Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Detailed Comparison

Hello and welcome! So, what we will be doing in this article today is to properly compare the Sony a5100 vs a6000. It is going to be a comprehensive review, so, sit tight.

These are two mirrorless cameras made by Sony, and as a matter of fact, released in the same year – 2014. So, if you are guessing that these two cameras have a lot in common, then you are very right.

Well, the next 3 sections will be helping you make a quick decision if you won’t be able to read through the entire article. Come with us!

Sony a5100 vs a6000
Sony a5100 vs a6000

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Comparison Overview

As we said, both these cameras are mirrorless cameras and are made by the tech giant – Sony.

Sony is a name widely known in the world of tech and beyond. And over the years, this brand has become a name people have come to trust for good quality products.

With these two cameras – Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Sony did not betray that trust. Though there were a few imperfections about these cameras here and there, it has to be said that Sony did do a great job with each of them.

The Sony a5100 was announced by Sony on the 17th of August, 2014, while the Sony a6000 was announced on the 23rd of April, that same year.

So, yeah, these cameras’ release dates are about 4 months apart, but they still do have a couple of stuff in common.

Well, one of those is that they are both mirrorless cameras. And in this Sony a5100 vs a6000 comparison article, you will be finding out what other things they both have in common, and also what sets them apart.

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Price/Value Ratio

Which is more expensive: Sony a5100 vs a6000

The Sony a5100 is more expensive than the a6000. However, it appears to make up for those extra bucks by having a few more features than the a5100.

Both these cameras are pretty inexpensive, and Sony, apparently, did not even have to sacrifice features or functions to achieve this. So, yes, you could say that these cameras actually give good value for their individual prices.

The Sony a6000 is the less affordable one, but it appears to make up for those extra bucks by having a few more features than the a5100.

One of those features is the electronic viewfinder, and during those outdoor shoots on very sunny days, you will be really thankful for this feature. Read along to find out more about it.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean that the a6000 is the outright better camera. The a5100 actually does top the a6000 in some areas. For example, the a5100 is a touch screen camera, while the a6000 isn’t. Now, imagine how much more convenience the a5100 will afford you in this aspect.

So, you probably can already see that the Sony a5100 vs a6000 battle is really a very tight one. So, it is hardly even about which camera is the better one, it is more about which camera will better suit your needs. And if you want to find out which camera that is for you, you are in the right place. We will be recommending each of these cameras for you depending on your needs.

Also, in the penultimate section of this Sony a5100 vs a6000 comparison article, we will be telling you what people who have already gotten each of these cameras think about them. We believe that will really help you in making your own decision if you are looking to get one of these.   

Anyway, enough of all the long talk. Let us get straight into the in-depth comparison of the Sony a5100 vs a6000. Come with us!

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Comparison Table


Sony a5100

Sony a6000

Camera weight 0.52 pounds (238 grams) 0.76 pounds (344 grams)
Camera dimensions 4.37 by 1.42 by 2.48 inches 4.72 by 1.73 by 2.64 inches
Screen size 3 inches 3 inches
Articulating screen Yes Yes
ISO range 100 to 25600 100 to 25600 (expandable to 51200)
Wireless connection Yes Yes
Viewfinder None Electronic
Battery 400 shots per full charge 360 shots per full charge
Burst mode 6 frames per second 11 frames per second
Microphone jack No No
Sony a5100 vs a6000
Sony a5100 vs a6000
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Now, if you want more details on this Sony a5100 vs a6000 comparison, the video below will help.

This video does a quick, hands-on comparison of the Sony a5100 vs a6000. You will be seeing, in a few minutes, how these two cameras differ, and also, how those differences affect their individual performances. Check it out here!

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Circumstances They Are Best Suited For

Sony a5100

Sony a6000

Now, if you need an affordable and yet, functional camera, this is the one for you. It is hardly expensive, but it still comes with pretty amazing features, including a selfie-friendly LCD. Therefore, this camera is great for personal use, and for if you are working on a budget. If you plan to do a lot of flash photography with your camera, then we recommend this one for you. Unlike the a5100, the a6000 comes with a hot shoe on which you can mount an external flash and get better-enhanced lighting.
For vacations, tourist visits, travels, this is the camera we would recommend. It is much lighter, a bit more convenient, and has a slightly better battery than the a6000. So, you can see why this would be your better option. If your need for a camera is remotely professional, then this would be the better option for you. So, say, you are a commercial photographer, or events photographer, then you could consider this camera. It has a viewfinder, which gives you better control of your shooting, among other things. It is also the faster camera when it comes to continuous shooting.
Sony a5100 vs a6000
Sony a5100 vs a6000
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Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Common Features

