Sony a7 vs a9 – Detailed Comparison

One of the hardest choices as a photographer is picking between two really good cameras that seem to be very similar at first glance – produced by the same company, belong in the same series – just like the Sony a7 vs a9.

Both these cameras are Pro cameras, also, they belong in the Sony alpha series, are mirrorless, and have 24 mega pixels full frame sensors. So, you see, very similar!

Well, in this article today, we will be doing a full on comparison of the Sony a7 vs a9, and at the end, you’ll know enough about these cameras to be able to make the best decision.

But if you won’t be able to read through the comprehensive Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article, going through the next 3 sections will be helping you make a quick, but still informed decision. Come with us!

Sony a7 vs a9
Sony a7 vs a9
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Sony a7 vs a9 – Comparison Overview

So, in spite of the fact that these cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – appear to be very similar, there are quite a number of things that set them apart. Let us show you.

So, first of all, the Sony a9 is obviously the more recent of these cameras. This camera was announced on the 19th of April, 2017, while its counterpart – the Sony a7 – was announced 3 years earlier on the 22nd of January, 2014.

Now, while the a7 has an ISO range of 100 to 25600, the a9 offers a hundred per cent better light sensitivity (100 to 51200). And it gets better, because it is able to expand to 50 to 204800.

Furthermore, the Sony a9 is a touch screen camera, while the a7 isn’t. Therefore, we can say that the a9 is the more convenient camera to operate.

The Sony a9 also offers you a burst mode speed that is 4 times faster than that of the a7. More so, its battery – though not exactly amazing – has a far better capacity than that of the a7.

Anyway, the Sony a7 is the more compact and more portable camera of the two – Sony a7 vs a9. What this means is that this is the better camera to carry around for long periods of time.

In addition to that, the a7 is indeed a budget friendly Pro camera. As a matter of fact, this camera is way more affordable than the a9. And when we say way more, we mean a price difference upwards of 3000 USD. Wow!

Speaking of price, we will say that the Sony a7 has the better price-value ratio. Now, this is not because it has more features or it is more functional – it obviously is not. However, the price gap is much larger than the features differences.

That is, for its price, we think that the Sony a7 really does do a really good job, and gives adequate value. The Sony a9, on the other hand, also gives great value, but in our opinion, at that price, more might have been expected.

Anyway, if you also would like to know the opinions of others who have got each of these cameras, make sure you stick with us till the end of this Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article.

Sony a7 vs a9
Sony a7 vs a9
Get the Sony a7 here now!Get the Sony a9 here now!

Sony a7 vs a9 – Comparison Table


Sony a7

Sony a9

Camera weight 1.1 pounds (474 grams) 1.5 pounds (673 grams)
Camera dimensions 5.0 by 1.9 by 3.7 inches 5.0 by 2.5 by 3.8 inches
ISO range 100 to 25600 100 to 51200 (expandable to 50 to 204800)
Burst mode speed 5 frames per second 20 frames per second
Touch screen No Yes
Battery capacity 340 shots per full charge 650 shots per full charge
Image stabilization No Yes
Focus points 117 693
Bluetooth No Yes
PC sync port for flash No Yes
Panorama Yes No
Estimated startup time 2.1 seconds 1.20 seconds
Sony a7 vs a9
Sony a7 vs a9
Get the Sony a7 here now!Get the Sony a9 here now!

Sony a7 vs a9 – Which Is Better Under What Circumstance?

Sony a7

Sony a9

If what you are looking for is a budget friendly Pro camera, then you really might not find a better deal than the Sony a7.

This camera, though being a Pro camera, does not cost up to a thousand dollars. If you decide to go for this over the a9, you will be saving several thousands of dollars. Really affordable!
If you will be doing a lot of continuous shooting with your camera, then the Sony a9 is the one we recommend for you.

