Sony a5000 vs Canon m100 – Comparison Article

The Sony a5000 Vs Canon m100 are the two entry-level cameras we are going to review in this article. 

Sony a5000 Vs Canon m100

You may be in a hurry in getting a camera and may not have the time to read this entire article, we understand and that’s why we’ve made the comparison sections concise and packed with helpful information that will help you pick the right choice.

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Sony a5000 vs Canon m100 – Comparison review

The Sony a5000 is an upper entry-level mirrorless camera that’s compatible with Sony’s range of E-mount lenses. Announced in January 2014, it’s the successor to the NEX 3N, and becomes the second E-mount camera to abandon the NEX branding in favor of the Alpha name only. 

The Sony a5000 was aimed at people upgrading their game, from point-and-shoot cameras or Smartphones.

The Canon m100, on the other hand, is an entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Launched in August 2017, it’s the smallest, cheapest and most beginner-friendly model in the current EOS M line-up, but boasts the same sensor as the higher-end models as well as the ability to mount EF-M lenses or indeed any EF DSLR lens via an adapter. 

The Canon m100 was aimed at people who are upgrading from phone photography, making it easy to get into photography properly and at the same time delivering the right and best of results.

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 are both outstanding cameras with 20 megapixels and 24 megapixels respectively. They both are suitable for beginner-level photography and random videography because they don’t possess a majority of features found in other top-level cameras, like an eye-level viewfinder, Hot shoe, etc.

Ratings Of The Features Of Sony a5000 vs Canon m100

Like all E-mount cameras, the a5000 possesses an APS-C sensor with a 1.5x field reduction. The a5000 has an articulated screen that can be angled forward to face the subject for self-portraits. 

It also offers 1080p video, focus peaking, and built-in Wifi with NFC that supports Smartphone remote control and downloadable apps.

The Canon m100 relies on a 3-inch touchscreen which can fold upwards through 180 degrees to face forward for selfies. The m100 contains a Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus which allows 80% of the sensor area to double-up as phase-detect autofocus points. This supports smooth and confident continuous autofocus for stills and movies. 

It has a DIGIC 7 processor and shoots at 4fps with autofocus or 6.1fps with focus-locked, and film video up to 1080 / 60p with optional digital stabilization. 

Sony a5000 and Canon m100 have almost the same sensor size so none of them has any significant advantage over the other in terms of providing control over depth of field when used with the same focal length and aperture.

Price Value Ratio – Sony a5000 vs Canon m100

Which is more expensive: Sony a5000 vs Canon m100?

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 are both the same price. They are affordable, fit well into your budget, and are fully packed with features that are worth their prices.

About The Brands


Sony is a Japanese electronics company that has, over the years, rising to the world’s recognition. From their inception in 1946 till date, it has been known its mind-blowing and cutting-edge technological designs. 

The Sony Company is responsible for the Alpha and Cyber-shot line and is ranked third best manufacturing company in the world.


Canon is a multinational Japanese company which was founded in 1933. It has since then grown and has earned a reputation in photography as the best camera brand in the world of photography. The Canon mostly focuses mainly on optical and imaging materials and is headquartered in Ota, Tokyo Japan.

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Sony a5000 vs. Canon m100 – Specs Comparison

Announcement Date2014-01-072017-08-29
Sensor Resolution20 megapixels 24 megapixels
Frame rate6 fps6.1 fps
Video Resolution1,920 x 1,0801,920 x 1,080
Built-in WifiYes Yes 
Focus Points2549
LCD-screen Resolution461k dots1,040k dots
Max Shutter Speed1/40001/4000
Colour Depth23.823.5
Dynamic Range13.013.0
Low Light ISO10891272
Battery Life420 shots295 shots
Built-in GPSNo No 
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Sony a5000 vs Canon m100 — Circumstances They Are Best Suited For  

Sony a5000

Canon m100

The a5000 has a mirrorless body type, which combines the relatively small size and a good camera handling which is suitable for street photography. 

The a5000 can be put in the pocket so you don’t need to be bothered about having to carry a bag.
The Sony a5000 has the face-detection focusing mode, where the camera handles all the focusing for, this can be very helpful while you’re vlogging. 

It is known that to get into sports photography you’ll need a camera with a fast continuous shooting. The m100 has a continuous shooting of 6.1 fps which is good and will help you capture moments.

