Sony a7s vs FS700 – Detailed Comparison

For this article today, we are doing something quite unusual, that is, a Sony a7s vs FS700 comparison. Here, we are comparing a mirrorless digital Sony a7s camera with a professional large sensor FS700 video camera also from Sony.

This promises to be yet another interesting article, as we shall see that although being very different when it comes to the type of cameras they are, they do have a few things in common.

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However, if you are reading this and you do not have enough time to go through all the details in this article, then that’s not a problem. There are two sections that should be your destination from here.

The comparison overview and comparison table sections are two sections we prepared with a brief description of everything you’d need to know about these two cameras.

Nonetheless, if you have enough time, then it is highly recommended that you read through the whole article to really get and understand every detail of the features of the cameras in this Sony a7s vs FS700 comparison.

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Table of Contents

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Where Both Cameras Get It Right

First of all, we’ll be seeing features that these two cameras have that are make them great cameras.

These two cameras have you covered when it comes to the audio quality they produce with the videos shot. They both have a microphone and headphone port.

Also, for shooting videos with the mind-blowing quality they both shoot in 4K resolution.

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Furthermore, shooting positions will not exactly be an issue with these cameras as their LCD screens are articulated. Also, the Sony a7s and FS700 both have accessory shoes that allow you to attach different external devices to the camera.

These two cameras also have a face detection focus. Shooting portrait photographs won’t be an issue, thanks to this feature.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Where The Sony a7S Does It Better

As for the features that make the Sony a7S a better camera, the first is its built-in viewfinder, this gives you better framing and composure.

Also, the Sony a7s has a higher LCD screen resolution and ISO range. With the high LCD resolution, the LCD display on the LCD screen will be of higher quality. While the higher ISO range offers you better chances in low light environments.

Furthermore, this camera has environmental sealing, wi-fi connectivity, near field communication, and smartphone remote control features. All of which are wireless features of the camera.

Finally, this camera has a panorama mode that is very helpful for shooting wide scenes. It is also a fairly lightweight camera.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Where The FS700 Does It Better

The FS700 has a higher max shutter speed value and a larger LCD screen size. It also has an epic slow-motion feature that lets you shoot fantastic slow-motion videos.

This camera also has built-in ND filters. These are very important for shooting in very bright scenes.

Finally, the Sony FS700 offers better chances at capturing an object moving at a very high speed with its high max shutter speed.

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Sony a7S vs FS700 – Where Both Cameras Get It Wrong

The common downside these two cameras share is their sensor resolution. They both have sensor resolutions that aren’t very impressive.

Individually, the Sony a7s isn’t designed with built-in image stabilization. Also, the Sony a7S isn’t very impressed with the length of its battery life.

As for the FS700, the major con is its weight, the camera is a really heavy one. However, considering the components and features that video cameras possess, it is quite normal for video cameras to be heavy.

Sony a7s vs FS700 – Comparison Table


Sony a7s

Sony FS700

Wireless Connectivity Yes No
Viewfinder Electronic Viewfinder tube for LCD
Near Field Connection Yes No
Screen Resolution 1.230K dots 921k dots
Max Shutter Speed 1/8000 seconds 1/10000 seconds
ISO Range 100 to 102400 can be extended to 50 to 406900 320 to 64000
Sensor Resolution 12.4 Megapixels 11.6 Megapixels
LCD Screen Size 3 Inches 3.5 Inches
Weight 489 grams 1474 grams
Sensor Resolution 12  Megapixels 11.6 Megapixels
Environmental Sealing Yes No
Panorama Shooting Yes No
Smartphone Remote Control Yes No
Built-in ND Filters No Yes
Slow Motion Shooting No Yes

Sony a7s vs FS700 – Circumstances They Are Best Suited For?

Sony a7s

Sony FS700

This camera is a great multipurpose camera. It has a large full-frame sensor, a high max shutter speed, and face detection focus.  

With these features, this camera would function very well above average for virtually any use you put it to.
The FS700 on the other hand, being a camcorder is best for shooting video.  