This camera boasts of 20 frames per second on burst mode, and that is really fast. This means that you will be getting great shots of moving objects and people with the Sony a9. This is surely good news for you if you are a sports photographer.
The Sony a7 is a pretty compact camera. You won’t be feeling like you are doing any heavy lifting by carrying this camera around. For this reason, the Sony a7 is just great to take with on vacations, tour visits, and all other such activities. If you are a paparazzo, or an events photographer, we would recommend the Sony a9 for you. Why? Well, simply because this camera has lenses that are stabilized. So, if your camera shakes while you shoot, you have no problem, your Sony a9 will make sure that that does not affect the outlook of your images.
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Sony a7 vs a9 – Common Features

So, in this section, we will be discussing those similarities that exist between these cameras – Sony a7 vs a9.

Firstly, we will be talking about the fundamental similarities, and that is the fact that both these cameras in comparison today – Sony a7 vs a9 – are Pro mirrorless cameras. And these, to a pretty large extent, determine what features you expect from the cameras.

Mirrorless Cameras

A mirrorless camera is one that does not have a mirror mechanism, and as a result of this, does not have use for an optical viewfinder. Anyway, some mirrorless cameras come with electronic viewfinders, while some others do not.

Now, in a mirrorless camera, light is sent from the camera’s lens to the sensors and then to the electronic viewfinder – or LCD screen in the absence of an electronic viewfinder.

The best way to understand what mirrorless cameras are and how they generally function is by pitting them against longtime rivals – digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, also known as mirrored cameras.

A typical DSLR camera is made with a mirror mechanism, comes with an optical viewfinder, and generally weighs more than a mirrorless camera.

There are a couple other things that set these two rival camera types aside, and the video below will be explaining all that to you. Check it out!

Pro Cameras

There are 3 basic camera levels; Entry-Level, Semi-Pro, and Pro cameras. And as you probably can guess, the Pro cameras are the most advanced of the 3.

A typical Pro camera costs more than the other levels, and is made to be more durable. Pro cameras are made for professionals, so, they might be quite complicated for a beginner to get around using.

What this means is that, since both these cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – are Pro cameras, they are expected to be highly functional, pricey, and really durable. Basically, one would expect the highest quality in all areas from Pro cameras. Well, let us go ahead and examine the common features, and thus, see how well they do.

Electronic Viewfinder

So, we already briefly mentioned what an electronic viewfinder is earlier in this Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article, and you sure can see how important one is to your mirrorless camera.

This feature helps you frame your images and also shows you some information that you might need when you shoot. Some of those information are the battery level and histogram.

Another thing this feature is important for is helping you get great images in sunlight. Shooting with your LCD screen in very bright sunlight is an extreme sport, lol! However, with the electronic viewfinder, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Articulating Screen

We have already established how important the electronic viewfinder is to your shooting with a mirrorless camera. However, you won’t always be able to use it.

Now, if you, for example, want to get a picture in a crowd, you might have to raise your camera high above your head to get the perfect shot. In doing this, it is quite impossible to use the electronic viewfinder, thus, the articulating screen becomes really useful.

An articulating screen is a flexible LCD screen that can be rotated to certain angles. The primary purpose of this is to help you shoot conveniently from tough angles.

Therefore, if the angle you are shooting from makes it impossible to use your camera’s electronic viewfinder, you can, with the articulating screen, shoot conveniently and get amazing results.

Face Detection Focus

So, while you shoot using your electronic viewfinder or articulating screen, one feature that will be ensuring that you get all the best portrait photos is this – the face detection focus.

From its name, you might already have an idea how this works. Face detection detects the human faces in your camera’s frame and focuses on them – that simple.

So, if you are looking to get some really amazing portrait photographs, these cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – will be able to give you the best results.

RAW Support

So, not only are you able to get really amazing portrait photos with these cameras, you can also get those portraits – and other types of photos, and even videos – in the highest of qualities. How? Because of RAW support.

With RAW support, you are presented with the option of taking photos and recording videos of the highest quality. This means that you can either choose to compress those images (JPEG) or leave them uncompressed (RAW).