In sports photography, continuous autofocus (AFC) mode is vital for brilliant results. Higher focus points help you to track the subject more effectively, the m100 has 49 focus points.

The m100 and its interchangeable lenses are very light. Carrying the body and two lenses can be the same size as carrying a DSLR. Its EF-M line of lenses gives you versatility, from wide-angle lenses to telephoto and many more. This can be of great help in travel photography, allowing you to catch a lot of details in one shot.
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Sony a5000 vs Canon m100 — Common Features

The following features are common to both the Sony a5000 vs Canon m100:

1. Focus Peaking
2. Wifi
3. NFC
4. Bulb Shutter Mode
5. Internal Flash

Focus Peaking

Which has the focus peaking feature: Sony a5000 vs Canon m100?

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 both have the focus peaking feature. Focus peaking was and primarily is video technology. It was in camcorders long before it was in cameras but manufacturers decided to bring it over. Focus peaking looks at the scene figures out what’s approximately in focus and puts lines on that area of the frame. You can make them all different colors like blue, red, yellow, white, etc. 

The focus peaking isn’t full-proof. One of its main weaknesses can be seen most readily when using a lens stopped down or when using a wide-angle lens; either scenario presents a situation in which there is a lot of depth of field present and can lead to focus peaking highlighting the whole scene. 

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Which is Wifi enabled: Sony a5000 vs Canon m100?

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 are both Wifi enabled. In recent years, Wifi has been associated with the use of digital cameras which enables you to share and print photos using a wireless Internet connection. This eliminates the need for you to be required to insert the camera memory card into your PC or printer to process the photos.  

Instead, a digital camera that is equipped with Wifi technology will automatically transmit your photos so you can immediately share them with family and friends or send them directly to your wireless printer.  This eliminates the need for cables while providing you with the ability to share images immediately after you capture them with your digital camera.


Which has the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature: Sony a5000 vs Canon m100?

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 both have the Near Field Communication feature. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless communication between devices. With NFC-compatible digital cameras, the Wi-Fi capability of the cameras can easily be activated by simply touching an NFC-compatible smartphone to the camera.

Sony cameras can connect with an android phone by Sony’s play memories; you can also connect your Canon m100 through the Canon Camera Connect which is a free app available for download on Android and iOS devices. The app is compatible with a limited range of Canon digital cameras.

Bulb Shutter Mode

Do the Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 have the Bulb Shutter Mode?

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 have the bulb shutter mode. The bulb mode allows you to expose the camera sensor for more than 30 seconds by increasing the duration of the shutter speed as per your need. The camera sensor will keep recording your image until you release the shutter button.

Using a shutter release remote helps you to sit back and relax while your camera exposes your frame, all you need to do is press the shutter release button on the remote once to open the shutter and press again to close the shutter.

Shooting star trails can be challenging for photographers. While shooting stars at night, you need to bring more light into the camera sensor to record the colors correctly. Using the bulb mode, you allow the camera to gather details from your frame by exposing it for more than 30 seconds.

One of the most important things to be taken care of while taking photos on Bulb mode is to ensure that there is no shake or camera movement while the shutter is open. Ensure that you mount your camera on a steady tripod placed on a flat surface. 

Your camera will not allow you to use the Bulb mode in any mode except for the manual mode. Manual mode gives you full freedom to play around with the light that enters your camera. 

It might take some time for you to get the proper exposure for your shot, but great shots do not come that easy. These are some essential things you need before you can fully explore the bulb shutter mode in the cameras

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Internal Flash

Which comes with an internal flash: Sony a5000 vs Canon m100?

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 come with a handy internal flash which can be used to a great effect. It is a convenient and quick way to add light to a scene. These are a few reasons why the pop-up flash should be something you should like. You don’t need additional equipment. When you buy the camera, you also get the flash. That means you don’t need to spend another few hundred dollars on yet another thing that you have to squeeze into your camera bag.

It’s always there for you. Because the built-in flash is literally built into the top of your camera, you will always have the flash with you.

Batteries can be a big problem when it comes to flash photography, having an external flash also means having to spend more on batteries. A built-in flash relies on the camera’s battery for power. That means you don’t have to buy extra batteries of a different type than your camera

The Internal flash also has its bad side, in order to understand and explore it, we will also look at its limitations and a few tricks to help in maximizing its potential. 