The following features are common to both the Sony a5100 and the a6000:

1. Mirrorless cameras

2. Articulating Screen

3. Wireless Connection & Near Field Communication (NFC)

4. Face Detection Focus

5. RAW Support

6. Auto Exposure Bracketing

7. In-Built Flash

8. HDMI Output

Remember we already mentioned in this Sony a5100 vs a6000 comparison that both these cameras are pretty different; in weight, dimension, battery life, and in a couple of other areas.

Well, here, you will be seeing that these two mirrorlesses aren’t entirely different after all. They do share a couple of features, and we will be discussing some of them in this section.

Anyway, before we move any further with that, let us briefly explain what a mirrorless camera is. That will help us properly understand the major similarity between these cameras.

Mirrorless Cameras

Which is a mirrorless camera: Sony a5100 or a6000?

The Sony a5100 and the a6000 are mirrorless cameras. A mirrorless camera is a camera that does not have a reflex design, and therefore, has no use for mirrors, and consequently, no use for optical viewfinders.

Cameras that do (i.e., have reflex designs, and so, have mirrors and optical viewfinders) are called mirrored or digital single-lens (DSLR) cameras. Now, while DSLR cameras have optical viewfinders, mirrorless cameras come with another type of viewfinders – electronic viewfinders.

However, not all mirrorless cameras come with electronic viewfinders. Some give you an option of mounting an external viewfinder on a hot shoe, while some neither come with viewfinders nor give you an option for an external one.

Later on, in this Sony a5100 vs a6000 comparison article, you will be seeing how much difference the presence of an electronic viewfinder in one, and the absence of it in another, makes. But right now, let us examine those features that can be found in each of these cameras.

Articulating Screen

Which has an articulating screen: Sony a5100 or a6000?

Both the Sony a5100 and the a6000 have an articulating screen. An articulating screen is a type of flexible camera screen that can be tilted to certain angles, and thus, make it easy for you to take pictures or record videos from difficult angles, or even take selfies.

Anyway, while these two cameras come with articulating screens, each of them does tilt differently. The Sony a5100’s articulating screen tilts 180 degrees upward, which makes it a really good selfie camera.

The a6000, on the other hand, tilts 45 degrees downward, and thus, is great for taking over headshots. This will come in handy when you are in a crowded place.

Wireless Connection & Near Field Communication (NFC)

Which has Near Field Communication feature: Sony a5100 or a6000?

Both the Sony a5100 and a6000 come with Near Field communication and wireless connection features. This means that you can easily connect either of them to a nearby compatible device, and do a quick and easy transfer of files.

Also, uploading your photos and videos to your social media accounts is made even easier with the help of the Wi-Fi feature. That is not even all. Both these cameras allow you to connect your camera to your smartphone, and then with it (your smartphone) do a remote shooting, without even having to hold your camera.

These are really amazing features and are absolutely easy to use. Well, if you want to know how to set up your Wi-Fi on your Sony camera, this video should be helpful.

It walks you through the process of setting up your camera’s Wi-Fi, how it can be used, and the many possibilities this feature offers you. Check it out here!

Face Detection Focus

Which has the Face Detection Focus feature: Sony a5100 or a6000?

Both the Sony a5100 and the a6000 have the Face Detection Focus feature. This feature detects the human faces in your lens’ frame and then focuses on them. This is one feature you will appreciate very much if you will be taking a lot of portraits with your camera. It is actually really great.

RAW Support

Which has RAW support: Sony a5100 or a6000?

The Sony a5100 and the Sony a6000 both support RAW file format. Having your files in their RAW format makes it easy for you to do a whole lot more with your files. So, yeah, a really great feature.

We are pretty sure that, if given the option, any photographer would like to have their pictures in the highest quality. And this is what this feature offers you.

It helps you preserve the highest quality of your images, as opposed to automatically compressing them, and thus, reducing their quality.

Auto Exposure Bracketing

Which has the Auto Exposure Bracketing feature: Sony a5100 or a6000?

Both the Sony a5100 and the a6000 have the Auto Exposure Bracketing feature. Auto exposure bracketing is a feature that proves to be very useful when you are shooting in areas where there are imperfect lighting and exposure conditions.