Now, while the JPEG helps you manage your storage space, the quality of your images will have to be sacrificed to achieve that. But images in RAW preserve all the detail, but at the cost of occupying large storage space.

Anyway, it is always great to be presented with the option of leaving your images in their highest quality, because, as a professional photographer, some jobs you do might require the highest quality. And well, since both these cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – have RAW support, you will be able to achieve just that.

Auto Exposure Bracketing

If you have ever tried shooting in tough lighting conditions, this is one feature you would appreciate very much. It makes it easy for you to get the best exposure setting while shooting in such conditions.

Basically, instead of trying out different exposure settings, you can just set the auto exposure bracketing on your camera, and with just a click of the shutter button, have your image in different exposure settings. So cool!

Anyway, if you have never used this feature on any camera before, the video below would be really helpful to you. This video talks you through the process of setting and using the auto exposure bracketing feature on your Sony alpha camera (Sony a7RII specifically). Watch it here!

External Flash Hot Shoe

This is another feature that helps you get great results in tough lighting conditions. You can easily get an external flash and mount it on the external flash hot shoe. With this, you can enhance the lighting in your location.

Neither of these cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – comes with an in-built flash, therefore, the external flash shoe is a very important feature in each of them. Since you won’t be able to enhance lighting with the use of an in-built flash, you will have to rely on an external flash for that.

Wi-Fi & Near Field Communication

The days of transferring files using USB cables are long behind us, and this feature – Wi-Fi – is why. Like, who would even want to go about looking for cables with which to transfer files, when they can easily just initiate a seamless wireless transfer via Wi-Fi?

Well, it is probably most convenient to send photos to nearby smart devices via Wi-Fi. It is really easy to connect your camera to other Wi-Fi compatible devices, but guess what, it gets even easier.

Both these cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – also come with the near field communication (NFC) technology. With this feature, connecting your camera to a nearby compatible device via Wi-Fi is easier and quicker.

Now, all you have to do is to touch a button, and you are connected. Yes, it is literally that easy. You do not have to be a genius to know how to use this feature, and the video below will prove that to you.

In this video, you will be seeing how you can connect your camera to your nearby smart device with just one touch of a button. Watch it here!

Apart from the ease in transfer of files, these features also make it possible for you to conduct a remote controlled shooting.

A remote controlled shoot is a shoot done using your smartphone which has been connected via Wi-Fi. This means that your smartphone can function as your camera’s screen, and you can shoot with it even when you are some distance away from your camera.

Microphone Jack

A microphone jack is an indicator that your camera is compatible with an external microphone.

An external microphone is really useful when you want to get really great audio quality from your recordings. It is even more important if you are recording in a very noisy area.

If, for example, you are shooting in a very quiet room, your camera’s in-built microphone could probably give you decent audio quality. But when there are sounds in the background that you won’t like to get into your recordings, an external microphone is what you need.

Headphone Jack

Still on getting good audio quality, headphones further improve your chances of getting just that. With headphones connected to your camera, you have more control of your recordings. You can monitor the sound you are getting and make appropriate adjustments if need be.

Weather Sealing

This feature is what protects your camera from getting damaged by the weather condition. Naturally, it is risky to use a camera when the weather is acting funny, but with this feature, that risk is taken away.

So, if you are, say, a wildlife photographer, you can still get great shots of animals in their natural habitat regardless of whether or not the clouds have started forming. How lovely!

HDMI Output

An HDMI output indicates that you can connect your camera to a television screen or a monitor with the use of an HDMI cord. With this, you are able to view your images and videos on a large display – one larger than that of your camera’s LCD screen.
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Sony a7 vs a9 – Unique Features


This is a feature that enables your camera stitch a number of photos together into one lovely panoramic one.

Panorama is one way you can express your creativity as a photographer. And well, if you do not have an idea what this feature really is about, the video below will show you. Check it out!

From that video, you sure can see how exciting shooting panoramic photos can be. Anyway, you will only be able to express your creativity through this medium on the Sony a7. Of these two cameras we are currently comparing – Sony a7 vs a9 – the panorama feature is unique to the a7.