The light of a pop-up flash is not directional. This can give a flat and somewhat harsh look to the final image.

The pop-up flash is so close to the camera body that it can cast a shadow from your lens. This is a concern when using larger lenses like a big-barrelled wide-angle or a long telephoto and it will appear as a half-moon shadow at the bottom of the picture.

When trying to take a photograph of someone outside, it is most likely you’ll end up with an image where half the person’s face is covered in shadow. The sun’s rays cast a large number of shadows; your pop-up flash can easily correct this problem on a head and shoulders shot. 

Use the pop-up flash to fill in the shadow areas of a close subject. You will end up with an evenly balanced shot with the face nicely lit, and good catch-lights in the eyes. Plus, the combination of ambient light with the flash will stop the shot from looking flat or looking like one that was obviously lit by a flash.

When the light of your pop-up flash is too harsh, you can diffuse or bounce the light to make soften it and make the light more appealing.

There are a number of diffusion and bounce cards available that are designed to work specifically with the pop-up flash. You can also make your own. Either way, both are good accessories to have in your camera bag at all times.

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Sony a5000 vs Canon m100 — Distinctive Features

The following are the distinct features of the Sony a5000 and Canon m100:

1. Touch-Screen
2. Higher Frame Rate
3. In-Camera Panorama

4. Less Shutter Lag


Which uses a touch screen: Sony a5000 vs Canon m100?

The Sony a5000 does not use a touch screen while the Canon m100 uses a touch screen. The touch-screen feature can’t be seen in most semi-pro and pro gear.

Around 2000, touchscreen devices started to take off in the digital world. However, they also had a hefty price tag. In the years since its debut, the touch screen has gone main-stream. Not only are your phones and tablets touch screen, but your cameras are as well. In addition to becoming more affordable, touch screen models are easier to use.

A camera with a touchscreen has all the options and features of your standard digital point and shoot or DSLR, but they have one distinct difference: you don’t have to use the buttons. Instead of pushing a button to get to your menu, setting, and ISO, you use a poke or swipe of your finger. The preview on the back of the body of the camera has now become your one-stop-shop for focus, exposure, timers, etc. 

While some models limit the options they offer with the touchscreen, other cameras include tapping for focus and shoot, self-timers, writing on images, and camera settings.  Of course, there are many sacrifices with having a touchscreen, the chief one is the loss of manual tactile controls – dedicated dials, wheels, and buttons can be useful once you’re familiarized with them allowing you to change things on the go without looking. 

With a touchscreen, you have to keep looking at the LCD for visual feedback on what the controls will do. Also, the buttons and controls on the screen will tend to be a lot larger to allow for fat fingers, and the lack of tactile feedback. 

Higher Frame Rate

Which shoots a higher frame rate: Sony a5000 vs Canon m100?

The Canon m100 shoots higher fps than the Sony a5000. While the Canon m100 shoots up to 60 fps, the same cannot be said about Sony a5000 as it shoots between 24 and 30 fps.

Frame rate is the number of individual video frames that your camera captures, per second. Frame rate comes in a few different standards (expressed as frames per second or fps): 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 60fps, and 120fps. 

You can think of frame rate like a flipbook: each new drawing on a piece of paper is a frame. When you flip through, you see all the frames blended together as one continuous moving image. That in mind, if you have a frame rate of 24fps that means in one second, the camera is capturing 24 individual frames, and when played back, it displays as one continuous video.

The Canon m100 has the ability to shoot in 60fps; Videographers only use 60 frames per second if they wish to capture sports footage or if they want to create a scene in slow motion. 

More frames allow the filmmaker to slow down intense scenes so viewers can capture the details more clearly. Sports broadcasters may even use higher rates so they can replay parts of the game and gain better insight into what actually happened, while still maintaining a crisp, clear video. 

The Sony a5000 cannot shoot at 60 frames per second, sadly.

Sony a5000 Vs Canon m100
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In-Camera Panorama 

Panoramas are some of the most engrossing images in the world of photography. They are known for capturing more of a particular scene by merging multiple shots—taken by panning the camera horizontally or vertically—in a single image. 

As a result, a larger scale of space is captured, allowing viewers to get a wide-angle field of view and a more realistic perspective of a place.

Common panoramic scenes include views of the shore, indoor and outdoor architecture, cityscapes and skylines, mountaintops, and even human subjects at social gatherings. 

