How To Turn Off Camera Flash On iPhone 6

Learning how to turn off camera flash on an iPhone 6 is pretty easy. It involves only a few steps which we will be listing out for you here.

How To Turn Off Camera Flash On iPhone 6

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
  1. Hit the home button and search for the camera icon and click it. If the phone is locked, you could easily access the iPhone’s camera just by swiping up to the control center. Then go ahead and hit the camera icon there. A shorter cut (still when your iPhone is locked) is to swipe to the right; it takes you to the camera immediately.
  2. Now, once the camera is open, look to the top left corner of your screen. You will notice a lightning bolt icon. Tap on it!
  3. Tapping on that icon will bring you three options; auto, on, and off. So, of course, when you hit off, you have successfully turned off the camera flash of your iPhone 6. You can always come back there through this process and hit on if you feel you now need the flash.
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When To Use The “Auto” Option?

How To Turn Off Camera Flash On iPhone 6

Photo by Sean DuBois on Unsplash

In the last step on how to turn off camera flash on iPhone 6, we mentioned that tapping on the lighting bolt icon will present you with three different options.

Now, while it is obvious when to hit “on” or “off”, some people are unsure when to use the “auto” option. Many do not even know what to expect when they set it to that mode.

Well, it is simple! When the flash setting is on auto, it means that you really will not have to turn the camera flash on or off before taking pictures. The camera does that for you.

So, depending on the lighting in the area where the pictures are being taken, the flash could come on itself or stay off. Convenient, isn’t it?

Well, while it is indeed convenient, some photographers who specialize in smartphone photography would prefer to be in control. That is, decide when the flash comes on or stays off. Things as little as this could really ruin the perfect shot.

So, yeah, if you want to go the way of the pros and you want to switch off your iPhone 6 camera flash yourself, refer to the steps we listed earlier.

Anyway, if you are here as an iPhonographer (photographer but using your iPhone, lol), then this article is a must read for you! It gives you valuable tips and hacks for better iPhone photography. Check it out!