Image Stabilization

While shooting, your camera might shake a couple of times. Normally, those shakes or little movements would cause your images to come out looking poor, sort of blurry, and generally untidy. This is surely a professional photographer’s nightmare.

So, what are the solutions? Well, you could consider getting a tripod; that would surely help make sure that your camera does not shake.

However, there are some situations where it would be impossible for you to shoot using a tripod. For example, a paparazzo trying to get photos of celebrities on the red carpet of an event cannot use a tripod stand.

Now, if you find yourself in that situation or a similar one, what you would need is not a tripod, but the image stabilization feature. Therefore, if the camera you are shooting with is a Sony a9, you are safe.

The Sony a9 comes with the image stabilization feature, which means that those little movements of your camera won’t be affecting your images. Such a relief, isn’t it?

Touch Screen

Earlier in this Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article, we mentioned that the Sony a9 has a touch screen, while the Sony a7 does not.

A camera with a touch screen is a lot easier to operate than one without. A touch screen gives you easy access to your camera’s functions; you won’t have to always bother yourself looking for the right buttons.


When your camera’s battery gets really low, it would be impossible to transfer files via Wi-Fi. Anyway, if that camera comes with Bluetooth, you will still be able to do a wireless transfer.

In addition to that, Bluetooth gives you additional connectivity, in the sense that there are devices that are not Wi-Fi compatible, but come with in-built Bluetooth. Thus, if your camera is Bluetooth enabled, you would still be able to wirelessly transfer files to such devices.

Now, of these two cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – only the Sony a9 is Bluetooth enabled. Therefore, you will only be able to get all those conveniences and advantages we have mentioned with the Sony a9.

PC Sync Port For Flash

This feature is one that indicates that you can further enhance the lighting of your camera beyond what a regular external flash can offer. This, for one, will produce amazing results in flash photography.

The type of flash that is compatible with this feature has a much wider range than a regular external flash. Though it also sits on the external flash hot shoe, this one has to first be connected to the PC sync port usually by the side of the camera.

So, basically, an external flash gives you great lighting, and thus, bright images, but a PC sync port compatible flash offers even more advanced lighting.

Anyway, of these two cameras – Sony a7 vs a9 – one can only get this feature with the Sony a9.

Slow Motion

Of these cameras in comparison today – Sony a7 vs a9 – only the Sony a9 can be used to record slow motion videos.

Sony a7 vs a9 – Unique Pros

Sony a7 vs a9 – Unique Pros Of The Sony a7


The Sony a7 is a pretty affordable Pro camera. So, if you are a professional photographer on a really tight budget, then the Sony a7 must already be looking very enticing to you.

What makes it all better is that Sony did not sacrifice features for price in this camera. So, you with the Sony a7, you get pretty amazing features at a pretty affordable price. Pretty great bargain!


The Sony a7 weighs only a little more than a pound, and sincerely, for a Pro camera, that is pretty lightweight. This camera is one you can take around with you everywhere, because it won’t be weighing you down at all, lol!

By the way, although mirrorless cameras are known for their light weight, lightweight Pro cameras are not very common. Therefore, because of this, the Sony a7’s weight is even more appreciated.


Earlier in this Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article, we showed you how lovely and really creative making panoramic photos can be. Well, you will be able to get all that with the Sony a7.

As a creative photographer, this is one feature you will be extra grateful for, and if you go back to that video, you will see why.

Get the Sony a7 here now!

Sony a7 vs a9 – Unique Pros Of The Sony a9

High Light Sensitivity (ISO)

The Sony a9 boasts of a very impressive ISO range of 100 to 51200, which can further expand to 50 to 204800.

Now, the ISO of your camera is pretty much that camera’s sensitivity to light. It helps you get great photos in low light, and generally tough lighting conditions.

In some cases, a low ISO is needed, in some other cases, a really high one is required. Therefore, having a camera that offers you a really wide range is surely a big advantage. It means that you have more freedom, and without the use of a flash or anything, can get great results in whatever lighting condition you are shooting in.                         