The great thing about this camera is the ultra HD resolution display it offers with its videos.
However, the Sony a7s camera might not be best for shooting hand-held photos, as it lacks an image stabilization feature. The only thing to take note of if you’ll be picking this camera is that the viewfinder tube could give issues with focusing sometimes.
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Sony a7s vs FS700 – Common Features

The following features are common to both the Sony a7s and the Sony FS700:

1. Microphone Port

2. Headphone Port

3. Video Resolution

4. Articulating Screen

5. External Accessory Shoe

6. Low Sensor Resolution

7. High Max Shutter Speed

8. Face Detection Focus

9. External Accessory Shoe

Microphone Port

Which has a microphone port: Sony a7s vs FS700?

The Sony a7s and the Sony FS700 both have a microphone port. This feature allows you to connect an external microphone to the camera to provide you with quality audio recording for the videos shot by the camera.

Now, most cameras are built with internal cameras, and they function quite alright under specific circumstances. However, the internal mic of a camera is best used for shooting indoors.

This is because the internal microphone tends to record all the sound it can detect from the environment. So, shooting in public where there is a lot of sound with the internal microphone will only result in noisy audio for the video.

For shooting videos in environments where there will be background noise, like shooting interviews at a party or event, external microphones are needed.

What the external microphone does, is to record and amplify the sound from the direction it is pointed at, blocking out every other background noise.

Headphone Port

Which has a headphone port: Sony a7s vs FS700?

The Sony a7s and the Sony FS700 both have a headphone port. This feature is another feature that has to do with the quality of audio a camera will produce in its videos. This feature allows you to connect a headphone to the camera.

With a headphone connected to the camera while shooting videos, you can monitor the audio to know when adjustments might be needed.

This feature is also common to these two cameras.

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Video Resolution

What is the video resolution of the Sony a7s and the FS700?

The Sony a7s and the Sony FS700 both have an ultra-high-definition 4k display resolution. The video resolution of a camera is the number of horizontal lines stacked one on top of the other from top to bottom of the video.

Video resolution is usually quoted as width by height and is measured in pixels. Take 1920 by 1080pixel resolution, for example, this simply means that the video has 1080 horizontal lines stacked one on top of the other from top to bottom that is 1920 pixels wide.

This feature is also known as display resolution. It determines the size of the screen a video can be displayed and still retain its quality.

If a video is displayed on a screen that is larger than the limit of its resolution, it will lose its quality.

This resolution is of several dimensions, however, there are two that are the most commonly used. In television and consumer media, the dimension used is 3840 by 2160 pixels. While, for use in the movie projection industry, the 4096 by 2160pixel resolution is used.

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Articulating Screen

Which has an articulating screen: Sony a7s vs FS700?

The Sony a7S and FS700 are both built with the articulating screen with varying sizes. An articulating screen is a feature of the LCD screen that allows it to move. This feature gives the photographer flexibility in picking shooting positions.

There are three types of articulated screens. The first type is the tilting or tiltable articulated screen.

The tilting articulated screen is designed to move about just one axis. This allows it to only tilt slightly upwards and downwards.

The second is the fully-articulated screen. This articulated screen type is also known as a swivel screen, it is designed to move about two axes that are at the right angle to each other, allowing them to both tilt and swivel.

The third type is called the cross-tilt or flex-tilt screen. This is designed to move in various directions. It moves horizontally, vertically, and can rotate certain angles.

The Sony a7S is built with the tiltable screen, while the FS700 has a fully-articulated LCD screen.

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External Accessory Shoe

Which has an external accessory shoe: Sony a7s vs FS700?

The Sony a7s and the Sony FS700 both have the external accessory shoe feature which allows you to attach features like an external flash, external mic, and many others.

For the Sony a7S, it has an external flash shoe. This feature is important for light enhancement and flash photography.

Some cameras are designed with a built-in flash, however, the Sony a7S isn’t. So for light enhancement purposes, the a7S has to rely on the external flash.