So, this feature makes it possible for you to capture an image once, and get that one image reproduced in 3 or more different exposure settings.

Now, how many images you will get is largely dependent on your camera. So, for example, while the Sony a5100 will give you 3 different images, the a6000 can give you up to 5 different ones.

This feature is also great for shooting in HDR.

Built-in Flash

Which has a built-in flash: Sony a5100 or a6000?

The Sony a5100 and the a6000 both have a built-in flash. When you are shooting in difficult lighting conditions, this is yet another feature that could prove really useful.

If you are shooting in a location where lighting is not at its very best, you can easily just pop up your camera’s in-built flash, and enhance the brightness of your photos or videos.

It is easy to use, does a great job, and it is one source of light that will always be with you while you shoot.

HDMI Output

You can connect an HDMI cord to your camera’s HDMI output, and easily view your images in a much larger display.

Sony a5100 vs a6000
Sony a5100 vs a6000
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Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Some Things To Look Out For In The Features

The following are certain things to look out for in the features of Sony a5100 vs a6000:

External Flash Hot Shoe



External Flash Hot Shoe

Remember we said, earlier in this Sony a5100 vs a6000 comparison article, that the Sony a6000 is the better camera to use for flash photography? Well, it is because of this feature that we said so.

Your camera’s in-built flash is a great source of light, but it won’t always give you the results you desire, especially if we are talking flash photography.

In such cases, the hot shoe, on which you can mount an external flash becomes really helpful. You can, through this, enhance your camera’s lighten, and thus, further increase the brightness of your images.

But, seeing as this feature cannot be found in the Sony a5100, you would only be able to enhance your camera’s lighting on the a6000.


So, we earlier said that an electronic viewfinder is a type of viewfinder unique to just mirrorless cameras. However, not all mirrorless cameras come with them. One of such mirrorless cameras is the Sony a5100.

Well, the Sony a6000 comes with an electronic viewfinder, and so, you will be able to preview your images, frame, and have better all-round control of what you are about to capture.

Touch Screen

A touch screen is definitely a feature we are all familiar with; especially in this era of smartphones and smart devices.

Having a camera that can be operated just by touching the screen gives you that feeling of using a smartphone.

So, while the Sony a5100 comes with a touch screen, the a6000 does not. However, it must be stated that the a5100’s touch screen is not totally a touch screen.

What the touch screen is there for is to make focusing easy, not to actually operate the camera. Well, nevertheless, this is still a very welcome feature.

Sony a5100 — What Are The Unique Pros?

The following are the unique pros of Sony a5100:

Touch Screen


Touch Screen

When comparing the Sony a5100 vs a6000, one of the first advantages you notice that the a5100 has over the a6000 is the touch screen.

That is, with the a5100 you can focus on an object you are about to capture, but this is not possible with the a6000.

So, though, you cannot exactly access all your camera’s functions just by tapping the screen, the fact that you can do that with focusing makes photography pretty easier for a lot of people.


A lightweight camera is always ideal to use for trips and walks. Well, that is what the Sony a5100 is – a lightweight camera.

This is great because it means that you can go long hours with your camera in hand without feeling like you are doing any heavy lifting.

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Sony a6000 — What Are The Unique Pros?

The following are the unique pros of Sony a6000:

1. Enhanced Lighting

2. Faster File Transfer

3. Fast Burst Mode

4.Better Framing

Enhanced Lighting

We have already explained what an external flash hot shoe is, and we are sure you know how useful it can be – especially when you are doing flash photography.

So, what this means is that with this hot-shoe, the a6000 offers you the option of enhancing your camera’s lighting, and as a result, your image’s brightness, way beyond what the in-built flash offers.

Faster File Transfer

Unlike the a5100, the a6000 supports ultra high speed (UHS) memory cards. What these memory cards do is that they help speed up the process of transfer of files from your camera.

This is great, particularly when you are shooting on burst mode. Because if your pictures are transferring quickly to your external storage, your buffer won’t be filling up fast, which, in turn, translates to faster continuous shooting (burst mode).

Fast Burst Mode

So, we already talked a bit about your camera’s burst mode in the previous pro unique to the a6000.

Well, how fast your camera’s burst mode (continuous shooting) is dependent on a number of things; the most important being the frame rate.