To help us better understand how impressive this is, we can compare the light sensitivity of the Sony a7 vs a9. The maximum ISO of the a9 is a hundred per cent higher than that of the a7. Yes, it is that impressive!

Good Burst Mode Speed

If you want to take photos of a moving object, say a flying bird, you will have to shoot in burst mode. Shooting in burst mode means that your camera continues to take photos at a speed determined by that camera.

Now, the faster your burst mode speed is, the better the shot you are able to get of that moving object. And with 20 frames per second, the burst mode speed of the Sony a9 is very impressive. This means that you will be able to take 20 shots in every second of your continuous shooting.

This is very impressive speed. As a matter of fact, the burst mode of the Sony a9 is 4 times faster than that of the a7. This shows you just how fast your continuous shooting will be on this camera.


Unlike the Sony a7, the Sony a9 comes with in-built Bluetooth, and this means that you will be able to transfer files wirelessly to more devices than with just Wi-Fi.

Easy Operation

The Sony a9, as we have mentioned a couple of times in this Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article, is a touch screen camera. And like with every other device, a touch screen makes it easier and more convenient to operate your camera.

Image Stabilization

If your Sony a9 shakes while you are shooting, you will still be able to get decent looking photos, and that is definitely good news for every photographer out there.

More Advanced Lighting

Of the two cameras in comparison in this article – Sony a7 vs a9 – only the Sony a9 comes with the PC sync port for flash. And like we have already explained, the flash that is compatible with this port is a more advanced version of your regular external flash.

Therefore, with this advanced version, you will be able to get advanced lighting, and consequently, brighter images. Also, you will be able to get amazing results from flash photography.

Particularly, this will come off as really good news to events photographers, because they might need to do a lot of flash photography.

Slow Motion

Only the Sony a9 allows you record slow motion videos. So, you will be able to express your creativity through this medium on the a9.

Pretty Good Battery       

We must say that the 650 shots per full charge of the Sony a9’s battery isn’t exactly the most amazing battery capacity on the block. However, mirrorless cameras are not exactly known for long lasting batteries, so this is surely a big upgrade.

To further put this in perspective, the battery of the Sony a9, at full charge, gets you close to 2 times the number of shots you will get with a full charge of that of the Sony a7.

So, yeah, relatively, the battery of the Sony a9 is quite impressive.

Better Focusing

This camera comes with 693 focus points. This means that it will be able to focus on a lot of points at the same time, which means clearer and sharper images.

You will be getting better focusing with the a9 than with the a7, because when it comes to focus points, you get 576 more with the a9 than with the a7. Wow!

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Get the Sony a7 here now!Get the Sony a9 here now!

Sony a7 vs a9 – Unique Cons

Sony a7 vs a9 – Unique Cons Of The Sony a7

No image stabilization

The Sony a7, sadly, does not come with the image stabilization feature. This means that if your camera shakes while you are shooting – which is not impossible – your images will end up looking not very sharp.

No Touch Screen

Unlike the Sony a9, the Sony a7 is not a touch screen camera, so, you would have to get used to all the many buttons and what they each are for.

We pointed out, earlier in this Sony a7 vs a9 comparison, some of the many conveniences that a touch screen camera offers, so, you sure know what you will be missing out on with this camera.

Poor Battery Capacity

You only get 340 shots per full charge of the Sony a7’s battery which is very unimpressive, and even more considering that this is a Pro camera.

What this ultimately means is that you will have to take spare batteries with you if you were going to shoot at, say, an event or something, because this battery won’t be keeping your camera up for a very long time. This gets even worse if you will be using Wi-Fi a lot.

Slow Burst Mode Speed

You remember we said that the faster your burst mode speed, the better the shot of a moving object you are able to get. Well, with 5 frames per second, the burst mode speed of the Sony a7 is the direct opposite of fast.

