Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Detailed Comparison

Ever wondered how two mirrorless cameras which aren’t exactly on the same professional level would do against each other? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be doing a detailed Sony a7RII vs a6000 comparison.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000

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You get to see how similar and dissimilar these cameras are. You’ll be seeing the features of one camera compared against those of the other camera. This way, you can judge which camera does better with what.

However, because we know you might be in a hurry, we’ve put together quick information nuggets to help you make a quick decision. You’ll find those in the comparison overview and comparison table sections.

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Sony a7RII VS a6000 – Comparison Overview

Now for the comparison information in tidbits:

Overall Rating Of The Sony a7RII Vs a6000

We do not consider these two cameras to be on the same professional level as we already pointed out. However, for their levels, we would say that both the a7RII and the a6000 are pretty good cameras and hold their own against each other.

The a6000 makes a fine sports and even toddler photography camera because of its continuous shooting rate. On the other hand, the a7RII, in addition to being a good photo camera, also makes for a good video camera because it comes of certain features. Let’s look at some of those features.

Ratings Of The Features Of The Sony a7RII Vs a6000

Both the Sony a7RII and the Sony a6000 are mirrorless cameras. As a result, they both do not come with a mirror or an optical viewfinder but thankfully come with an electronic viewfinder and not very impressive battery life (which doesn’t really have anything to do with the cameras being mirrorless).

They also have a wireless connection, Near Field Communication connection and articulating screen in common. However, the differences is where things get interesting.

The a6000 has an 11 frames per second continuous shooting as against the a7RII’s 5 frames. Also, it is significantly lighter (1.38 vs 0.76 pounds) and takes up less space.

On the other hand, the a7RII comes with a microphone port and a headphone port and records 4k videos. These are the features that make it the better camera for recording videos. In addition to all of that, this camera comes with its own sensor based image stabilization and is also weather sealed.

The one downside both cameras seem to share is the battery life; not very impressive.

Price/Value Ratio of the Sony a7RII Vs a6000

First off, the a7RII costs significantly more than the a6000. However, this does not in any way mean that the a7RII was unjustly priced.

We really do consider both cameras to be fairly priced. You’ve seen the features that each camera comes with and you probably do agree with us that the significant difference in price is warranted. The bottom line is, whichever of these cameras you choose, you’ll be getting value for your money.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Comparison Table


Sony a7RII

Sony a6000

Weight 1.38 pounds 0.76 pounds
Dimensions 5 by 2.4 by 3.8 inches 4.7 by 1.8 by 2.6 inches
Environmental Sealing Yes No
Battery Life 290 shots per charge 360 shots per charge
Continuous Shooting 5 frames per second 11 frames per second (fps)
Image Stabilization Yes No
Built-In Flash No Yes
Shutter Speed (max) 1/8000s 1/4000s
ISO Range 100 to 25600 and can be expanded to 50 to 102400 100 to 25600 and can be expanded to 51200

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 — A Comparison Video

Sony a7RII Vs a6000

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Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Which Is Better Under What Circumstance?

Sony a7RII

Sony a6000

If you need to also use your camera to record videos, we recommend getting this one. If a good number of the subjects you photograph move around a lot (toddlers, sports people etc.), consider getting this camera. It has a really decent continuous shooting rate.
Also, you’d want this camera if you want a bit of freedom to take your shots even when the weather is doing its thing. This is because this camera is both dust and water resistant but not waterproof. Also, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to check this one out. It is significantly more affordable than the opponent.
Sony a7RII Vs a6000

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Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Common Features

The idea of this section is to see how similar the Sony a7RII is to the Sony a6000. As a result, this section contains those features that you will find in both cameras. These features could either be exactly the same or have slight differences.

1. Mirrorless

Both the Sony a7RII and the Sony a6000 are mirrorless cameras, as we pointed out in the introduction, and this factor is kinda the bedrock of what both cameras are. Now what does it mean that a camera is mirrorless.

The basic difference between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR camera (which is basically the opposite of a mirrorless camera) is the absence/presence of a mirror and an optical viewfinder.

What happens with the DSLR is that light passes through the attached lens and hits the mirror. Then from the mirror, light splits; part of it going to the Autofocus lens and the other going to the optical viewfinder.

However, in the case of a mirrorless camera, light passes through the lens and since there is no mirror, said light goes straight through to the sensor.

The sensor then sends a digital image, not to the optical viewfinder seeing as a mirrorless doesn’t come with one, but to the electronic viewfinder or LCD screen.

So basically, both the Sony a6000 and the Sony a7RII come with neither a mirror nor an optical viewfinder.

2. Viewfinder

This is one feature that you’ll find on both cameras but with slight variations. First off both cameras come with their own electronic viewfinder. And you might not know this, but not all mirrorless cameras automatically come with an electronic viewfinder.

