Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Detailed Comparison

Right here is a detailed Sony a6000 vs Nex 7 comparison. You are most likely here to decide which camera to get. And this article is going to help you do just that.

Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
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We’ve compiled features of each camera and even compared those of one camera against those of the other camera. This way, you can see how each camera does agant the other.

However, because we’ve taken into account the possibility of you being in a hurry, we’ve condensed information into bite-sized bits that you can quickly run through. You’ll find this in our comparison overview and comparison table sections. But we still recommend you read the entire article.

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Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Comparison Overview

Here is the quick overview:

Overall Review Of The Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7

We consider both cameras good cameras in their own right. They aren’t exactly professional cameras. But if you are looking for something to get your photography skills started, either camera could be it.

They both have features that will come in handy for some semi-professional needs. Let’s look at a number of those features.

Rating Of The Features Of The Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7

First off, bear in mid that both cameras are mirrorless cameras. As a result, they share a number of features, like an electronic viewfinder, lightweight and a not so impressive battery life (360 shots per charge for the a6000 and 430 for the Nex 7).

They also do have some standout features, though. The Nex 7 comes with a microphone port which helps it record better audio.

On the other hand, the Sony a6000 has an in-built wireless connection, is NFC enabled and can be controlled via a smartphone.

Both cameras also share some not so awesome features including no image stabilization feature and no weather sealing feature either.

From the foregoing, you can agree with us that while neither camera can be called a professional camera, the a6000 has more interesting features than the Nex 7.

Price/Value Ratio — Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7

Well, both cameras come with features and perform enough functions to warrant the amount they go for, in our opinion. However, it is kinda strange to us that the Nex 7 costs more than the a6000.

As you’ve seen from the rating of the features, the a6000 comes with more features than the Nex 7. So, we would have expected that the a6000 would cost more.

Anyway, here is our conclusion. we would have thought that the a6000 would cost more what with its features and all. However, we still think the Nex 7’s price is affordable.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Comparison Table


Sony a6000

Sony Nex 7

Weight 0.75 pounds 0.88 pounds
Dimensions 4.7 by 1.8 by 2.6 inches 4.7 by 1.69 by 2.6 inches
Battery Life 360 shots per charge 430 shots per charge
Microphone Port No Yes
Continuous Shooting 11.0 frames per shot 10.0 frames per shot
Smartphone Control Yes No
Wireless Connection Built-in Eye-Fi connected
ISO ISO 100 – 25600 (can be expanded to 51200) ISO 100 – 16000
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
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Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 — A Comparison Video

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Which Is better Under What Circumstance?

Sony a6000

Sony Nex 7

If you are looking for convenience, you definitely want to go for the Sony a6000. It allows for smartphone control so you can place your camera anywhere within range of your smartphone and do the capturing on your phone. On the other hand, if you are looking for a camera for cinematography, the Sony Nex 7 is the better option. It comes with a microphone port that allows for good audio quality capture.
Also, if you are looking to save a couple of bucks, the a6000 is something you need to try as it is more affordable than the Sony Nex 7. Also, the Nex 7 offers you a slightly better battery life vs the Sony a6000. It offers you 430 shots per charge and that is really decent.
If faster and stronger internet connection is something that is very important to you, we recommend the Sony a6000. If you are looking for the lighter option, the Sony Nex 7 is it.
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
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Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Common Features

In this section, we want to see how similar the Sony a6000 and Sony Nex 7 are. So, we’ll be looking at the different features that both cameras have in common.

Now, these similar features will include everything from features that are basically the same to features which are alike but vary slightly. We’ll tell you which is which when we get there. Let’s do this!

1. Electronic Viewfinder

Both the Sony a6000 and the Sony Nex 7 are mirrorless cameras which means that they neither come with mirrors nor with optical viewfinders.

Now with mirrorless cameras, you either get an in-built electronic viewfinder or you do not get any at all. A mirrorless camera without an in-built viewfinder usually has a port for an external viewfinder. So, you can either get an external viewfinder or rely on just the LCD screen.

The electronic viewfinder is the better option as it allows you have better control of your shots and it even allows for better framing. Also, the electronic viewfinder allows for better camera focus in the dark as against just the LCD screen.

Thankfully, both the a6000 and the Nex 7 are mirrorless cameras that come with an electronic viewfinder. This way, whichever camera you decide to go for will afford you decent control of what you’re covering.

2. Weight

The weight of a camera is a very important factor, especially if you intend to carry the camera about for random moments.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve probably said it a thousand times that both the cameras in this review are mirrorless cameras.

Now, the reason we are pointing it out again is because there is a marked difference between the weight of a mirrorless and that of a DSLR camera (which comes with a mirror).

