47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

As a photographer, there is absolutely no reason why your knowledge of photography should not be making you cool money.

In this article today, we will be showing you simple ways by which you can use your skill, knowledge, and experience in photography to earn a living.

And well, if you already make money with/in photography, look out for new ways you can make even more money for yourself!

Let’s get right to it!

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

1. Invest In Building A Good Portfolio

This is probably the first place to start if you just began a photography career and you intend to make money from your new venture.

Of course, if you want a career in photography, you must already have a camera. So, go ahead and shoot with it.

Take as many pictures as possible. Get to know your camera. Try new tricks. This way, you have something to show when you want to bid for clients.

And, of course, the better your portfolio, the better your chances of getting well-paying gigs and clients.

This is the first step to start making money with your photography.

2. Collaborations

As a newbie, this is yet another huge step to start making money via photography.

It would benefit you to work with friends and family who are models, makeup artistes, set designers, and all of that.

That way, you are creating more content that you can sell and that can get you more clients without having to incur a lot of cost.

Even as a pro, collaborations can be very beneficial.

Collaborating with influencers in different fields is an effective marketing strategy that always works.

This way, you increase your chances of getting exclusive passes, more promising clients, and the interesting part is, you get these at a subsidized cost.

3. Build Your Social Media Presence

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

The power of social media in the 21st century can never be overestimated. It is a huge money making tool if you know how to make it work for you.

As a photographer, Instagram would probably be the most beneficial for you.

On Instagram, you could decide to sell your photos, or you could make money from affiliate marketing.

Also, as you become more influential, your followers will be more willing to attend whatever workshop or masterclass you organize.

More so, there are people who are on the lookout for photographers on Instagram, and are willing to pay huge bucks for their services.

So, yes, you could also get awesome offers and build a clientele just from social media.

So, give special attention to your social media. Create awesome photography content. Engage with your followers.

And then maybe you could become the next Daniel Arnold and make 15k USD in one day on Instagram (source).

4. Teach

Here is another way your knowledge of photography could earn you some cool cash.

With how much more profitable photography is becoming every day, there are people who will pay any amount to be taught how to use a digital camera.

This is a big opportunity for you!

Get a space. Arrange for a workshop or a masterclass, and tutor for a fee!

6. Open A YouTube

Start a YouTube channel!

You could review cameras and other photography related products. You could give photography tutorials.

You could also get more personal with your subscribers and followers by showing them what the life of a photographer is like i.e. a vlog.

Whatever path you choose, make sure you are creating awesome content!

The most popular way to make money from YouTube is through ads.

But you would need to be patient because it takes time to gain a large following on YouTube. But when you do, the money will just keep raking in.

Also, the more endeared your followers are to you, the more willing they will be to attend your workshops and masterclasses whenever you choose to organize one.

7. Start A Blog

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

Now, as a photographer, your photos are not the only things that can make you money; your knowledge of photography can, too.

There are millions of people out there who want to know more about photography.

There are others who need professional advice before getting a photography product.

More so, there are people who would just like to follow on your photography journey and keep up with your beautiful artworks.

Well, all these different categories of people can be your audience if you start a photography blog.

That blog can make you money through ads. That is, you can get commissions each time a reader clicks on the ads.

Furthermore, if your blog does well, your readers could turn to your clients, and that of course, is more bucks for you.

7. Sell Your Photos To Stock Photography Sites

So, you have been taking random photos for some time now, but you haven’t met anyone who is really interested in buying those photos.

Well, selling them online is one easy way to exchange those pictures you have been hoarding for some cash.

There are sites that could help you sell your photos to agencies and businesses who might need them.

There are a few rules to follow, of course, but the processes involved in signing up and getting your photos uploaded aren’t so tedious. You’ll get used to it within days.

Your images will be evaluated and reviewed before they are published.

So, it is important that you pay attention to the guidelines of that site before uploading your photos, or even signing up.

Some of this such sites are ShutterStock, iStock, BigStock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, Crestock, Dreamstime, FudPix.

Anyway, they don’t pay so much per photo. So, if you are hoping to really earn from selling your photos on these sites, you would have to upload a lot of images, and frequently, too.

8. Create Your Own Photography Website

If you won’t like to share a percentage of profit gotten from selling your photos online, then you could sell on your own site instead of stock photography sites like we just discussed.

However, you would have to do more work in trying to get people to know about your site in the first place.