With those that do not, you could either get an external viewfinder (provided there is a port for it) or make use of the LCD screen. The former is the better option because if you are out in the sun, it could get pretty difficult to see images on the LCD screen.

That said, here is the slight difference: The viewfinder resolution of the Sony a6000 is 1440k dots while that of the Sony a7RII is 2400k dots.

3. Articulating Screen

An articulating screen is basically a screen that can be moved in certain directions and to certain angles without moving the camera body. Now, an articulating screen could either be a tilting screen or a full-flex screen.

A tilting screen can basically be moved upward and then back down again. On the other hand, a full-flex screen can be rotated. Whichever the kind of tilting screen, the basic idea is for you to be able to take pictures from some certain nearly impossible angles.

That said, both the a7RII and the a6000 come with a 3 inch tilting screen. Still on the subject of screens and similarities, you need to know that neither camera’s screen is touch sensitive.

Now on to the slight difference; the a7RII does better with the screen resolution. So, while the Sony a7RII has a 1229k dots resolution, the a6000 has a 922k dots screen resolution.

4. Wireless Connection

Practically the whole world is on the internet, so, it becomes kinda imperative that devices (cameras inclusive) have a means of connecting to the internet. Thankfully, both the Sony a7RII and the Sony a6000 come with an in-built wireless feature.

As a result, you need not look for something external to be able to connect either camera to the internet. Provided there is a Wi-Fi connection, either camera can be connected to the internet and via this connection, apps can be downloaded and files exchanged with other devices.

Still on the issue of wireless connection, both cameras have the Near Field Communication feature. As a result of this feature, either camera can be connected with other devices (not just cameras) that are also NFC enabled. And via this connection, files can be shared and transferred.

Lastly, both cameras can be smartphone controlled. How? Download the right app and via said app connect said smartphone to the camera. Via this connection, you can take shots right from your smartphone.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000

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5. External Flash Shoe

Both the A7RII and the a6000 come with an external flash shoe. The basic idea of this shoe if for you to attach an external flash to it. This external flash will be good for a decent range of your light needs, including flash photography.

6. RAW Support

Both cameras allow for photos to be saved in the RAW format. Now, as against the jpeg format, the RAW format allows photos to be saved in their original quality; no shrinking of any photo. However, you need to know that photos saved in this format tend to take up a bit more space than photos saved as jpeg.

7. Face Detection

Both the Sony a7RII and the Sony a6000 also come with a face detection feature. As a result, they can both focus on faces when detected (human faces, that is). This feature makes both cameras good portrait cameras.

8. Time-Lapse Recording

With both cameras, you can time-lapse record. Now how does time-lapse recording work? When you record in the time-lapse mode, the camera records in a lower frequency than is usual. When said video is played back, it actually runs faster than a regular video would. Cool, isn’t it?

That said, the Sony a7RII comes with this time-lapse recording feature. However, with the a6000, you’ll need to download the feature. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that both cameras can time-lapse record.

9. Battery Life

First off, you’ll remember that both the a7RII and the a6000 are mirrorless cameras and mirrorless cameras aren’t exactly known for their long battery life. Also, the battery life of a camera is measured by how many shots the camera can take before it needs to be charged.

That said, the Sony a6000 can take 360 shots per charge while the Sony a7RII can take 290 shots per charge. We know that there is a 70 shot difference between the cameras but they both have a not so great battery life.

10. Memory Card Support

Like basically every digital camera, both the Sony a7RII and the Sony a6000 store images in memory cards that have been slotted in them. Now, memory cards can differ in speed rate and this difference is one of the reasons that not all the memory cards are compatible with all the cameras.

For the very basic memory cards, you can use them on a lot of different cameras. However, for the Ultra-High Speed memory cards, they are selective.

The Ultra High Speed memory cards allow for transfer of data in ultra-high speed. Thankfully, both cameras are compatible with the UHS-I memory card.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 — A Sony a7RII Demonstration Video

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Unique Features

The idea of this section is to see how different the cameras are from each other. As a result, we put together those features you’ll find in one camera but not the other. We’ve also included those features that are in both cameras but are really different.

1. Weight

While both cameras are mirrorless and mirrorless cameras are generally known to be lightweight, there is still a significant difference in the weight of the two cameras. Now, while we cannot say that the a7RII is a heavy camera, it is significantly heavier than the a6000.

To be more specific, the a6000 weighs 0.76 pounds while the a7RII weighs 1.38 pounds. Now in addition to being significantly heavier, the a7RII is also significantly thicker. So, not only will it be heavier in the hand, it will also take significantly more storage space than the a6000.

However, there is more to determining the weight of a camera than considering just the body. You’ll also have to factor in the weight of the lenses that will inevitably be attached to the camera.

