilt-Swivel
Touchscreen No Yes
Dynamic Range 13.1 11.2
Color depth 24.1 21.7

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Please note that the Canon 700D (as mentioned in this video) and the Canon T5i are the same camera.

What Situation Is Each Best For? — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Sony a6000

Canon T5i

  The Sony a6000 is great for portrait and street, having a better APS-C sensor and resolution sensor than the Canon T5i.  

It is also good for sport photography but suffers the same deficiency of lacking an image stabilization feature.  

If you do daily or landscape photography the only major issue would be the weight and body thickness of this camera and its lack of environmental sealing.  

This could be a major disadvantage as it makes the camera prone to damage due to entrance of moisture or dirt.  
This camera has a high resolution sensor, a large APS-C sensor, good ergonomics and handling, a fully articulated LCD screen, and fast max shutter speed. All these are good features for you if you are into portrait and street photography.  

There’s a small issue for the street photographers though. The Canon T5i does come in a bit heavy.  

This camera might be okay for sport photography but there is a major lacking feature which is image stabilization, so any little movement might affect how the pictures will turn out. But the other features like the max shutter speed of 1/4000s gives you a better chance of capturing moving objects.  

The Canon T5i is not your best option for daily or landscape photography having a large body size and heavy weight. Besides, it also lacks environmental-sealing which implies that in some weather and environmental conditions, it would be unsafe to use the camera as it could cause damage to the camera.    
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Common Features — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Here are the things that make the Sony a6000 and the Canon EOS Rebel T5i similar:

i. Articulating screen

ii. Built-in flash

iii. External flash hot shoe

iv. Full HD video mode

v. RAW support

vi. Sensor resolution

vii. Viewfinder

viii. No image stabilization

ix. No weather sealing

We will now discuss each of them in detail…

Articulating Screen

Articulation in a camera’s LCD screen is a feature that allows the screen to move in different directions and it comes in three different forms.

There’s the one that moves around one axis which is called the tilting screen.

The second has the ability to move around two axes that are at a right angle to each other, meaning the screen tilts and swivels. This one is called the swivel screen.

The last one moves about in a number of different angles, moving horizontally, vertically and rotating to certain degrees while remaining within the axis of the lens. This form of articulating screen turns up, down, and sideways, therefore allowing for self-shooting. It is called the fully articulated screen, cross-tilt screen or flex-tilt screen.

From our comparison of the Sony a6000 vs T5i, we found that both cameras have articulating screens, but of different forms.

The a6000 has the tilting articulating screen, meaning it can only bend slightly upward or downward to take shots that make it impossible to use the viewfinder. The Canon T5i, on the other hand, has the fully articulated screen. This feature allows for shooting at highly flexible shooting positions. It also allows for self-shooting of photos and videos.

Built-in flash

Light enhancement is of major importance in photography. Sometimes pictures are taken in low-light environments and need the light enhancement of a flash. These two cameras are both built with flashes. Built-in flashes might not always be the perfect solution to all the low light issues you might face but they help, and are very good in some situations.

External Flash Hot Shoe

This is another feature that allows for better light enhancement, the shoe allows you to mount external flashes on the camera. So in environments where lighting is very poor, you have nothing to worry thanks to this feature. If you do flash photography then this feature is essential for your work. In the case of the Sony a6000 vs T5i, both cameras have this feature.

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Video Resolution

If you need a camera for shooting videos, be it for vlogs, short films or documentaries, you’ll need to pay close attention to this feature. It plays a vital role in how the quality of your videos turn out.

Video resolution is the number of rows and columns of pixels creating the display. For example, the resolution of the Sony a6000 and Canon T5i are both 1920 by 1080 pixels, popularly called the 1080p resolution. This is a full high definition resolution display.

There are other video resolutions including the 720p resolution (1280 by 720 pixels)which is a high definition resolution display. And there’s also the 4K or 2160p resolution (3840 by 2160 pixels) which is one of the highest video resolutions. 4K is also referred to as an ultra-high definition resolution display.

The 1080p is a set of video modes made up of 1920 pixels displayed across the screen horizontally and 1080 pixels down the screen vertically. It is known to take a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9.