Your camera’s frame rate is simply how many shots it can take per second. So, with the a6000, you get a pretty impressive 11 frames per second.

If you compare the Sony a5100 vs a6000 in this aspect, it puts the speed of the a6000’s burst mode in a better perspective.

So, simply, the a6000 gives you nearly twice the frame rate – which means nearly twice the speed on burst mode – you’d get with the a5100.

PS: if you want to know what 11 frames per second would sound like, you can go back to the Sony a5100 vs a6000 comparison video just after the comparison table.

Better Framing

Being the only camera of the two in comparison today – Sony a5100 vs a6000 – that comes with an electronic viewfinder, the a6000 allows you to properly frame your pictures before capturing.

Furthermore, an electronic viewfinder helps you preview your photos, and it gives you better control of the image you are about to capture.

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Sony a5100 vs a6000
Sony a5100 vs a6000
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Unique Cons Of The Sony a5100

The following are the unique cons of Sony a5100:

1. No electronic viewfinder

2. No External Flash Hot Shoe

3. Slow Burst Mode

4. Slow File Transfer

No Electronic Viewfinder

Without an electronic viewfinder, the Sony a5100 makes it difficult for you to properly frame your images before capturing. It generally gives you less control of your image than you would have gotten if your camera had a viewfinder.

No External Flash Hot Shoe

So, first of all, if you will be needing to do a lot of flash photography with your camera, then this is not the camera for you.

With the Sony a5100, you are limited to the lighting that your camera’s in-built camera, which, in all honesty, will not always suffice.

And this is simply because this camera does not provide a hot shoe on which you can mount an external flash.

Slow Burst Mode

With only 6 frames per second, the a5100 does not have a very fast burst mode. This might not seem like so much of a big deal until you have to get a good picture of a moving object or person.

So, for example, if you wanted to take a photo of a flying bird, this would probably not give you the best of results; especially when compared to the a6000, which is nearly a hundred percent faster.

Slow File Transfer

The Sony a5100 does not support ultra high speed (UHS) memory cards. This means that you will have to be content with transferring your files at regular speed.

Unique Cons Of The Sony a6000

No Touch Screen

A lot of photographers were expecting the Sony a6000 to be a touch screen camera, but apparently, Sony had other ideas. And those ideas did not leave customers very happy.

A touch screen makes photography a lot easier, but unfortunately, you won’t be getting that with this camera.

Common Pros Of The Sony a5100 And The a6000


Sony a5100

Sony a6000

Affordability The Sony a5100 is a pretty affordable camera, and it does not sacrifice too many features to achieve this. This is pretty much the ideal budget-friendly camera. Same as the Sony a5100, except that the Sony a6000 costs a bit more. But it is still an affordable camera, especially for what it offers.
Articulating screen Coming with an articulating screen that tilts 180 degrees upward, the Sony a5100 is a very good camera for selfies, vlogging, YouTubing; generally great for taking pictures or recording videos of yourself by yourself – for whatever purpose. Same as the Sony a5100. However, seeing as the articulating screen of the Sony a6000 tilts 45 degrees downward, it is not a selfie camera. But well, it is just great for taking overhead shots – amazing for use at concerts.
In-Built flash This is a really useful feature for when you are shooting in areas where lighting is insufficient. You have your pop up in-built flash that can help you get pretty good and pretty bright images, regardless of how dark your shooting location is. Same as the Sony a5100.
Auto Exposure Bracketing This proves to be a very useful feature in difficult lighting conditions. And also, it is great for HDR. So, when set, the auto exposure bracketing of Sony a5100 translates one photo you capture to 3, all having different exposure settings. Same as the Sony a5100. However, while the a5100 gives you just 3 different shots, you get 5 with this camera.
Easy transfer of files With the wireless connection and the near field communication (NFC) technology, you can easily connect your Sony a5100 to a nearby compatible device, and transfer your files really easily. Also, this makes uploading files to various social media accounts super fast and super easy. Same as the Sony a5100.
Remote control shooting So, when your smartphone or tablet is connected to your camera via Wi-Fi, you can then use it as your camera’s screen. And further, you can do a remote shooting without having to touch your camera. Same as the Sony a5100.
Bigger display The HDMI output gives you the option of viewing your photos on a much larger screen. Same as the Sony a5100.
Panoramic photos This camera is able to stitch a couple of images together to make one panoramic photo. Beautiful. Same as the Sony a5100.
Time-lapse recording Time-lapse recording is one function that increases your creativity in photography. What it does is that it compresses a video that would normally take a really long time to just a few minutes, and in some cases, seconds. This is usually really great for photographers who capture a lot of images of nature. Same as the Sony a5100.
Sony a5100 vs a6000
Sony a5100 vs a6000
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PS: in case you do not know what a time-lapse video looks like, check out this amazing time-lapse video of the entire universe.