That said, the Sony a6000 has an APS-C sensor while the Sony a7RII has a full frame sensor. The implication of this is that the a7RII will generally require bigger and heavier lenses than the a6000 for the same aperture and focal length as the a6000.

So generally, from body to lenses, the Sony a7RII weighs significantly more than the Sony a6000.

2. Continuous Shooting

In this mode, a camera can take more than one shot in one second and with one push of the shutter button. That said, both cameras offer a relatively good continuous shooting rate.

However, the a6000 does it better this time. It offers 11 frames per second while the a7RII offers 5 frames per second. As a result, the a6000 is the more preferable option for capturing subjects that are really prone to frequent movements like toddlers.

As a result of the a6000’s continuous shooting rate, you can take many shots in a few seconds. This way, you can have your pick of many good pictures no matter how difficult the subject finds it staying still.

3. ISO Range

The ISO tells us in numbers how sensitive a camera is to light. So, the higher the ISO range, the better sensitive a camera is to light and vice versa.

Furthermore, high light sensitivity means the camera can capture more light from the environment. As a result, you’ll want to set your camera to a high ISO if you are in a low light situation. However, bear in mind that there is a high risk of having grains.

On the other hand, ow light sensitivity means that the camera can get in as little light as possible. As a result, you’ll need to set your camera to a low ISO if you are in a place where the light is just too much. There’s a lower possibility of having grains with the low ISO.

Now as for the range, it basically tells us the lower and upper limits of a camera’s light sensitivity. Because you’ll need either limit at one point or the other, it becomes imperative that the camera you choose comes with a decent ISO range.

That said, both cameras come with the same ISO range and it is pretty decent; 100 to 25600. Now you wonder why we decided to add it to the unique features section. Well, here it is: the ISO ranges of both cameras can be expanded. However, that of the a7RII can be expanded farther than that of the a6000.

With the Sony a6000, the ISO range can be expanded to between 100 and 51200 while that of the a7RII can be expanded to between 50 and 102400.

4. Picture Resolution

This is one of the ways in which we can tell if a camera will take good quality pictures and this is expressed in megapixels. That said, the Sony a7RII has the upper hand with this feature.

So, the Sony a6000 has a 24 megapixel resolution which allows for real detailed pictures and large prints. However, the Sony a7RII does one up on the a6000 as its own resolution is 42 megapixels. So, you already know that the a7RII will take way better pictures with better detailing than the a6000.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000

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5. Image Stabilization

This is one important feature that you need to look out for in buying a camera. Without this feature, photos taken could come out looking blurry if it was taken with the camera in motion.

This feature is so important that cameras that come without it make up for the absence by making optical stabilization lenses available.

That said, the a7RII comes with this feature, so, lenses mounted on it will be balanced. However, the a6000 does not, so, you’ll have to get one of its 23 optical stabilization lenses to fix that.

6. Microphone Port

Because a lot of cameras are designed to not just shoot photos but also shoot videos, they usually come fitted with an in-built microphone. However, most times, this in-built microphone isn’t the best quality and ends up picking up a lot of environmental sound.

If you are really serious about recording a video with your camera, you’ll need to attach an external microphone to said camera. However, to do this, there has to actually be a provision for a microphone. Hence, the microphone port.

Now, contrary to what you might believe, not all cameras come with this microphone port as typified in this review; the a7RII does while the a6000 doesn’t. As a result, the a7RII is the better camera for recording videos than the a6000.

7. Headphone Port

This feature will also come in handy while recording videos. Now, just like cameras usually come with an in-built microphone, they also usually come with an in-built stereo.

However, from playing sounds on our phones and other similar devices, we must have found out that using headphones allow for a better audio listening experience than without.

Also, it makes sense to listen with headphones if you are recording something. This way, you know exactly what your camera is recording without the background interference.

That said, the a7RII sows once again that it is the better video recording camera because while it does come with a headphone port, the a6000 doesn’t.

8. Flash

We’ve already mentioned that both cameras come with an external flash shoe to which you can attach an external flash. However, in addition to that, the Sony a6000 comes with its own in-built flash.

And while you might not think it necessary seeing as you can attach an external flash to the a7RII, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a backup flash.

9. Weather Sealing

A camera that is weather sealed is usually dust resistant, water resistant, waterproof or all three. In the case of the case of the Sony a7RII, you get 2; dust and water resistance. However, with the Sony a6000, you get none.