1080p videos are mostly used for small screen purposes like online videos on smartphones, computer monitors and televisions. This video resolution can not exactly give a cinematic resolution quality. Here is a video comparing the Sony a6000 vs T5i in terms of their video quality.

RAW Support

Are you ready to sacrifice some memory space for perfect image quality? Yes? Then this feature would be a major reason you’d want to pick either of the cameras in comparison – the Sony a6000 vsT5i.

Now, when shooting, there are two major formats available namely; JPEG and RAW. Normally, when pictures are shot with digital cameras, the default setting saves your image as a JPEG format- JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Images saved in JPEG this would usually have the file extension “.jpg” This format is actually one of the most commonly supported image formats across various devices, sites and what have you.

Another thing to know about the JPEG format is that it is a compressed file format, meaning various optimizations are applied to the image file to reduce the original size of the file. It is important to note that the greater the compression of the image file, the lesser the quality of the image. This creates smaller sized images and doesn’t require so much storage space for saving the images.

On the other hand, the RAW file format is the uncompressed version of an image. Basically, what the camera does is to take the image data from the sensor, and save it in an unedited and uncompressed format on the memory card.

Being uncompressed, the RAW images consume a lot of storage space.

So, now you see why the question at the beginning of this section was necessary, the RAW file format is perfect for quality images. And photographers are all about quality. Nonetheless, you’d have to take note of the space-consuming nature of the files. As for the Sony a6000 vs T5i, both cameras support RAW file formats.

Sensor Resolution

Still laying emphasis on the quality of images the camera will produce, this is another major determining factor. We are now going to take a quick look at different factors that are commonly associated with sensor resolution size.

Print Size

This is a very important factor if you’ll be printing images. The more resolution size you have, the larger your potential printing size.

Printing digital images is achieved by squeezing a certain number of Pixel Per Inch (PPI). Generally, a good print job with good details is usually printed at about 300 PPI. And the size of a potential print is calculated by dividing the image height and width by the PPI number.

So, if you’re going for large prints, it is highly recommended to use a high resolution camera.

Cropping Options

Photographers who shoot sport and wildlife know the importance of this factor as regards to the sensor resolution size.

Because they, generally, are unable to get as close as they might want to the action, resulting photos might be contain unwanted objects captured within the frame.

So, naturally, in the end, they have to resort to heavy cropping and that reduces the resolution of the photo. Hence, if you’re going to be doing a lot of cropping, it’s essential that you go as high as you can in terms of sensor resolution. This will help you retain some level of image quality even after cropping.


This is a process of shooting a picture at a higher resolution than you’ll need in the end as the final work and then shrinking the image with lots of detail. The result of this, therefore, is a smaller image but with a high quality.

When you have a high resolution camera, this also offers you better options of for resizing and down-sampling images.

So, you now understand what the sensor resolution does for you, the Sony a6000 and Canon T5I both have high sensor resolutions of 24 and 18 megapixels respectively. There’s no need for any further explanation on why either of them would be a great choice.


Viewfinders have a vital role to play in taking pictures.

The viewfinder of a camera is located at the top of the back of digital cameras, and allows a photographer looking through it to view, and therefore, compose their scenes.

Generally, viewfinders on digital cameras are either optical or electronic in design. But there are also some compact cameras that do not come with viewfinders at all. Such cameras generally use LCD screens to frame photos.

However, viewfinders are better because they drain less battery power. Plus, they also allow for better stability because the camera is held closer to the body.

The first type of view finder is the optical viewfinder, this viewfinder on DSLRs uses a mirror and a prism, meaning there is no parallax error. It displays what will be projected on the sensor of the camera.

Furthermore, an optical viewfinder also displays a status bar at the bottom of the screen. This bar shows exposure and camera setting information. By now you have figured out that the Canon T5i, being a DSLR, has an optical viewfinder.

The electronic viewfinder functions similarly to the LCD screen on a compact camera, thereby displaying the image being projected onto the sensor by the lens. This viewfinder gives you insight into various functions and corrections that camera would be making. It may also automatically boost the brightness of images in dark areas and as displayed on the screen of the viewfinder.

This type of viewfinder – the electronic viewfinder –is used for mirrorless cameras like the Sony a6000.

No Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is a feature that helps keep pictures from blurring when there’s probably a little camera shake during shooting.