You could do that through SEO or by marketing on social media.

If you can get your site to be popular and highly sought, then this would surely be a better option than submitting your photos to sites that receive thousands of entries per day.

9. Website Stores

Just like every other product, photos can be bought and sold on online stores.

This store could be linked to your social media accounts so that your followers could be directed straight to the stores to purchase your photos.

10. Photography Contests

If you believe in your skill and craft, you could enter to compete with other photographers in local and international photography contests – there are usually a lot of them.

Some of these contests give the winners cameras and photography equipment, many others actually give cash.

Apart from the fact that you can earn good money from them, these contests also give you exposure that could be financially beneficial later on.

11. Fashion Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

If you hadn’t yet thought of it, fashion photography is a thriving genre of photography.

Contrary to what many might think, this does not just entail taking pictures of models wearing clothes.

Fashion photography requires skill, exoticism, and a really good eye for aesthetics.

If you decide to carve a niche for yourself in this genre, you could be a really successful photographer.

Anyway, you might need an agent to be able to get into the big fashion shows. But even before those come, constant practice would be necessary.

Keep shooting. Keep collaborating. And keep reaching out.

12. Events

This is one of the easiest ways to start making money as a photographer.

Every week, there are events being organized and celebrations going on in your city. Each of those events needs a photographer – you!

If you are not yet very big yet, it’s no problem. Start small.

Talk to family and friends who have upcoming events, and offer your services to them.

So, be it birthdays, funerals, graduations, conferences, dinner parties, whatever event it is. Just try and strike a good deal with the organizers and let your camera start making money for you.

But a piece of advice from us; do not do yourself a disservice by undervaluing yourself.

Even if you are rendering your services to family or friends, it would be better to do it for free than to do it for a price way lower than what your services are worth.

13. Estate Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

Do you know that people get paid to take photos of houses and buildings? Well, you could, too.

Estate photography is not a job for just any photographer. It requires some level of finesse and skill.

So, it goes without saying that to really earn big bucks from this genre, you would have to put in hours of research and practice.

Then you could reach out to realtors, real estate agents; and try and get a good deal photographing houses and buildings.

14. Acquiring Crazy Photoshop Skills

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

Photography goes beyond just clicks and shots. What you can do with Photoshop could also put a lot of money in your pocket.

So, even if your shots are not so amazing, your after effect skills could turn those photos to masterpieces.

Also, depending on how good you are, you might be paid just for editing photos, and might not even need to use a camera so much again.

15. Weddings & Pre-Weddings

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

You might be wondering why we didn’t just put this under the events category. Well, that is because wedding photography has become a separate source of income on its own.

Wedding photography requires a certain level of dedication, creativity, and expertise.

It is the job of the photographer to capture the best moments from this day, which is a lot of pressure on its own.

It is probably even more pressure if you consider that many of these moments are not anticipated. So, the very best could very easily be missed.

More so, pre-wedding shoots have, in recent times, been used to tell a story about the couple.

And again, this is almost totally the job of the photographer.

Most times, wedding photographers need to have invested in taking photography courses and understanding certain techniques, because of how demanding the job is.

And it goes without saying, that to make it in this “industry” you would have to have an eye for sweet and very romantic moments.

So, yes, it is indeed a lot of work. And that is why it pays as much as it does.

The median pay per annum for a wedding/pre-wedding photographer is 62,135 USD.

Not only is this number really impressive and very alluring on its own, it is also nearly twice the income the average photographer is expected to earn per year (source).

16. Photojournalism

This is one aspect of photography that comes with a lot of responsibility. And well, a whole lot of pay, too.

With photojournalism, you are basically using your photos to tell a story.

And it is usually not just any story. In fact, people consider photojournalism to be more of journalism than photography.

To be a pro at this, you have to be able to pay attention to the tiniest detail, be very creative, and flexible, too.

You would need to first be a journalist – being able to gather unbiased information from reliable sources – and then a photographer.

And well, all your hard work will not be without commensurate reward. Photojournalists have been reported to earn about 37,134 USD per year, on the average (source).

17. Cinematography

Cinematography is a form of photography which deals with motion picture. Cinematographers are usually needed for movie productions and documentaries.

This form of photography requires unique technique. And so, photographers would need to have undergone series of training to be qualified for this.

With knowledge of this, opportunities abound in the entertainment industry (music and film).