This – slow burst mode speed – is the nightmare of sports photographers, and wildlife photographers, as well. These guys very often need to take shots of people or things in motion, so, a slow burst mode means a very low probability of getting amazing shots.

Small Buffer

This is one thing that does not make the whole story of burst mode shooting with the Sony a7 any better.

Okay, so, if you do not know what a buffer is, here it is simply: it is where your images are temporarily stored while you shoot in burst mode before they are transferred to the external storage.

Therefore, the Sony a7 having a buffer that can take only 50 JPEG shots per time means that while you take JPEG shots on burst mode, the maximum number of JPEG shots you can take in one “session” of continuous shooting is 50.

So, when you have taken up to 50 JPEG shots, your continuous shooting will be stopped in order to allow your camera empty its buffer; then it can resume the continuous shooting.

In plainer terms, your continuous shooting on the Sony a7 is not only slow, but it will also be frequently stopped, because the buffer can only take a few shots per time, and so, has to empty every now and then. Sad!

This gets even worse when you are shooting RAW. Images in the RAW format generally take up more storage space than images in the JPEG format. Therefore, it is expected that when shooting RAW, the buffer fills up faster.

That, as a matter of fact, is true. The buffer of the Sony a7 can only take 28 shots in the RAW format per time.

No Bluetooth

We all must already know how useful Bluetooth can be when it comes to wireless connectivity. Well, the Sony a7 does not come with Bluetooth, so, you will be missing out on that with this camera.

No Slow Motion

You will not be able to record slow motion videos with the Sony a7 camera.

Sony a7 vs a9 – Unique Cons Of The Sony a9

High End

This camera is far from being the most affordable on the block. You will be spending thousands of bucks to get this one, and this might be a problem for some.

Sony a7 vs a9 – Common Pros


Sony a7

Sony a9

Good framing The electronic viewfinder of this camera makes it possible to frame your photos while you shoot. It also gives you better general control of your shooting.

In addition to that, the electronic viewfinder shows you some vital information that could be relevant to your shooting.
The Sony a9 also comes with an electronic viewfinder, so, you get the same benefits as with the Sony a7.
Better flexibility in shooting You are able to take great photos from awkward angles just by flipping the articulating screen of this camera. This camera also comes with an articulating screen, which means that shooting can be flexible with this camera, also.
Great portrait photos With the face detection focus feature available to you in this camera, you are able to get all the best portrait photographs. You also get face detection focus with the Sony a9, thus, you can equally get amazing portrait photos with this camera.
High quality images With the Sony a7, you are able to take photos, record videos, and have them store in their highest quality – the RAW format. This format preserves all the detail in your images, and can really come in handy on a lot of occasions. Same as the Sony a7.
Good lighting The Sony a7 comes with an external flash hot shoe, so, you can easily mount an external flash and get pretty good lighting in your location. The Sony a9 also comes with an external flash hot shoe. But it does one better by coming with a PC sync port for flash. Therefore, you can further enhance your lighting with this camera beyond the regular external flash.
Efficient shooting in tough lighting conditions The Sony a7 comes with auto exposure bracketing, which means that in tough lighting conditions, you are able to get pretty good photos, and very easily, too. We attached a video that shows how this feature can be used on your Sony alpha series camera earlier in this Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article. So, you can go back to it, just in case you missed it. Same as the Sony a7.
Great audio quality You can attach an external microphone to the Sony a7 and improve the quality of audio you get out of your recordings. You can also improve the sound quality on your recordings made with the Sony a9 with the use of an external microphone.
Good recording control You can attach headphones to this camera, and those allow you to properly monitor and regulate your sound while recording. Same as the Sony a7.
Convenient wireless transfer of files This camera is Wi-Fi compatible, thus, you can very easily connect a nearby smart device and initiate a quick wireless transfer of files. It gets even better with near field communication. You can connect more quickly and more easily. Same as the Sony a7. However, with Bluetooth, the Sony a9 offers you slightly more wireless connectivity.
Remote controlling With a smartphone that has been connected to your Sony a7 via Wi-Fi, you can go ahead and conduct a remote controlled shooting. You can also do a smartphone remote controlled shooting on the Sony a9.
Weather sealing With a weather sealing on your camera, it is very safe to use it in whatever weather. Same as the Sony a7.
View images on large screens You can view your images on a television screen by connecting your camera to it with the help of an HDMI cord. Same as the Sony a7.
Get the Sony a7 here now!Get the Sony a9 here now!