It’s inevitable that while shooting, there might be a bit of shaking or abrupt movement. Naturally, this will affect the image quality by virtue of blurriness. Image stabilization is supposed to take of camera shake so you do not have to worry about that.

Image stabilization detects any shake by two gyro sensors in the lens. These sensors detect both the angle and speed of the movement, then remove any chance of the pictures turning out blurry.

In comparing the Sony a6000 vsT5i, you find that both lack image stabilization. This means that it is necessary that the camera be placed on a tripod stand whenever taking shots. If that is not done, it might cause pictures to come out blurry.

No Weather-Sealing

There are many reasons cameras could get damaged. And one of the major causes is the entrance of moisture or dirt into the inner parts of the camera. This is a feature added to cameras to avoid this from happening.

Weather-sealing is essential for outdoor photography like landscape photography and wildlife photography. This feature is also important for harsh and unfriendly weather conditions.

Weather-sealing involves the use of rubber with silicon rings and gasket to seal certain parts of the camera body. These rubber seals usually feature design considerations like interlocking panels and pool-resistant exterior pieces. When used, this rubber sealing protects the camera from elements like moisture, dust, and humidity.

Sadly, we found while comparing the Sony a6000 vs T5i that both cameras are not weather-sealed. So, it’s advisable to not purchase this camera for outdoor purposes as they are prone to damage in harsh weather conditions.

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Unique Features — Sony a6000 vs T5i

Which can make panorama images: Sony a6000 or Canon T5i?

The Sony a6000 has this interesting feature which lets you take panoramic photos. This feature is particularly great for landscape photography as it helps capture everything in a wide landscape scene. Panorama allows you to create a single wide photo by joining or, as it is popularly called, stitching individual multiple shots of a very wide area that the camera is unable to cover at once.

In panorama mode, the photographer has the choice of selecting how the shots would be stitched: either left to right and vice versa or top to bottom and vice versa.

When the first shot is taken the camera pans in the selected direction, and about a third of the image appears as a semi-transparent image on the LCD. For the subsequent shots, you’ll be required to superimpose the image to match the next part of the scene being shot.

Which comes with built-in Wi-Fi: Sony a6000 or Canon T5i?

The Sony a6000 comes with built-in Wi-Fi, while the Canon EOS T5i can only attain wireless connectivity through the use of an Eye-Fi card. Technology has been evolving as regards file transfer and device connections. This is the major and most modern form of device connectivity. This feature allows you the flexibility of sharing your pictures using wireless connection.

A lot of digital cameras are now built with Wi-Fi connectivity which takes out the necessity of having a memory card inserted in your computer or printer for processing.

What happens is that your camera automatically transfers your pictures to any other device. Or you can also share directly with family and friends, eliminating the use of cables and what have you. With the push of a button your files are shared and you are good to go.

Which allows for one touch wireless connection: Sony a6000 or Canon T5i?

The Sony a6000 comes with near field communication. This feature is what enables contactless communication between devices that are also NFC-enabled with just a touch.

Which has a touch screen: Sony a6000 or Canon T5i?

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i comes with a touch sensitive LCD screen; the Sony a6000 does not. Touch sensitivity is a whole new ball game when it comes to camera control. It makes your camera easy to interact with and operate. Plus, it is a system of operation users are already quite used to having devices like touchscreen phones, computers and wristwatches.

Virtually every electronic device you lay your hand on in the 21st century touches, swipes, pokes, and pinches. Digital cameras have now joined the screen touch devices. Some older photographers though, might claim to prefer to use the good old button controls and that’s fine.

Which offers better audio quality: Sony a6000 or Canon T5i?

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i has an external microphone jack. This feature sees to the best possible audio quality your videos can get when recording. The truth is that most digital cameras are built with default microphones. But then again, these microphones are really only effective in noiseless areas like airtight rooms and studios. But now, you can easily a good external microphone to the jack and get good audio even in a pretty noisy room.

What an external microphone does for you is to channel whatever sound the camera would pick in a particular direction. This allows the camera to pick up sound that you want by recording just the sound gotten from whatever direction the microphone is pointed.

This is a feature the Canon T5i has that makes it a good choice for recording videos.

Which is better for flash photography: Sony a6000 or Canon T5i?