As for the FS700, it also has a shoe that is known as the cold shoe. The cold shoe is a bracket that is usually found on the mounting plate or block of the camera. The mounting block is designed for placing the camera on a stand.

The reason it is called a cold shoe is that it has no power of its own. The cold shoe is majorly used for holding an off-camera flash unit that is being controlled remotely from the camera.

Face Detection Focus

Which has the face detection focus feature: Sony a7s vs FS700?

Both the Sony a7s and the FS700 have the face detection focus feature. This feature is one of the most important features all portrait photographers must look out for when picking a camera.

As the name says, this feature detects faces in the scene being shot and focuses on them. What this feature actually does is to find the easily noticeable parts of the face like the nose, eyes, and mouth. When it does this, it locks down on the face and automatically applies the proper focus and exposure to the face.

This feature also makes sure that the face in the scene remains the main subject of the image.

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High Max Shutter Speed

What is the maximum shutter speed of Sony a7s vs FS700

The maximum shutter speed of the Sony a7s is 1/8000 while the max speed of Sony FS700 is 1/1000.

The shutter speed of the camera is what determines how long it will take the camera to take a shot. This feature is mostly useful for shooting objects in motion.

The Shutter speed is basically the amount of time the shutter stays open; it is measured in fractions of a second.

When shooting objects in motion, the shutter speed the photographer selects depends on the effect they intend to achieve with the shot.

If shooting a waterfall, or a speeding vehicle, and you want a dramatic motion blur for the shot, the shutter speed has to be set to a lower value to get this effect.

But if the intention is to freeze time in the shot, then high shutter speed is required. This way, no matter how fast the object or subject is moving, the result will always be a clean shot.

As for the cameras in this Sony a7S vs FS700 comparison, they both have very high max shutter speed values, however, that of the FS700 is higher.

Low Sensor Resolution

In still photography, this feature determines the print size of the images shot by the camera. A high sensor resolution will produce a large print size. It also determines how much detail will appear in an image.

If the print size exceeds the resolution of the image, the image will lose its quality.

For videos, the sensor resolution determines the quality of the images in the video – i.e how detailed and sharp.

As for these two cameras, they both have low sensor resolutions. However, that of the Sony a7S is slightly higher.

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Sony a7S – What Are The Unique Features?

The following are the unique pros of Sony a7S:

1. Wireless connectivity

2. Near Field Communication (NFC)

3. ISO Range

4. Built-in Viewfinder

5. Environmental Sealing

6. Panorama Shooting

7. Smartphone Remote Control

Wireless Connectivity

Does the Sony a7S have the wireless connectivity feature?

The Sony a7S has Wi-Fi connectivity. It is one of the most interesting features a lot of modern cameras carry that makes file transfer a breeze.

If a camera has wireless connectivity, the camera has the ability to connect to the internet to share files with other devices.

This feature saves you the stress of having to always carry your computer around in other to transfer images from the camera to the computer with a USB cord.

With this feature, all you have to do is give the camera access to your internet connection, and preset the location on your computer you want to files to be saved in. Following just these two steps, you will have your files safe and sound on your computer without any stress.

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Near Field Communication (NFC)

Does the Sony a7S have Near Field Communication?

The Sony a7S has Near Field Communication. It is a wireless feature that enhances file transfer from the camera to other devices. The NFC connection is mostly used for connecting and sharing with smartphones.

The NFC connection can share files without an internet connection, the only thing that is required to use the Near Field Communication feature is for the two devices to be close to each other.

Once the two devices are in close range, sharing files can be done in no time. This wireless feature is only unique to the Sony a7S.

ISO Range

Can the maximum ISO range of the Sony a7S be expanded?

The max ISO value of the Sony a7S can be expanded. The ISO range of a camera determines its light sensitivity. The higher the value of the ISO, the more sensitive the image sensor becomes to light.