The mirror contributes to the weight of a DSLR making it significantly heavier than a mirrorless camera.

More specifically, for mirrorless cameras, both the a6000 and the Nex 7 are pretty lightweight. The a6000 comes in weighing 0.75 pounds while the Nex 7 weighs 0.88 pounds.

Both cameras are the same as regards height and weight. However, the reason for the difference in the weight is that the Sony Nex 7 is slightly thicker vs the Sony a6000.

Now, it isn’t enough to consider the weight of the camera alone, you have to also factor in the lens(es) that will have to be attached to them.

Knowing this, you need to also know that both the cameras in this review have the same sensor size. Hence, they will use the same sized lenses for a similar aperture and/or focal length.

Seeing as both cameras will probably require the same size of attachments, we can now conclusively use the weight of the basic camera as a deciding factor.

Nevertheless, we will like to point out that while the Nex 7 is slightly heavier than the a6000, it can’t exactly be classified as a heavy camera.

3. Articulating Screen

When you say a camera has an articulating screen, it basically means that camera has a screen that can be tilted, up or down. So in essence, the screen is flexible.

Now why do you want a flexible screen? A screen that isn’t flexible is going to be restricting as regards angles and perspectives when you’re taking pictures.

Thankfully, both these cameras have articulating screens. But be sure to remember that the articulating screens can be tilted upward or downward and not necessarily 360 degrees.

Since we are talking about screen, allow us also mention that both cameras have a 3 inch screen. The screen size is definitely large enough for your needs.

It is probably also important that we mention that neither of the cameras have a touch screen. So, you’ll be operating both cameras the regular button way.

4. Flash

It goes without saying that light is absolutely important to taking that perfect picture. But what do you do when you are in a dark space? Not take pictures?

Thankfully, with both cameras, you get an in-built flash. The in-built flash is supposed to be that compromise that provides light that is sufficient enough to take that perfect picture.

Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
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5. External Flash Hot Shoe

There will be times when the light your camera offers won’t be good enough for the picture you want to take, for whatever reason. At those times, you will need an external source of light and this is where the external flash hot shoe comes in.

Both the Sony a6000 and the Nex 7 come with an external flash hot shoe on the top of the camera. So, what you want to do is get an external flash and attach it to the hot shoe. You can do all the flash photography you want with that.

6. Picture Resolution

In this tech age, people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a high picture resolution. So, from phones to tablets and yes cameras, tech companies are trying to outdo one another producing gadgets with higher resolutions.

We say all these just to tell you that both the a6000 and the Nex 7 have decent picture resolution at 24 megapixels. So, you can be sure to have good detailing with your pictures.

7. RAW Support

Still on the image quality discussion, it is definitely heartwarming to know that both the cameras in this review save pictures as RAW.

Now unlike its less awesome alternative, jpeg, RAW is high picture saving quality. Now while this format takes up a bit of memory space, it definitely allows you great image quality. And it is another feature that both cameras have in common.

8. Continuous Shooting

This is about how many shots your camera can squeeze into 1 second. And it is basically about how fast the camera can go.

The a6000 has a continuous shot of 11 frames per second (fps) while the Nex 7 has a continuous shot of 10 frames per second (fps).

Now, while the a6000 has 1 up the Nex 7, they both have really impressive fps. 10/11 is a high enough number of shots for a camera to take in 1 second. So, whichever camera you end up with will be beneficial to you in that regard.

9. Face Detection

Both cameras have the face detection feature that causes the camera to focus on faces. This comes in handy when you want to take a portrait.

10. Available Lenses

Both cameras have the exact same number of lenses available to them; 102 lenses to be precise.

In addition to that, they both do not have an image stabilization feature. As a result, pictures taken with this camera could come out looking blurry if the camera is in motion.

To counter this, you’ll have to get image optimization lenses. Both cameras come with 23 of those lenses.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 — A Sony a6000 Demonstration Video

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Unique Features

In this section, we’ll be looking into those features that one camera comes with and the other does not.

We’ll also be including those features that are common to both cameras but with significant enough variations that they couldn’t make it to the common features section.

1. Battery Life

Whether you are using the camera at home or you want to carry it to the wild to take exotic pictures, one thing you need to pay attention to is the battery.

Now, to understand how long the battery lasts, you’ll have to factor in the number of shots each camera can squeeze in per charge. However, before we get into it, we want to mention that both have a not so high battery life.

Now that we have that out of the way, the Nex 7 does offer a longer battery life than the a6000. The a6000 offers 360 shots per charge while the Nex 7 offers 430 shots. 70 more shots is definitely something to think about.

2. Microphone Port

Now, this is one feature that is unique as it comes with only 1 of the cameras, the Nex 7 to be precise.