Common Cons Of The Sony a5100 And The a6000


Sony a5100

Sony a6000

No image stabilization Image stabilization is what helps you clean up the effects of shakes on your recordings. You know, sometimes, it is really difficult for you to stop your hand from shaking when you have your camera in it.

Well, sadly, with the Sony a5100, the effects of those shakings will be largely evident in your images, because it does not come with image stabilization.
Same as the Sony a5100.
No weather sealing The Sony a5100 is made without a weather sealing. What this means is that it would be rather risky to use this camera under harsh weather conditions. This is because this camera was not made with a sealing to protect it from the effects of such conditions. Same as the Sony a5100.
Pretty unimpressive battery capacity The battery of the Sony a5100 is nowhere close to being the best around the block. Offering only 400 shots per full charge, the battery of this camera could have and should have been a lot better. Same as the Sony a5100. However, the battery of the Sony a6000 is only slightly worse, offering you 40 fewer shots at 360 shots.
Average light sensitivity Your camera’s light sensitivity (ISO) is one feature that helps you take pretty good images in difficult lighting conditions, even without the use of a flash. And, the higher the maximum ISO of your camera, the more sensitive it is to light, and so, this means your camera does better in bad lighting conditions.

But well, with an ISO range of 100 to 25600, it has to be said that the light sensitivity of this camera is not very impressive.
Same as the Sony a5100. However, the maximum ISO of the a6000 is expandable to 51200. This is a 100 per cent expansion, however, still not very flattering.
No Bluetooth We all know that an in-built Bluetooth in any device offers better connectivity. However, you won’t be getting that extra connectivity with the Sony a5100, as it does not come with an in-built Bluetooth. Same as the Sony a5100.
No GPS You won’t be able to geo-tag your photos or videos with your Sony a5100, because it does not come with an in-built GPS. Same as the Sony a5100.
No microphone jack A microphone jack is what helps you connect an external microphone to your camera, so as to get better, clearer, and higher quality audio than your camera would normally give you.

Well, the Sony a5100 does not come with any microphone jack, so, you are basically stuck with your camera’s internal microphone.
Same as the Sony a5100.
No headphone jack A headphone jack allows you connect headphones to your camera – obviously. Well, headphones can prove to be really useful while recording videos and audio with your camera. It gives you control of your sound while you record with your camera. Same as the Sony a5100.
No slow motion We all know that slow motion is one way a photographer can express his creativity with videos. With the Sony a5100 camera, you, sadly, will not be able to further express your creativity through the use of the slow-motion effect. Same as the Sony a5100.

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – What Do People Think About Both Cameras?

Sony a5100

Sony a6000

One consistent comment about the Sony a5100 is that it is a great camera for beginners or amateur photographers. It is generally very easy to use, and not complicated at all. A lot of people seem to be really happy with this camera’s autofocus. Apparently, it is amazing! People have also said that the Sony a6000 produces sharp images, and is also pretty affordable, so, it makes it all the better.
Well, photographers seem to be dissatisfied with the Sony a5100 when shooting in really sunny conditions. According to them, using just the LCD under the sun is usually really difficult, and at times like this, they wish the camera had a viewfinder. Well, one major problem people seem to have with this camera is the battery. With 360 shots per full charge, this camera’s battery is actually pretty under impressive.
In conclusion, people have said that this camera is great for travel, vacations, hikes, and all that. It is lightweight and easy to use. Also, it is a particularly great selfie camera. And this is because of its articulating screen that tilts 180 degrees upward. This particular feature has actually got a lot of people smiling. However, many were not exactly happy about the battery, slow burst mode, and the absence of a viewfinder. Finally, people have really applauded Sony for this camera. They seem to love the images it produces. Also, the burst mode appeared to have made a lot of people happy. People only wished that the battery was better and that it was a touch screen camera. But in all, one could say customers were impressed with the Sony a6000.
Sony a5100 vs a6000
Sony a5100 vs a6000
Buy this Sony a5100 Camera on Amazon Buy this Sony a5100 Camera on Amazon