This feature is very important for shooting in low light environments. This is because as the image sensor becomes more sensitive to light, it picks more light from the scene being shot, thereby, increasing the brightness of the image.

As important as high ISO values are, they have a major disadvantage that affects how the images appear. As the ISO value of the camera is increased, there are higher tendencies of having noisy images.

Now, for the ISO range of these two cameras, we found that both are actually quite high. However, there is something unique about the ISO range of the Sony a7S.
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Built-in Viewfinder

Does the Sony a7S have a built-in viewfinder?

The a7S is built with an electronic viewfinder. A viewfinder is a tool that photographers look through to get a preview of the scene they are shooting. The viewfinder is built in two types – Electronic and Optical.

The electronic viewfinder is basically an electronic display of the image captured by the lens of the camera through the image sensor. This type of viewfinder is commonly found in mirrorless cameras.

The optical viewfinder, on the other hand, is native to DSLR cameras. It functions with the mirror mechanism of the DSLRs.

With the optical viewfinder, light from the scene enters the camera through the lens to hit a reflex mirror. The reflex mirror transfers the light to a prism that converts the light from vertical to horizontal and redirects it through two mirrors before finally getting to the viewfinder and revealing the image.

However, the FS700 has a tube that can be attached to the LCD screen that converts the screen to a viewfinder.

Environmental Sealing

The entrance of weather elements like moisture and dust is one of the most common causes of damage to digital cameras.

So, to prevent these elements from entering and damaging the camera, this feature is added to the body of the camera.

The environmental sealing is a rubber and silicone material that is positioned at specific points on the camera. These points are usually openings and other vulnerable positions on the camera which could serve as entry points for moisture or dust.

This is another feature that can only be found in the Sony a7s.

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Panorama Shooting

Does the Sony a7S have the panorama shooting mode?

The Sony a7S has the panorama shooting mode. It is a shooting technique adopted for shooting scenes with a horizontally elongated field of view.

In digital photography, the most common panorama type used is the stitching panorama. This panorama mode allows you to take multiple shots of the wide scene, and then join them together to form one large image.

If you intend to shoot in panorama mode, the camera asks you to select the system with which the stitching will be done – that is, from top to bottom, or, from right to left, etc.

When you take the first shot, you can then pan the camera in the direction you have selected. For subsequent shots, you superimpose the image to match the next part of the scene.

Only the Sony a7S in this Sony a7S vs FS700 comparison is equipped with this feature.

Smartphone Remote Control

This is one of the most interesting forms of camera remote control that modern cameras have brought to the table.

There are a lot of other forms of remote control. However, this smartphone remote control is the only one known to give a preview of the scene before shooting.

Using the smartphone as a remote control is like having the LCD screen of the camera in your hands. Also, this feature gives you access to camera settings and file transfer.

For this feature to function all you need is the camera app installed on your phone, and you are good to go. This feature is unique to the Sony a7S.

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Sony a7S vs FS700 – What Are The Unique Features Unique Of The Sony FS700

The following are the unique features of the Sony FS700:

1. Built-in ND filters

2. Slow-motion shooting

3. Top handle grip

Built-in ND Filters

This feature is known as the Neutral Density filter. This feature is a filter that reduces the intensity of light. This gives the photographer better control of the exposure of an image.

The ND filters stop light from reaching the sensor of the camera. Therefore, they allow you leave the aperture at high values for a long amount of time. ND filters, though, do not add any effect to the colors in the image.

Built-in ND filters can only be found in the FS700 in this Sony a7S vs FS700 comparison article.

Slow Motion Shooting

This is a very interesting feature of the FS700. It is a very artistic shooting mode where movement and activity in the video appear to be moving slower than normal. This adds a very dramatic effect on video.

To achieve the slow-motion effect, the video is shot at a faster film rate than it will be played back. For the FS700, shooting at 120 or 240 frames per second bursts with a Full High Definition resolution will produce an excellent slow motion effect.

With the FS700 reducing the resolution can produce even slower videos. This feature used to be seen only in specialist high-end equipment.