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i comes with a PC sync port, making it the better camera for flash photography. This feature is basically what allows you connect to and trigger an off-camera flash. It is usually triggered whenever the shutter opens.

Now, what this feature does that is interesting is that it syncs your flash to the camera and allows you take the flash off the camera and still be able to trigger it, so as to test lighting the subject form various angles.

Which allows for more flexible shooting: Sony a6000 or Canon T5i?

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i comes with a fully articulated LCD screen, which makes it possible for you to shoot from very many different angles. This is a type of articulated screen that makes it extremely easy to take good self videos and pictures in such a way that you can monitor whatever is happening with the camera, like lighting and other factors. This way you take selfies without having to worry about leaving out your head.

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Unique Pros — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Pros of the Sony a6000

  • Firstly, the a6000 offers a stress-free file transfer method which makes it a major favorite in this case as the T5i doesn’t have this feature.
  • Also, this camera has more pixel power in terms of its sensor resolution. It’s actually about 33% more than the T5i.
  • Furthermore, light sensitivity is one major thing in cameras that determine the lighting in the photos shot. The a6000 has a reasonably wide range of ISO ranging from 100 to 25600 and is still expandable to 51200. Its natural ISO is double that of the T5i.
  • The color depth of the a6000 is better than that of the T5i having a color depth of 24.1 and 21.7. Color depth is measured in bits. It is the system by which the camera stores color information. The higher the color depth of a camera the better the chance of picking a number of unique colors.
  • Also, if you’ll be shooting moving objects, the continuous shooting of this camera is pretty impressive at 11 frames per second.
  • The a6000 also has a good number of focus points, having 179 focus points as against the 9 focus points of the Canon T5i. That is a whooping 170 focus point difference!
  • Finally, this camera is much lighter than the T5i, weighing about 236g less. For daily photographers or travelers, this is important as heavy cameras would be stressful to carry around and would also take up a lot of bag space.

Pros of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i

  • To start with, the T5i has a touchscreen feature, which makes it easier to control; with swipes, pokes and pinches.
  • Secondly, this camera has a longer lasting battery than the a6000, with 440 shots as against 360 shots of the a6000.
  • Also, for film and video makers this is a better choice as it is built with a microphone port for better recording.
  • Another major pro of the T5i is the ease in taking self pictures and videos, thanks to its fully articulated screen.
  • Finally, this camera lets you exercise enough flexibility with the use of an off-camera flash, with its flash sync port feature.
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Unique Cons — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Cons of the Sony a6000

  • The first main issue the a6000 has is its battery life. It has a battery life of 360 shots per single charge, as against 440 shots of the T5i.
  • Also, the a6000 doesn’t have a flash sync port; this implies that you’ll be unable to shoot photos with the flash if it isn’t mounted onto the camera.
  • Furthermore, this camera might not be the best option for film and video makers. As it isn’t built with a microphone port, it makes it difficult to have good audio.
  • Finally, the a6000 has a low LCD screen resolution of 922k dots as against the 1.040k dots of the T5i.

Cons of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i

  • Firstly, the Canon T5i has very few number of focus points, so it isn’t the best choice for portrait photography.
  • Also, the T5i is a very heavy and bulky camera. This makes it tasking to carry about.
  • Finally, this camera continuous shooting ability isn’t very impressive.

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Common Pros — Sony a6000 Vs T5i


Sony a6000

Canon T5i

Articulating screen The a6000 has a tilting articulating, it tilts upwards and downwards only. This allows you to shoot at flexible shooting positions that make it impossible to use the viewfinder. The T5I also has an articulating screen. This screen is fully articulated, meaning it moves in all directions, and even has the ability to turn in other to take self pictures and videos.
Built-in Flash A built-in flash helps you enhance lighting, although this might not solve all light enhancement issues, but it helps a lot and could save you the cost of purchasing an external flash. Same as the a6000.
External Flash Shoe For when the built-in flash can’t completely fix whatever light enhancement issue and for flash photography, this feature allows you mount an external flash onto the camera. Same as the a6000.
Viewfinders Viewfinders help the photographer to better frame images. The a6000 has an electronic viewfinder The T5I uses an optical viewfinder.
RAW Support This camera supports RAW format images. Same as the a6000.
Face Detection The a6000 has a face detection focus feature for better portrait photos. Same as the a6000.
AE Bracketing The a6000 has an AE bracketing feature, this helps in conditions where there is tough lighting and better shooting with HDR. Same as the a6000.
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Sony a6000 vs T5i – Common Cons


Sony a6000

Canon T5i

Image stabilization The a6000 has no image stabilization, thereby increasing the chances of having blurry images due to shaking Same as the a6000
Environmental Sealing Also, this camera isn’t built with environmental sealing. So it isn’t a very good choice for outdoor photography. Same as the a6000.