So, hey, not only would you be able to make good money, you could also become a celebrity in the process. Lol!

18. Art Shows And Exhibitions

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

Your photos are works of art. Understanding that makes it possible for you to take advantage of those art exhibition shows being held somewhere near you.

Most art exhibitions are periodic, and these are usually places where artists can get more publicity for their work, and maybe even make sales.

Art exhibitions are usually held in museums, art galleries, art halls, and other such places.

So, if you think your photos are “exhibition-worthy”, then you better start looking out for exhibition posters and asking around for openings, and let your masterpieces make you some money.

19. Product Photography

When you go online to shop, the photos of that product you see which gives you visual information about the item you are about to purchase are thanks to a product photographer somewhere.

Product photography does a lot in selling a product to you, because, as you probably already know, visual representation is very essential for good decision making.

Getting the right photo which properly represents the product being sold/bought is really important for the sellers and the buyers.

So, do you think you have a knack for capturing great images of different products from different angles, and branding them so they look great, yet not deceiving?

If yes, reach out to brands and start photographing their products for them.

20. Create Merchandise With Your Photos

Making money with photography is not always direct. There are some really interesting ways you could use your photos to make money. This is one of those ways.

You could take lovely pictures that you think people would love and have them printed on shirts, hoodies, caps, and other such stuff.

This might not be a direct way to make money as a photographer, but you would have to admit; it is pretty ingenious.

21. Review Cameras And Photography Devices

Like we mentioned earlier, as a photographer, your knowledge of photography is a very huge asset that, if put to good use, could earn you money without even having to actually take pictures.

Every now and then, companies announce new cameras, new sensors, new flashes, new viewfinders; basically new photography related products.

And well, consumers would love to know what those products are about before spending their hard end dollars on them.

This is where you come in!

With your knowledge of photography and experience as a photographer, you could help out consumers with much less knowledge of these products make a good decision.

By reviewing cameras and other photography products, not only are you helping out other photographers and photography enthusiasts, you could also make some money for yourself.

More so, you could even build a huge fan base for yourself among your target market in the process.

You could do these reviews through a blog, a YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even a podcast.

If you are able to build your following doing this, you could earn endorsement deals from some of the biggest camera manufacturing companies. And that, you know, spells huge bucks for you.

22. Travel Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

People want to explore the world, but unfortunately, not everyone can.

Well, this is an opportunity to help this type of people see the world through your lenses.

Travel photography is a lot of fun, and can be really profitable, too.

Teaming up with travel agencies would be very wise if you choose to venture into this. It could help you reduce cost on your trips.

While on these trips, you could do gigs for hotels and guest houses who are looking for good branding and publicity.

Travelers are some of the biggest customers of hotels and guest houses. So, these guys would surely be better off giving their money to a good travel photographer and trusting him with branding and publicizing their establishment.

23. Make Publications

Just like there are art magazines, fashion magazines, there are also photography magazines and publications.

And well, who better to edit and publish these things than one who is an active participant in the industry?

Your publication could be one that gives some publicity to up and coming photographers.

It could be interviews on established or celebrity photographers.

Or it could just be a compendium of many beautiful photos.

Whatever it is, we are sure there are photography enthusiasts who would love to pay to enjoy the content of those publications.

So, get to it! Start publishing already!

24. Sell Your Photos To Magazines

So, let’s say you are not very interested in making your own publications, or maybe you just aren’t very motivated yet. You could just sell your photos to magazines.

In this case, you are not limited to only photography publications. Literally every magazine or publication needs nice photos for aesthetic reasons.

Therefore, they need you!

So, start reaching out to magazine editors and publishers, and sell your photos to them!

Of course, you could start from the local publications and build from there.  

25. Work With A Media House

Many photographers out there are freelancers, and most are self-employed. But who says that a photographer cannot work a regular 9 to 5?

Sometimes, this could even be the better option, as you are sure of a steady income, unlike with freelancing.

Seeking employment at a media firm could be very profitable, as these guys almost always need original photos for their print and online publications.

So, you being the in-house photographer means that you have the responsibility of getting those amazing photos for the publications that would be going out from that firm.

These photos could be portraits of people being interviewed, photos from an event, or could even be your personal photos used for illustrations.

Whichever it is, it just might be a great idea for you, a photographer, to consider getting a 9 to 5 job at a media firm.

