How To Zoom On The iPhone Camera

If you are trying to take a picture with your iPhone of something that is far from you and it is impossible for you to get closer to it, then you would need to know how to zoom with the iPhone camera to get a good enough shot.

How To Zoom On The iPhone Camera

Photo by Jakub Gorajek on Unsplash

With a regular camera, there is usually a designated zoom button. But there is no such button on an iPhone (or on any mobile phone really). Therefore, it is not surprising that a number of people do not know how to zoom on the iPhone camera.

Well, if you belong in that category of people, then this article is for you. Below are three short steps that show you just how you can zoom in and zoom out when taking pictures with any iPhone. Let’s get to it.

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How To Zoom On The iPhone Camera

  1. Of course, you have to first open camera on your iPhone. You can do it the normal way by searching for the camera icon on your home screen or you could use the control center shortcut. That is, swiping up from the bottom of your screen and tapping on the camera icon.
  2. Now, to zoom in, place two of your fingers together at the middle of your screen and gently move them outward in opposite directions. Stop when you feel you now have a good view of what you want to capture. 
  3. To zoom out, just do the reverse of the previous step. Start with your fingers at opposite edges of your screen and then slowly bring them together at the middle like in a pinch gesture.

One Thing You Need To Know About Zooming

How To Zoom On The iPhone Camera

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

We would advise that you do not zoom except it is totally impossible for you to get closer to the subject. This is because when you zoom in on a thing or person, the image becomes a little grainy, and nobody really likes that.

So, maybe zooming in will do well if you are just trying to get photos or record a video of your favorite artiste on stage at a concert but you can’t get any closer. 

But if you are looking to get the best image quality your iPhone can offer, then you would have to try as much as possible to avoid zooming in on the subject.

Anyway, if you need more tips on how to get better images while shooting with an iPhone, then this article is for you