Why is the microphone port necessary? Well, you can attach a microphone to that port. That microphone allows you capture sounds in better quality.

Now, we are not saying that the a6000 won’t offer a decent enough sound capture. However, that you are able to attach a microphone to the Nex 7 does give it an edge.

Basically because of the microphone port feature, the Nex 7 is the better option for cinematography or for generally recording videos.

Attaching a microphone to the camera ensures that the camera records good quality audio which the a6000 does not offer.

Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
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3. Wireless Connection

Both of them allow for wireless connection. However, one camera has it better than the other and we will explain, of course.

The Sony Nex 7 has a provision for eye-fi connection. Eye-fi connection is a memory card kinda thing that you can insert into your camera. The eye-fi then allows the camera connect to the internet.

On the other hand, the a6000 comes with an in-built wireless connection. Already, you know that this idea is more convenient than what you have with the Nex 7. You need not bother about whether something is where it ought to be or not.

Furthermore, the in-built wireless connection actually allows for better connectivity than the eye-fi. There’s better reach and range that the in-built wireless connection on the Sony a6000 offers vs the eye-fi on the Nex 7

Now, as a result of this wireless connection, you can also operate the camera using your smartphone.

This allows for convenience as you can place your camera wherever (it needs to be within range of the wireless connection, though). Then just basically take all the shots you want from wherever with your smartphone.

Once the smartphone is connected to the camera, you can see whatever your camera is picking up on your phone screen. This smartphone control is only available with the a6000.

4. ISO

First off, this is one feature that you will find with both cameras. In fact, if you know a bit about cameras, you probably know that the ISO is a pretty important feature to consider when choosing cameras.

That said, both the a6000 and the Nex 7 do not exactly have the most impressive ISO range. There are worse ISO ranges, definitely, but there are also better. However, the a6000 does a better job than the Nex 7 as you will soon see.

But before we even tell you the ISO range of either of these cameras, what exactly is the point of the ISO?

The ISO is how you can measure how sensitive the image sensor of a camera is. Hence, if the numbers in your ISO range are low, you are looking at a low sensitivity to light but, on the upside, there is finer grain.

This automatically means that higher ISO numbers are indicative of better sensitivity to light (which means that you can take better pictures in dark places).

So a wide ISO range offers you more options for different light ranges. This is why people generally prefer a wide ISO range because who doesn’t want more options, right? However, you could get more grain with high ISO numbers.

Having said all these, the Nex 7 has an ISO range of between 100 and 16000, while the a6000 has an ISO range of between 100 and 25600 which you can expand to 51200.

As we earlier mentioned, neither of the cameras gives high enough numbers. However, we do grudgingly concede that 51200 (which is how far you can expand the ISO of the a6000 ) is pretty impressive.

5. UHS Memory Card Support

Basically all cameras, especially new age ones, are compatible with and have provision for memory cards. Because where else will the photos you take get stored?

However, there are different kinds of memory cards and not all of them are compatible with every kind of camera. Anyway, the particular kind of memory card we are concerned about is the UHS memory card.

The Ultra High Speed memory card allows the camera quickly transfer pictures captured. Now, while this is a nice feature, it isn’t compatible with the Nex 7. This means you can only use the UHS memory card on the a6000.

6. Time Lapse Recording

Neither the Sony a6000 nor the Sony Nex 7 is factory set with a feature that allows for time lapse recording.

However, with the a6000, there is the possibility of downloading an app that will allow for this function. So, that is definitely one thing the a6000 has over the Nex 7.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 — A Sony Nex 7 Demonstration Video

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Unique Pros

Pros Of The Sony a6000

  • With an in-built wireless connection, the a6000 offers better connection to the internet and even better range. Additionally, the in-built wireless connection makes it possible for one to control the camera using one’s smartphone.
  • Furthermore, while the ISO range of the Sony a6000 isn’t really impressive, it is definitely higher vs the range of the Nex 7. Especially if you factor in the fact that the range is expandable.
  • Let’s not forget that the a6000 is compatible with an Ultra High Speed memory card. Which means it allows for picture captured to be quickly transferred to the memory card compared to the Nex7.
  • Of course, we will mention that, provided you download the right app, you can time lapse record with the a6000 and not the Nex 7.
  • The Sony a6000 also has more focus points (179) than the Nex 7 (25)
  • Finally, the a6000 is significantly more affordable than the Nex 7.

Pros Of The Sony Nex 7

  • The battery life of the Sony Nex 7 is definitely one thing that gives it an edge over the Sony a6000. With the Sony Nex 7, you can get 430 shots in with 1 charge vs the Sony a6000 that offers 360 shots per charge.
  • Additionally, the a6000 comes with a microphone port. This means that to get better audio recording, you can attach a microphone to the camera.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Unique Cons

Cons Of The Sony a6000

  • The Sony a6000 does not come with a microphone port. If you’ll be using the camera for video coverage, you’ll probably need this microphone thing.