26. Target Small Businesses

For small businesses, branding is a really huge concern. Therefore, as expected, these guys will need the services of good photographers to help them out with this.

So, it will be wise for you to be on the lookout for these startups. And chances are that they are on the lookout for you, too.

Anyway, do note that your job will go beyond just taking photos. Most of the time, the responsibility of branding will also be yours.

27. Calendars

It is common knowledge that calendars are not just to keep track of the date, they are also for beautification.

So, people are not only looking for calendars, they are looking for aesthetically pleasing ones.

And well, if you take beautiful photos, you could make calendars with those photos and put them up for sale.

Another way to go about this is by teaming up with companies, businesses, or other corporate organizations.

Most of these guys are always making company calendars, so, you could help them make beautiful ones by offering your photos in exchange for some cash.

28. Drone Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

Drone piloting is a widely sort after skill, but as of now, the supply is still very limited.

So, this means that if you can master this photography skill, you can rise to the top of your niche very swiftly.

Aerial shots are required in sports, film, wildlife, festivals, marketing, real estate, even weddings.

And drone photography, of course, is the easiest and most effective way to get those shots.

Before drones, aerial shots had to be taken from airplanes or helicopters, and you can imagine how stressful and expensive that could be.

So, as a drone photographer, you are highly valuable because you offer a convenient, and more cost effective solution to these groups of people.

Anyway, this brand of photography does require more dedication, and particularly more investment than most other genres of photography.

But, if you are able to master drone piloting and can use it to get good aerial shots, you can earn hundreds of dollars per hour, just by flying a “toy”. Lol!

29. Work As A Photographer’s Assistant

If you are new to the photography business, it would profit you to start off by working closely with a professional photographer.

Now, this one goes beyond what you will be earning at the moment.

You will be able to learn even more quickly on the job, and gain from the experience of the professional you are working with.

The job of an assistant is usually not very tedious, but it is one that can be very crucial.

You could be put in charge of the studio or the photography equipment.

You could even be asked to take shots every now and then.

The pay might not be so much, depending on who you are working for. But for a beginner photographer, it is surely a good place to start.

30. Register With An Agency

This is yet another way to start earning as a photographer if you are a newbie. Look for a good and legit photography agency to work with.

It will be the job of the agency to get you jobs, and in exchange, they receive a percentage of your income as commission.

The most difficult part of starting to make money with your camera is getting the right jobs. And well, an agency solves that problem for you.

So, while you are developing your skill set and making money, you are also earning and meeting potential clients.

31. Portrait Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

There are many photographers whose earnings come mainly from taking portrait photographs.

Now, unlike many people think, taking portraits is not a job for everyone. Hell, not even every photographer will always get you an appropriate portrait photo.

Portrait photographs could be needed for an audition, a campaign, an interview, an exam, or maybe political reasons.

In these different scenarios, for instance, each client would need something different.

It takes a good portrait photographer to get the most appropriate shot; one worthy to hang in the oval office, for example.

This would require a mastery of photo editing tools, too.

And, of course, thus is not without good reward, as photographers who are known for their excellent portraits are usually paid handsomely for their services.

32. Have A Booth At Fairs

Here is another way to make money from events even without being the official photographer for that event.

You could negotiate with the organizers of a fair, festival, or concert, for a booth at their event.

Then you could go ahead and set up a mini studio there where attendees can come and take photos that could be printed out quickly on request.

In order to attract as many customers as possible, one would have to be really creative while doing this.

For example, if you were able to secure a booth at a children’s Christmas funfair, getting a real life Santa Claus at your mini studio is sure to make a lot of children really eager take photos at your booth.

Or you could have life-size images of action characters if you secured a booth at a movie premiere.

Whatever event or festival it is, setting up a mini studio can be really profitable, just be very creative.

33. Write Books

Just like with most other professions, once you have a good portfolio and are successful at what you do, people want to know how you did it – they want tips.

So, if you are a pro photographer, and have been doing it on that level for some time now, it is time to write a book.

It could be you giving useful photography tips to beginners, or “photography hacks” to amateur and pros alike.

It could even be you just talking about your photography journey.

Whatever the topic is, it is high time you started using your knowledge of and experience in the photography business to not only enlighten people, but enrich yourself, too.

34. Nature Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

If you think you are a friend of nature, why not take up a career photographing it?

Nature photography can be very tricky, and very tasking, too.