A camera’s built-in panorama mode is usually one of two options: a sweeping panorama or an overlap.

The sweep mode is probably the most common. Pressing the shutter button once, you’ll slowly move the camera in a semi-circle, following the instructions on the screen. 

The overlap panorama mode will take a single image, and then display it on the LCD screen so that you can match up the first image with the next shot. While not as simple to use, this method usually results in sharper shots. 

The Sony a5000 contains the in-camera panorama, to get the best panoramic images out of your camera; there are a few things you should consider. 

Consider using a normal lens, this offers a view of what the eye sees while minimizing distortions around the edges of images that make up your panoramic image. Shooting a panoramic photo is best accomplished with a normal lens, which means choosing a lens of any focal length between a wide-angle and telephoto—which should ideally be anything from a 35mm to a 50mm.

Use a tripod to take panoramic photos, make sure it is leveled properly so the axis of rotation is completely horizontal and parallel to the ground. This helps you get the most realistic view and angle of a scene with minimal distortions (which can present difficulties during the stitching process) as you pan with your tripod.

Less Shutter Lag

Shutter lag time simply means the time it takes from when you press the shutter button to when the camera actually records the picture. Although the shutter lag time is often less than one second, that small amount of time can be just enough to cause the subject to move out of the frame and cause you to miss a great photo.

Autofocus Lag happens as soon as you press the shutter button; the camera generally attempts to search for an appropriate focus point. This autofocus mechanism is often very slow and contributes most to the overall lag. 

All cameras will take longer to autofocus if the environment is dark or the photographed object exhibits poor contrast (which makes it harder for the camera to lock-on to).

There are two other types of lag in the Sony a5000 and the Canon m1000; the shutter and the total lag, some manufacturers try their best to reduce the amount of lag in their cameras; the Canon m100 has 0.11 Vs 0.30 seconds of the Sony a5000.

Video: Sony a5000 Vs Canon m100

If you prefer learning by video, this video explains this article.

Canon m100 Review
Sony a5000 video review

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Sony a5000 — What Are The Unique Pros?

The following are the unique pros of Sony a5000:

1. It possesses NFC.

2. It has an improved metering

3. It comes with a low price tag

4. It possesses a tilting rear display

5. It comes with a compact body and lens

6. It has a built-in flash

7. It boasts of quick autofocus.

8. It guarantees good high ISO images.

Canon m100 — What Are The Unique Pros?

The following are the unique pros of Canon m100:

1. It is meant first-time camera buyers and beginning photographers interested in general photography.

2. It has fast and responsive autofocus.

3. It is a small camera and is pocket-friendly.

4. It gives out great image quality

5. It boasts of a good wireless connection

6. t has a responsive touchscreen

7. It is much newer than the Sony a5000

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Sony a5000 — What Are The Unique Cons?

The following are the unique cons of Sony a5000:

1. It has a poor LCD screen.

2. Its noise reduction can be too aggressive at times.

3. It provides inconvenient access to some shooting settings.

4. It is slow to start.

5. It has a slower burst rate compared to the m100.

6. It doesn’t support an electric viewfinder.

7. Some of the camera apps cost extra.

8. It doesn’t include an external charger.

Canon m100 — What Are The Unique Cons?

The following are the unique cons of Canon m100:

1. It offers full HD, not 4K video mode.

2. It has no electronic viewfinder.

3. It contains a few external controls.

Common Pros Of The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100

Sony a5000

Canon m100

Face detection focusFortunately, faces have some easily recognizable features that cameras can lock on to; a pair of eyes, nose, and mouth. 

By being able to detect a face in the scene, the camera can concentrate its autofocus on that person’s face to ensure it is the primary subject in focus within the image.

More sophisticated implementations can also link up to scene-recognition algorithms and optimize the exposure for the subject’s face. Once a face has been detected, the system will track that face as best it can. If the person turns away, the detection lock will be lost.

The Sony a5000 and Canon m100 have enhanced detection capability to maintain a lock even when the subject has turned to the extent that only one eye remains visible.

Some face detection modes can lock onto several faces at once, in which case the face that is used as the primary subject of focus will usually be based on which is closest or most prominent, though sometimes you can override this by selecting a face manually.

If several faces are detected at once, not all of them will necessarily be in focus.