What Users Think About Them — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Sony a6000

Canon T5i

Generally, as usual a lot of users are quite satisfied with the features of this camera, its picture quality in RAW format got a lot of mentions, and also its electronic viewfinder impress a lot users. The flip LCD Touchscreen is a major favorite of many users because it has very easy controls and makes operation a breeze, and also the color depth makes users love this camera.
But, there are a lot of complaints about the body of this camera, battery life and the auto focus. The major concern users have is the end result of pictures shot at 1600 ISO and higher. There seemed to be an issue with noisy photos.
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Our Take — Sony a6000 Vs T5i

Sony a6000

Canon T5i

We love the Sony a6000, it is clear that there’s no reason not to. There are some features the a6000 doesn’t do so good at or even lacks altogether.   However, these aren’t things that can’t be worked out neither do they make the camera impossible to use.   You think so too? Then get the Sony a6000 now! Also the canon T5i is a fantastic camera, great for a lot of purposes, it definitely isn’t a perfect camera. However, you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance of getting such a great camera due to some little imperfections.   If you agree, get the Canon T5I now!
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Sony a6000 Vs T5i — FAQs

What is the difference between Canon Rebel T5 and T5i?

Canon EOS Rebel T5Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Body weight1.06 pounds1.28 pounds
ISO range100 – 6400100 – 12800
External microphone jackNoYes
Estimated startup time0.5 seconds0.7 seconds
Battery capacity500 shots per full charge440 shots per full charge
Touch screenNoYes
Articulating screenNoYes
Continuous shooting3 frames per second5 frames per second

Is the Canon Rebel T5i mirrorless?

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is not a mirrorless camera. It was designed with a mirror mechanism, which means that this one is a DSLR camera. Therefore, when you take a picture, light coming in from the camera’s lens is bounced off the mirror to the optical viewfinder.

The optical viewfinder is a feature you will only find in DSLR cameras. So, once you see a camera has one, that is an easy indication that it is definitely not mirrorless.

Does the Canon Rebel T5i have Wi-Fi?

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i does not come with built-in Wi-Fi. However, you can still attain wireless connectivity with this camera just by using an Eye-Fi card. Using this card is, of course, will not be as convenient as using built-in Wi-Fi, but well, it gets the job done.

Anyway, the Canon Rebel T5i also does not come with near field communication, and sadly, there is nothing you can do about that.

Is Sony a6000 good for wedding photography?

The Sony a6000 does a pretty decent job at wedding photography. This camera has 122 available lenses, and that is surely good news to the ears of any wedding photographer.

Furthermore, the a6000 has a wide ISO range and an external flash hot shoe, making it really great for low light conditions. It also has a wide auto exposure bracketing range, and as a wedding photographer, you know this is really good.

Do not take for granted the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC which will be letting you transfer files from the camera as quick as possible. The 11 frames per second continuous shooting, too, will be helping you capture the best moments from the beautiful day.

How do I get my pictures off my Sony a6000?

You can transfer your pictures from your Sony a6000 using different means. You could use a USB cable, an ultra high speed memory card, or over a wireless connection, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. Now, of all these, using the built-in Wi-Fi is the easiest and quickest, so, watch the video below to see how to set it up and use it to transfer files from your Sony a6000 to a compatible device.

Is the Canon Rebel T5i good in low light?

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i puts up just a decent performance in low light; not the best in the game, but surely not horrible. Its ISO range is not a really wide one (100 – 12800), but it does come with a built-in flash and also has a hot shoe on which you can mount an external flash.

However, the real game changer is the PC sync port for external flashes that it comes with. This way, you can illuminate a rather dark room even more conveniently. This is particularly great if you are really into flash photography.

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