Top Handle Grip

The FS700 is quite a heavy camera, and that is what makes this feature very essential. With the top handle grip, you are able to easily and conveniently lift your camera without stress. You’re looking at a camera that weigh over 1 kilogram after all.

Another thing that makes this handle very handy is that it is connected to the hardcore frame of the camera. So, when you lift or while holding on to the handle, it doesn’t feel like it might break or the camera might fall off. It’s convenient, sturdy, and durable.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Unique Pros

In this section, we’ll be seeing features that make one camera better the other in the comparison of the Sony a7S vs FS700.

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Sony a7S vs FS700 – Unique Pros Of the Sony a7S

The following are the unique pros of the Sony a7s:

1. The first features that put this camera in front are the wireless features it possesses. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC connectivity, and is compatible with smartphone remote control.

2. The Sony a7S also has a built-in electronic viewfinder, making framing and composing of the image much easier.

3. This camera has a higher max ISO value than the FS700.

4. The LCD screen of this camera has a higher screen resolution, providing you with a better display on the screen.

5. he Sony a7S is the lighter of the two cameras as well.

6. Furthermore, the Sony a7s is designed with weather sealing, making it safe for use under some weather conditions.

7. This camera allows you to stitch different shots of a wide view that can’t be captured in one shot with the panorama shooting mode.

8. This camera has an AE bracketing. This is a very helpful feature for shooting areas with complex lighting.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Unique Pros of Sony FS700

The following are the unique pros of Sony FS700:

1. The FS700 is most impressive with its slow-motion shooting feature, letting you get creative with shooting videos.

2. This camera has ND filters. With this feature you can shoot at longer shutter speed, and wider aperture.

3. The FS700 has a top handle grip for lifting and moving the camera.

4. This camera also has a higher max shutter speed in this Sony a7S vs FS700 comparison. This is a very essential feature for shooting objects in motion.

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Sony a7S vs Sony FS700 – Unique Cons

The following are the unique cons of Sony a7s:

1. This camera doesn’t have built-in image stabilization. This could result in images turning out blurry as a result of involuntary camera shakes.

2. Also, this camera has a poor battery life of 360 shots per single shot.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Unique Cons Of Sony FS700

The following are the unique cons of Sony FS700:

1. Firstly, this camera is quite a heavy camera, so, shooting with this camera hand-held will be quite a burden.

2. Also, the FS700 isn’t designed with a built-in viewfinder. Instead, the LCD screen of the camera is converted to a viewfinder via a tube.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Common Pros


Sony a7S

Sony FS700

Microphone Port Allows you to connect an external microphone to the camera for enhanced audio recording for videos shot by the camera. Same as the Sony a7S.
Headphone Port Allows you to connect a headphone to the camera to monitor audio while shooting video. Same as the Sony a7S.
High Video Resolution This gives the videos shot by the camera chances at very large screens. Same as the Sony a7S.
Articulating Screen This is a movable LCD screen that offers you a lot of flexibility in shooting positions. Same as the Sony a7S.
Accessory Shoe Allows you to mount external tools on to the body of the camera. Same as the Sony a7S.
Face Detection Focus This feature detects faces in the scene and locks down on them to keep them in focus. Same as the Sony a7S.
High LCD Screen Resolution Provides quality display on the LCD screen. Same as the Sony a7S.
High Max Shutter Speed This feature helps for shooting objects in motion. Same as the Sony a7S.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Common Cons


Sony a7S

Sony FS700

Low Sensor Resolution This means that the camera will not be able to produce large prints. This means that the image quality in the videos shot by the FS700 might not be very impressive.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – What Do Users Think About Both Cameras?

Sony a7S

Sony FS700

Users are very impressed with the 4K resolution. Also, the Sony a7S is very good with low light conditions according to users.  

Another thing commonly mentioned by users is that the image quality the camera offers is just above average, although not of bad quality.
For the FS700, users are very impressed with a lot of things. The first is its low light capabilities.