Same as the Sony a5000 
RAW supportBy default, most digital cameras process and compress photos as JPEG files immediately after capturing the image.

The processing step automatically applies the appropriate color correction and the JPEG compression significantly reduces the file size.

The result is an efficiently processed JPEG image.While JPEG images are suitable for most purposes, professional photographers and photography enthusiasts prefer to control how each image is processed. 

Therefore, many high-end cameras have the ability to shoot in RAW mode instead of JPEG. The raw files are unprocessed, allowing you to adjust settings like exposure, white balance, and saturation after the image has been captured.

Instead of applying lossy JPEG compression, which reduces the image quality, RAW mode saves files in a losslessly compressed format.
Same with the Sony a5000
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Common Cons Of The Sony A5000 And The Canon m100

Sony A5000

Canon m100

Environmental sealing Weather Sealing is the protection of the internal parts of a camera from external influences such as moisture, dust, and humidity.

The degree of this weather sealing varies between manufacturers and also within models by each manufacturer.

The protection is provided by both rubber sealing with silicon rings and gaskets, as well as design considerations such as interlocking panels and pool resistant exterior pieces. 

Most obviously buttons such as the shutter release will be designed with either rubber housing beneath them or a gasket to prevent the entry of the elements.
Same as the Sony A5000
Eye-level finder The viewfinder is the single most important user interface on any camera.

Throughout the history of cameras, the method of aiming the camera accurately and communicating its view to the operator is what has determined and defined most different basic camera types.

The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 lack a viewfinder. They are only left to the mercy of their LCD screens. Looking into a viewfinder helps you stabilize your image very well.

Also when using the viewfinder you’ll have the camera brace against your body and your hands tucked in. This helps in getting a sharp image.
Same as the Sony A5000
Dual card slotsWhen one card fill is filled up, a new folder in the second card is created and images then populate the second card so you never have to stop shooting. 

With today’s relatively large cards and the dual card feature, you can literally go through an entire shoot (or a week, month, etc.) without having to break your concentration to remove and replace a card.

If your images are recorded to both cards at the same time, it’ll give you a back up of your shoot on the second card. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting just JPEG or RAW + JPEG, with the second slot set to “Back-up”, you get an exact duplicate set of images on the second card for insurance. 
Same as the Sony a5000
Built-in GPSWith the GPS feature on your camera, you would be able to pinpoint exactly where you were and the time and date when a picture was taken.

This help in documentation and memory recollection.This also helps in geotagging your photos, if you are a travel blogger or a social media influencer, it would be easier for your followers to relate with your pictures when tagged from a particular location.
Same as the Sony a5000
Tilt-swivel screenThe tilt-swivel screen is a feature any camera should have, The Sony a5000 and the Canon m100 lacks this feature.

With this feature you can be able to take photos at waist level, you can access camera controls when you playback images, set the camera on a table, and aim the screen towards you for viewing.

You can also take photos from awkward positions and unusual perspectives by changing the position of the screen and take close-ups and macro shots from a variety of angles that would be otherwise impossible, or difficult without a tripod.
Same as the Sony a5000

Sony a5000 Vs Canon m100 – What Do People Think About Both?

Sony a5000

Canon m100

People loved its small size; they also like its options of larger lenses. They also loved that it has a user-friendly interface that has little info that allows you to understand some options in the settings.

People didn’t like its limitations when it comes to videoing. They hated its short video length, and the absence of an external microphone jack, worse they hate its lack of hot shoe.

People loved the camera for its budget-friendly price, they also loved its autofocus, which is very fast and its uniqueness in sports filming. People also loved in vlogging and selfie abilities.

People recommended it for sports photography and travel photography, it size and Wifi feature makes it possible for you to share with your photos with friends and not to worry about excess weight.

People complained that the Sony a5000 isn’t awesome when it comes to taking shots in low ISO, not the best at ISO over 6000 and 8000, it gets very grainy. They also complained about its color accuracy in low light. 

People loved its low light capability which has proven to be superb on various occasions. They, although complained about its pictures, snapped with a zoom lens in low light; it appears to be a little bit grainy.

People loved its auto mode, they also loved that it was easy to operate and its settings were easy to navigate and are straightforward.

People liked its flip-up feature and selfie function but hated the fact that it doesn’t offer a 4k video mode; they also disliked the absence of a hot shoe and lack of large lens line-up options like Sony cameras.