Sometimes you might have to wait hours, days, or even weeks, in order to get the perfect picture of the moon, or a plant, or the sunset.

This is one of the reasons these photos are usually very valuable.

A Canadian photographer, Peter McKinnon, currently has his photo of the Moraine Lake in Canada minted on a Canadian currency.

It took this young man years to get this shot just how he wanted it, because, not only did he have to wait for the right time of day, he also had to wait for the appropriate season, too.

But when he eventually did, it was very much worth it.

So, nature is beautiful, nature is lovely, but nature can also be profitable to you, too.

But most times, it would require quite some sacrifice and dedication to get the most beautiful photos.

35. Wildlife Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

This is yet another way by which you can make money as a photographer – by photographing and recording wildlife.

Wildlife photography is often lumped in the same category as nature photography, but it is quite a different niche, and thus, a different source of income for photographers.

This is quite more high risk than many other genres of photography, but it sort of makes up for that by also being very profitable.

You would need a lot of training and adequate equipment to go into this.

Your images – whether motion or still – would be in demand mainly for studies and documentaries.

So, you could decide to sell your images to networks like National Geographic Wild, newspapers, or documentarians.

Or you could decide instead to go on to do your own documentary and upload to the internet yourself.

Whichever way you choose to monetize it is absolutely fine.

So, if you think you are fit to go into the natural habitats of untamed animals to get still and motion pictures, you better get into wildlife photography and start profiting big!

36. Sports Photography

Sports is a very lucrative industry, and well, not only for the sportsmen, even photographers can earn huge profits from this very vast industry.

If you are to go into this, you would need a very good camera with good lenses, a fast autofocus system, and fast continuous shooting.

Your success in this industry is largely dependent on your ability to capture the most beautiful moments of the beautiful game.

And considering that your objects of focus will most likely be in constant motion, that surely won’t always a very easy job to do.

So, you would require a lot of training, a lot of dedication, and maybe even a degree to get into, and excel in this industry.

And this is not without commensurate reward. It is reported that pro sports photographers earn an average of 45,616 USD per annum (source).

So, maybe it is time you go beyond just enjoying sports and start profiting from it.

37. Sell Your Photos On The Streets

If you are an entry-level photographer who hasn’t made any money from photography, this might be a good way to start.

You could take a number of really beautiful photos, but them in nice frames, and sell them in a roadside booth.

It would be advisable to target the really busy roads. And if your photos are attractive enough, passersby would be forced to stop and get one – or a couple – to beautify their homes or offices.

This is perhaps not something to build a career upon, but it is a good way to start.

With this, you could save up to get some equipment you’d need, or maybe even get some money to rent a studio.

38. Lookbooks

Making lookbooks with your photos can be very profitable, you just need to get the right clients.

Lookbooks are similar to magazines and catalogs, but some differences exist.

These prints are usually made for artistic and fashion purposes, and they usually require high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and very detailed photos.

If you intend to make lookbooks, you would have to work closely with designers and artists. And yes, it pays well.

39. Ad Campaigns

What better way to go commercial with your photography than shooting for commercials?

Advertisements are required by pretty much every company in existence. They all need it.

And well, you know what that means? They need you!

It could be still or motion pictures. And whichever one it is, you would need to deliver the highest quality to get the biggest deals.

In some cases, you will be required to come up with really creative concepts for the brand or company.

Others might require you to just take care of the setup and deliver very good photos.

To excel in this, you won’t only need photography lessons, but also lessons in branding and advertising.

Anyway, the biggest tip you would need as a photographer shooting ads and commercials is to listen to your client. Make sure to give them what they want just how they want it.

40. Build A Good Relationship With Models

As a photographer, one way to get the really big and really good deals, and consequently get your money up, is by building good working relationships with the models you come across.

If they enjoyed shooting with you, it is very likely that they will put word out to other contractors, designers, and the likes, to hire you, because they want to work with you again.

This might not directly bring money to your pocket, but it is a long run tip for making money in photography, especially if you are into commercial or fashion photography.

41. Birth/Baby Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

Oh yes! It’s a thing. And the fact that it isn’t so popular yet means it is a huge opportunity for you.

There are pregnant women all around you, and these days, most of them want their journeys to be very well documented.

Most usually do shoots before, during, and after the pregnancy. And it is your job to make sure she gets the really cute photos she desires.

In some cases, it will be your responsibility to come up with really nice concepts for the shoot.