As a result, while you can use the a7RII in certain weather conditions, including a light drizzle, you won’t be trying that with the a6000. However, be careful not to submerge the a7RII seeing as it isn’t waterproof.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 — A Sony a6000 Demonstration Video

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Unique Pros

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Pros Of The Sony a7RII

  • First off, while the a7RII and the a6000 have basically the same ISO range, that of the a7RII can be expanded farther than that of the a6000.
  • Furthermore, the Sony a7RII comes with a headphone port and a microphone port making it the better camera for taking videos.
  • Additionally, the video format of the a7RII is 40k/30p while that of the a6000 is 1080/60p.
  • The a7RII comes with an in-built image stabilization feature which means that photos taken will not come out looking blurry.
  • Furthermore, the Sony a7RII is both dust and weather a result, it can be used certain conditions that the Sony a6000 cannot be used.
  • Also, the a7RII has a better image resolution than the a6000.
  • Finally, the a7RII comes with its own time-lapse recording feature built in.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Pros Of The Sony a6000

  • First off, the a6000 is significantly lighter and takes up less storage space than the a7RII.
  • Furthermore, the Sony a6000 comes with an in-built flash in addition to the external flash shoe.
  • Also, the Sony a6000 has a faster continuous shooting rate than the a7RII.
  • Though both cameras have a low battery life, the a6000 has a slightly longer battery life than the a7RII.
  • Finally, the Sony a6000 costs significantly less than the a7RII.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Unique Cons

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Cons Of The Sony a7RII

  • The a7RII does not have as fast a continuous shooting rate as the a6000.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Cons Of The Sony a6000

  • First off, the Sony a6000 doesn’t come with an in-built image stabilization feature. As a result, pictures taken might come out blurry. You can counter this though, by getting optical stabilization lenses.
  • Furthermore, the a6000 is not weather sealed and so cannot be used in certain weather conditions.
  • Finally, the a6000 comes with neither a headphone port nor a microphone port which makes it not the better option for recording videos.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Common Pros


Sony a7RII

Sony a6000

Articulating Screen The a7RII has a tilting screen which allows you to take pictures from somewhat nearly impossible angles. Same as the a7RII.
External Flash Port Also, the a7RII comes with an external flash shoe to which you can attach an external flash for flash photography. Same as the a7RII.
RAW Support The Sony a7RII allows pictures be saved in the RAW format which doesn’t tamper with the quality of the photo. Same as the a7RII.
Wireless Connection The a7RII comes with an in-built wireless connection that allows it connect to the internet. Furthermore, this camera is NFC enabled and so can wirelessly connect with other NFC enabled devices. Also, the a7RII can be controlled via a smartphone. Same as the a7RII.
Face Detection The Sony a7RII can focus on faces that it detects making it a good camera for taking portraits. Same as the a7RII.
Memory Card Support Finally, the a7RII supports the use of the UHS-I memory which allows for data transfer in ultra-high speed. Same as the a7RII.
Sony a7RII Vs a6000

What Camera
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Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Common Cons


Sony a7RII

Sony a6000

Battery Life The Sony a7RII doesn’t have a very impressive battery life. However, we aren’t exactly surprised seeing as it is a mirrorless camera. Same as the a7RII.

Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – What People Think About Both

Sony a7RII

Sony a6000

The Sony a7RII has generally good feedback from people who have used the camera. People like that the camera takes good pictures as the 42 megapixels suggests. The viewfinder is another thing that people seem to be really into. Apparently, it is big and has a pretty high resolution making digital images look sharper. Other stuff that get people going include the image stabilization feature and the many customization options. The Sony a6000 also has its fair share of positive customer feedback. One of the chief reasons for this positive feedback is the shutter speed. People also seem to really like the weight of the camera especially those that do a lot of traveling and moving around. Generally, people seem to consider this camera a good professional camera compromise because of its features and even the price it goes for.
However, some people have said that the cost of the camera was an initial turn off. Emphasis on the initial because, apparently, when they got to use the camera, they understood why it was so priced. However, people who are looking to recording a video for, say, their vlogs, generally stay away from this camera. The lack of a microphone port doesn’t make it popular among the videographers.
Sony a7RII Vs a6000

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Sony a7RII Vs a6000 – Our Take

Sony a7RII

Sony a6000

We like the Sony a7RII and really, what’s there not to like? It can successfully serve as a good camera for photos and videos as it comes with the right features. Furthermore, it is weather sealed, which allows you more freedom as to when and where you use the camera. Also, it has its own sensor based image stabilization. This is a really good camera, if you ask us. We also do like the Sony a6000 and like a lot of customers, consider it a good professional camera compromise. The Sony a6000 can take 11 frames per second and that is one thing it really has going for it. It is also pretty light and is reasonably priced. So yes, we do like the a6000.
Now, this is not saying that the a7RII doesn’t come with its downsides. However, we consider those things we can work around. Do you agree with us? Get the Sony a7RII now! There are some aspects of this camera we do not like as we have already listed. However, we don’t think those things are things we can’t work around. If you agree with us, get the Sony a6000 now!

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