People loved the quality of the m100’s images, its colors, its sharpness, and its level of detail. They also loved its speed and its decent lasting battery life.

People said it is excellent for travel; they loved its lightweight, multiple shooting modes. They recommend it for landscape photography as its zoom lenses do a good job in bring out a superb landscape photograph.

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Sony a5000 Vs Canon m100 –Conclusion

The Sony a5000 is an awesome pocket camera, belonging to the lineage of Sony’s well-known alpha brand. Its manufacturers aimed at welcoming customers who had been familiar with taking pictures solely with their phones. 

It can also be used by photographers who don’t prefer to be weighed down by camera bags. It is well-loved by vloggers because of its flip screen and Wifi features. The Sony a5000 is also budget-friendly as photographers find it affordable. 

The Canon m100 is a great mirrorless interchangeable camera. It has a large APS-C sensor with a resolution of 24 megapixels which tends to bring out more details and has a 10% higher linear resolution than the Sony a5000. 

It has an on-sensor phase-detection for more confident autofocus, easier wireless connection with the presence of the Bluetooth feature; it also has a touch-sensitive rear screen which makes you press fewer buttons. 

The most important thing that Canon got right with this camera is that it’s just fun to use. With a good full auto mode and an easy switch over to program auto or aperture priority, it is easy to just yank the m100 out of your pocket, take a quick shot, and put it back in at a moment’s notice. This would be handy on, say, the top of a mountain with failing post-sunset light.

You may by now, have made up your mind on the camera that will be suitable for you to buy, both cameras are a really good entry-level camera this would serve you perfectly. The Canon m100 is our choice, the winner of this comparison review. The Sony a5000 only wins in portability. 

Sony a5000 vs Canon m100 – Related FAQs

Is the Sony a5000 full-frame?

The Sony a5000 is not a full-frame camera. It comes with an APS-C format Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with over 20 million functional pixels with the bionz x processor just like the A7R, A7, and the a6000. 

With a full-frame sensor, you will get photos that are full-frame while the APS-C sensor makes your picture have a somewhat crop effect.  

However, the crop effect is not entirely a bad thing as it is good for distant photographs.

What lenses are compatible with Sony a5000?

The following lenses are compatible with Sony a5000:

Sony FE Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 55mm F1.8 ZA
Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Sigma 60mm F2.8 DN A Sony E
Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA
Carl Zeiss Planar Touit 1.8/32 Sony E

Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN Sony E

Sony E 35mm f/1.8

Sony E 20mm F2.8

Carl Zeiss Distagon Touit 2.8/12 Sony E

Sony E 30mm F3.5 Macro

Is the Sony a5000 good for beginners?

The Sony a5000 is good for beginner photographers as it is a user-friendly camera. With a good LCD display screen, the photographer can view images captured while shooting.

The Sony a5000 comes at a good cost which is a good feature of an entry-level camera. The price doesn’t affect the quality of images as the Sony a5000 produces brilliant images both in photos and videos. This camera is a good camera to start a photography career as it comes with all the features a beginner can access easily.

How long does a Canon camera battery last?

The battery of the Canon camera can last up to 295 shots per full charge. The camera uses a custom LP-E12 rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with a good battery charger. The CIPA battery of 295 shots can be improved with the m10’s 255 shot rating.

While many view this as below average when compared with other mirrorless cameras, it is still okay for beginner photographers. For an entry-level camera, it will be difficult to expect a long-lasting battery from the camera.

Does Canon m100 have image stabilization?

The m100 has a lens-based optical image stabilization system. This means that the image stabilizer is fixed in the lens. Additionally, Canon includes a 3-axis digital IS for video recording and not still photographs.

To turn on the image stabilization in Canon m100, press the menu button to show the menu screen. On the menu screen, select image stabilizer and click on ‘Enable.’

The image stabilization feature in Canon has been around for several years and it is definitely a feature to consider before purchase.

Is Canon m100 good for vlogging?

The canon m100 is good for vlogging as it is small and powerful. The camera produces full High Definition (HD) videos at 60 fps. The m100 gives good ISO sensitivity alternatives with values up to 25600 and this makes it a good choice for vloggers that shoot their videos in difficult lighting conditions. 

Canon’s m100 camera gives SLR image quality and swift autofocus and this will definitely serve a good need for vloggers who may need to record videos while on the go.

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