Also, users are unsurprisingly very impressed with the slow-motion shooting mode of this camera.  

The battery life of this camera also gets a lot of mentions.  
The only complaint that was common among most users is about the battery life of the camera. The complaints about this camera arise when it comes to the ergonomics of the camera. Some users are also not impressed with the body of the camera, it is said to feel a too much like plastic.

Sony a7S vs FS700 – Our Take

Sony a7S

Sony FS700

This camera is a camera we really love. We’re convinced by the features it offers that it will serve whatever use it is put to without complaints. For anyone looking to shoot videos professionally then, the FS700 would be a fantastic choice to make. The features it offers for the price it goes at isn’t something you see every day.
Although, we can’t exactly say that this camera does it all, but, it does quite a lot, and that is why it is a choice worth making. This camera might have some missing features that could’ve made it an even better video camera. However, it would be unfair to overlook the features it has for those it doesn’t.

Sony A7S VS FS700 – Related FAQs

Is the Sony a7S full-frame?

The Sony a7S is a full-frame mirrorless camera with 12.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor. The camera comes with a bionz x image processor so that you will produce quality, still images and videos. It also possesses ISO 409600, high sensitivity, dynamic range, and low noise filter. The Sony a7S full-frame sensor has a distinct and compact on-chip lens design that can accommodate small lenses in the sensor plane. The combined effort of the processor and sensor help in improving the speed of the camera production and guide 4k video shooting. It also has a good shooting rate at 5FPS and a speedy twenty-five-point contrast-detection AF unit.

Which battery does the Sony a7S take?

The Sony A7S takes the Sony NP-FW50 battery. The battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that provides the camera with little self-discharge and big energy density. The voltage of NP-FW50 is 7.4V while the capacity is 1020mAh. You can charge the battery with the Sony BC-TRW charger. The battery measurement is 45mm in depth, 31 mm in width, a height of 18mm, and 43g in weight. You can also charge the Sony A7S battery pack through the USB port because of the internal charging feature. 

How do I turn on the viewfinder on Sony a7s?

To turn on the viewfinder on Sony a7s, locate your camera menu button and press it. After that, select the custom setting and choose the finder/ monitor. You will see the turn-on viewfinder option there.

When the monitor is switched to viewfinder it means that the display will move between the LCD screen and electronic viewfinder.

If you cannot move from LCD screen to electronic viewfinder and your camera monitor is in auto mode, just locate the camera electronic viewfinder to help you move the display. You can do this by moving down or up the camera pop-up finder.    

What lens mount is the Sony a7s?

The Sony a7s comes with the standard Sony E-mount. It can be modified to Canon EF with the use of Metabones. The camera also uses the Zeiss CP.2 Lens mount. This kind of lens is mainly used in cinemas and usually comes with fourteen blades iris and a large focal range. The interchangeable lens mounts can be used with Sony E. There are many Canon EOS lenses that are compatible with a7s camera just like the fast F/1.2 primes to tilt-shift types.

Does Sony FS700 shoot slow motion? 

Sony FS700 shoots slow motion which makes shooting very exciting and outstanding. The camera’s slow-motion system helps you to harness 240 frames of HD images within a second. However, there are some limitations to making use of slow motion in the Sony FS700. While using Vimeo, you might not be able to shoot slow motion. If you are using the Sony FS700 slow motion feature, other controls and exterior SDI monitoring features will stop working. The implication of this is that the technical information will only be available on the camera’s tiny screen if there is no HDMI.    

Does Sony FS700 have touch screen? 

The Sony FS700 comes with a built-in touch screen. The touch screen is a 3.5-inch LCD monitor that can be flipped upward. You can also move the monitor at 90 degrees to view from the back or any side of your camera. The rotational nature of the LCD monitor is good but attaching it above your camera will make it almost impossible for you to see captured images. The viewfinder tools can also be attached to your LCD monitor. Doing this will improve the screen and remove unwanted lights. 

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