So, you will need to have your creative juices flowing for this one.

You will also need to be very patient, very kind, and very careful, as you will be dealing with pregnant women and newborns.

Your ability to get the cutest images with the most interesting concepts will be your key to excelling in this industry.

42. Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is a skill that is very important for success in many fields, more so, as a freelancer.

Your ability to expand your circle of associates and acquaintances can greatly increase your chances of finding out about vacancies and opportunities open to you.

More so, through networking, you could get exclusive access to some places or gatherings.

It could get you press passes at certain events or festivals. And you know what a press pass means for a photographer.

Also, if you are going to get the chance to photograph clients as big as the president, or A-list celebrities, networking would most likely be one of the things to propel you there.

So, even if you are a shy person, if you want to start earning more as a photographer, one key is to start talking to and building relationships with other photographers, contractors, and clients.

Keep this up and watch your influence, client base, and money grow geometrically.

43. Fine Art Photography

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

Photographers are also artists. So, if you are a photographer with very creative concepts, this is one way to start profiting from it.

Fine art works are in high demand by museums, art galleries, companies, and even individuals. And who says your photos cannot be one of those in high demand?

Fine art photography is usually used to communicate an idea the photographer has in mind. It is also used to tell stories which, in many cases, are fictional.

In 2018, fine artists in the United States were reported to earn a median income of 23.54 USD per hour; 48,960 USD per annum (source).

So, as you can see, this is a genre that is surely worth exploring, even as a photographer.

44. Rent Out Equipment

Like we mentioned earlier, making money in photography does not always have to involve you taking pictures.

Apparently, you can earn big in a couple other ways, and this is a major one.

There are a lot of photography equipment that many photographers occasionally need but cannot afford to purchase.

This is a business opportunity for you!

If you can afford to purchase those equipment, then it would profit you to make those assets start making money for you.

By renting these equipment out to photographers who need them, you are not only solving a problem, you are also making money without having to put in much work.

45. Wallpapers

These days, wallpapers are in use everywhere. Homes, offices, schools, hotels, hostels, restaurants, barber’s shops, everywhere.

And some of these guys might want something specific and original, and you, as a photographer, can bring that idea to life.

For example, a barber could want to make a wallpaper using cuts that he did; he would need a photographer for that.

More so, apart from contract jobs, you could just decide to take really lovely shots, make wallpapers with them, and sell in the market.

That is sure to be a pretty profitable venture.

46. Become A Paparazzo

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

This is one of the most stressful and most demanding photography jobs you would ever come across.

And well, it makes up for that by being one of the highest paying, too.

To succeed in this field, you would need to be ready to hound celebrities, step on their toes, and even get into serious trouble with them.

A large number of paparazzi have got into physical fights with celebrities, some have been sued, some others have been spat on, and a few have even been killed.

But to get the really juicy images of these celebrities, all these risks would have to be endured.

And always bear in mind that the juicier the images, the more money you will be able to get from selling them.

If you are a freelance paparazzo, you have the liberty of bargaining with media houses and others who might be in need of your photo, especially if the photo you have is an exclusive one.

The beauty of this is that just one shot you take can be sold over and over again to quite a number of people.

For this, you will need a very good camera.

Among other things, that camera has to have fast continuous shooting, because most of the time, these celebrities won’t be striking a pose, you’ll have to catch them in the moment.

47. Work As A Photography Agent

Working as an agent for young and burgeoning photographers is yet another way to make money via photography without actually having to use a camera yourself.

Not every photographer will make it on their own, some will need people to introduce them to the market and guide them in the early stages of their journey.

Basically, they would need an agent/agency.

As an agent, you could work for an already existing agency, or you could choose to set up your own.

Either way, you would need to have vast knowledge of the market, a wealth of experience, and most important, the right connections, to be a good photography agent.

In most cases, an agent earns commission off the jobs he is able to get for his photographers.

So, as an agent, getting your wards profitable jobs is profitable to you, too.

In summary, we would say that the biggest tips to making money with/in photography is to choose a niche and stick to it – treat it like a business.

It is not enough to be good at what you do, you would also have to take conscious steps towards profiting from your expertise in, knowledge of, and experience in photography.

47 Ways To Make Money With/In Photography

So, there! 47 different ways you can make money with/in photography.

We are pretty sure you will not be able to exhaust all these tips.