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Our Take

Sony a5100

Sony a6000

Well, we think this is a pretty great mirrorless camera. For one, it is just the ideal vacation camera. Affordable, lightweight, and very selfie-friendly. Sony really did do a great job with this one. This is an awesome camera, especially for its price. It has great autofocus, fast continuous shooting, great articulating screen – which makes shooting over your head a piece of cake. Perfect, isn’t it?
However, we would have wished for a viewfinder. Using this camera in a very sunny outdoor location can be really frustrating. And as a matter of fact, you might even end up getting bad images just because the sun would not let you properly use your LCD screen. Well, not exactly perfect. 360 shots per full charge is a very unimpressive battery capacity for a camera like this. Also, why is this not a touch screen camera?
A lot could have been better, yes. But Sony deserves thumbs up for the a5100. It is such an awesome person, a beginner camera. So, are you looking for a camera to take with you on your next vacation? Well, look no further, here it is – the Sony a5100. Really good camera this is! Even though we would have wished for a better battery, and image stabilization, we still have to applaud Sony for the a6000. It is a lovely camera. It is very easy to use, inexpensive, and still can boast of a number of amazing features. Well, we really do love this camera, and we are pretty sure you will, too.
Get the Sony a5100 here now! Get the Sony a6000 here now!

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Related FAQs

Is Sony a5100 good for vlogging?

The Sony a5100 is good for vlogging. Its crystal clear images and videos are a good fit for any kind of shoot, both indoors and outdoors. The Sony a5000 also comes at a good price despite its announcement dating back to 2014. 

The size of the camera makes it very easy to move from one location to another. It is lightweight, small, and produces a professional video quality when the right settings are used. If you are looking for a good camera for vlogging, then the Sony a5100 is a good option.

How do I set the timer on my Sony a5100?

To set the timer on Sony a5100, follow the following steps:

  1. MENU → (Custom Settings) → [Self-portrait/ –timer] → [On].
  2. Tilt the LCD screen 180° upward, then point the lens at yourself.
  3. Press the shutter button. The product starts the self-timer shooting after three seconds.

After you have done this, check the camera to see that the timer is functioning as you want. If this is not the case, then follow the steps again and this time make sure you don’t miss any procedure.

How do I factory reset my Sony a5100 camera using a reset button?

To factory reset your Sony a5100, follow these steps:

  1. Find the RESET button located on the body of the camera. 
  2. Use an object with a pointed mouth (like the ballpoint pen) to press and continue holding the Reset button for two to three seconds.
  3. Release the Reset button after two to three seconds.
  4. Doing this will make the camera reboot. After rebooting, the time and date settings will be displayed.
  5. Set the date and time and start using your camera. 

What is the difference between the Sony a5100 and Sony a6000?

In terms of size and dimensions, the Sony a5100 is smaller with a weight of 269g when compared with the Sony a6000 which weighs 344g. This variance in weight is visible as the measurement reveals that the Sony a5000 is 110 x 63 x 36 mm while the Sony a6000 is 120 x 67 x 45 mm.

The overall construction and build quality of both cameras are also different. The a5100 is composed of polycarbonate plastic while the a6000 is made of a magnesium alloy chassis.

For the display screen, both have a 3-inch display screen but with different viewing, articulation, and resolution.

Is Sony a6000 good for beginners?

The Sony a6000 is very good for beginners as it doesn’t come with complex controls. It is a compact, fast, and mirrorless camera that produces crisp images once the accurate settings are used. Sony has repeatedly claimed that the Sony a6000 focuses faster than most DSLR cameras.

The Sony a6000 comes with a crop sensor which makes it possible to produce expansive photos. Additionally, the Sony a6000 is powered by Sony NP-FW50, a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack that takes several shots before going off.

Is Sony a6000 good for astrophotography?

The Sony a6000 is good for astrophotography. The camera is good for solar system images, nightscape images, and deep-sky objects. 

The low-light live-view feature makes the camera a better option than most DSLR cameras even as they use the same sensors.

To use astrophotography in Sony a6000, adjust your camera to the following settings:

  1. Aperture: 2.8f or set to widest available (lowest number)
  2. Exposure: 20 – 25 seconds
  3. ISO: 5000-6400
  4. Set the camera on a 2 self-timer/ second delay
  5. Don’t zoom