Sony a7 vs a9 – Common Cons


Sony a7

Sony a9

No in-built flash The in-built flash is usually the primary source of lighting for cameras; the lighting that is always readily available. But well, the Sony a7 does not come with this feature, and this means that you will have to depend on an external flash to get any source of lighting from your camera. This camera also does not come with an in-built flash.
No GPS There is no in-built GPS on this camera, this means that you won’t be able to geo-tag you images even if you want to. Same as the Sony a7.
No top display This camera does not come with a screen on which the settings being made on the camera can be seen. Therefore, you miss out on that extra convenience. The Sony a9 also does not have a top display, which means that you will also be missing out on that convenience with this camera.

Sony a7 vs a9 – What Do People Think About These Camera?

Sony a7

Sony a9

Customers absolutely love that this camera is a lightweight one, but still does a lot of magic. One of them particularly called this “a great lightweight camera that packs a punch”.

Also, people have said that the autofocus of this camera is really fast, and of course, they love that about it.
The autofocus of the Sony a9 has received a lot of nods from customers. Apparently, it is fast, and just what they wanted.

They also love the face recognition feature and the sensor coverage. One customer even called those two things game changers.
But one thing a lot of customers appeared to be very unsatisfied about is the battery life. They surely expected more from a Pro camera, and thus, were grossly disappointed by the 340 shots per full charge of the Sony a7’s battery. The battery of this camera was received well, and a number of people seemed particularly excited about this. And they were generally excited more because it was an upgrade from what they usually got with Sony cameras than anything else.
Anyway, it has been said often by customers that this camera really does give amazing results. The electronic viewfinder is a big plus, and you generally can get great and sharp images with the Sony a7. For a Pro camera, many have said that the Sony a9 is pretty easy to use. It has a touch screen, and that appears to have made it even better.

People also love that you are able to shoot silently, stabilize your images, and generally get amazing shots with the Sony a9.
The weather sealed body of the Sony a7 really had a lot of customers smiling. Surely they love a camera that can be used anywhere, regardless of the weather. According to them, because of this there is now hardly any restriction on when and where they can conduct a shoot.   However, the burst mode speed was very disappointing for many. The burst mode speed of this camera is yet another thing that made a lot of people excited. They, apparently, loved that they were able to continuously shoot at such speed. And of course, they loved the weather sealed body, too.
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Sony a7 vs a9 – Our Take

Sony a7

Sony a9

Everybody likes a camera that they can conveniently take with them everywhere. We do, too.   The Sony a7 is a really compact Pro camera, and we absolutely love that about it. Not exactly the lightest camera on the block, but also not the heaviest, either.
Anyway, the Sony a9 is a touch screen camera, so, although it might not be as convenient to carry around as the a7, it surely is more convenient to operate.
The two things we were most disappointed by have to be the slow burst mode and the really poor battery. The Sony a7 is a Pro camera, so, we surely were expecting that a full charge of the battery would be able to get you a lot more than just 340 shots.

Also, 5 frames per second on continuous shooting? Really?! We think it could have been better – a lot better in fact.
The Sony a9 really impressed us in the two areas where the Sony a7 disappointed the most – battery capacity and burst mode. Battery is a lot better with the Sony a9, and burst mode shooting is a lot faster.

However, these things do not come cheap. The Sony a9 is really far from being budget friendly. It surely comes with very many amazing features as you must have already seen in the Sony a7 vs a9 comparison article. So, if price isn’t a factor for you, then you can go for the Sony a9. But for a better price-value ratio, we would recommend that you go for the Sony a7.
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