Canon 5D vs 6D — Which Should You Buy?

As we compare the these cameras, it’s important that you keep your eyes focused on what you really want to use your camera for. The point I am trying to make here is that your peculiar needs SHOULD be the most important factors that determine which camera you buy and which you ONLY admire.

The best high end camera might ACTUALLY become useless, depending on who’s handling it. For one, think of the learning curve and think about what benefits each feature will deliver in your line of work.

Now while we work on a really extensive comparison (think 5k words and above), here are Canon videos for you to check out…

Canon 5D vs 6D — A Quick Overview Of Differences Between The 5D Mark IV and 6D Mark II

Canon 5D vs 6D — Thoughts On The 5D Mark IV 6D Mark II

Canon 5D vs 6D — ISO Low Light Test

Canon 5D vs 6D — A Hands On Review

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