Cons Of The Sony Nex 7

  • The Sony Nex 7 doesn’t come with in-built connectivity which affects how well the camera can connect to the internet. As a result, the Nex 7 does not connect well to the internet.
  • As a result of that also, the Nex 7 cannot be controlled using a smartphone.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Common Pros


Sony a6000

Sony Nex 7

Articulating Screen The Sony a6000 comes with a 3 inch screen that can be tilted upward or downward. As a result, the screen offers you decent coverage without having to change the position of the camera. Same as the Sony a6000.
In-built Flash and External Flash Hot Shoe Seeing how light plays an important role in getting the perfect picture, the Sony a6000 comes with an in-built flash. This way you can take pictures even in places where the light isn’t the best. Additionally, there is an external flash hot shoe for cases where the in-built flash does not provide sufficient light. You’ll have to attach the external flash to the hot shoe located on the camera. Same as the Sony a6000.
Raw Support With the Sony a6000, your pictures save in RAW format. This is a good thing because RAW images are better quality compared to jpeg images Same as the Sony a6000.
Continuous Shooting With the a6000, you get 11 frames per second. This is pretty fast for a camera as it offers fast capturing speed. Same as the Sony a6000. However, the Nex 7 offers 10 frames per second which is still pretty fast.
Picture Resolution The a6000 also offers a decent picture resolution. 24 megapixels is pretty good and will give you photos that come out looking real good. Same as the Sony a6000.
Weight The a6000 is a pretty lightweight camera. Same as the a6000.
ViewfinderThe Sony a6000 comes with an in-built electronic viewfinder. We consider this a pro because not every mirrorless camera comes with its own viewfinder. And the alternative which is the LCD screen isn’t always the best idea.Same as the a6000.
Face DetectionThe Sony a6000 can detect and focus on faces.Same as the a6000.
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Get the Sony a6000 now!

Get the Sony Nex 7

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Common Cons


Sony a6000

Sony Nex 7

Image Stabilization The Sony a6000 doesn’t offer an image stabilization feature. Hence, you might have blurry pictures if, for any reason, the camera is shaken. The image stabilization feature would have been a good idea for ensuring that the picture comes out good, regardless of movements. Same as the Sony a6000.
Environmental Protection The Sony a6000 is not protected against environmental factors like rain (or moisture) and even dust. This leaves the camera susceptible to such factors, leading to the possibility of early degeneration of the camera. Hence, you’ll have to be careful what situations you use the camera in. Same as the Sony a6000.
ISO Now, while the a6000 offers a wider ISO vs the Sony Nex 7, the range is still not the widest. However, we have to concede that the expandable range is decent enough and a higher range does provide a possibility of having more grains in your pictures. Same as the Sony a6000. However, the Nex 7 does offer a smaller ISO range when compared to the Sony a6000.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – What People Think About Both

Sony a6000

Sony Nex 7

A lot of customers and users are actually excited about the Sony a6000. First off, a number of people believe it has a decent ISO range and the grain you might get with the high numbers doesn’t seem to be much of an issue. Users also seem to be quite fine with the Sony Nex 7. 1 thing that seems to stand out for a lot of people is the battery life. 430 shots per charge is really decent and will allow you take as many shots as you need without having to get a recharge.
Furthermore, it seems to be especially popular among people who do photography and not necessarily cinematography. And we believe this has something to do with the absence of a microphone port. The fact that the Sony a6000 is a pretty affordable camera compared to other cameras also works for people. Furthermore, people seem to think that the interface is user friendly and one doesn’t need to be a genius to use the camera. However, there are issues with the camera that some people complained about like the camera isn’t the best at connecting to the internet.
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Sony A6000 Vs Nex 7
Get the Sony a6000 now!

Get the Sony Nex 7

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 7 – Our Take

Sony a6000

Sony Nex 7

We think the Sony a6000 is a decent camera and what’s not to like? It is pretty affordable and is also lightweight that you can carry it practically anywhere. We especially like that the a6000 can connect swiftly to the internet and can also be operated using a smartphone. We also consider the Sony Nex 7 a decent camera. It is also pretty affordable, especially as compared to other cameras. The Nex 7 is also a better option for cinematography as it comes with a microphone port to which you can attach a microphone for better audio capture.
Now, we concede that there are a couple of issues with the a6000 not excluding the absence of a microphone port which makes the camera a not so wonderful choice for cinematography. However, if asked to choose between the a6000 and the Nex 7, we would go for the a6000. Get the Sony a6000 now! There are a number of issues with the Nex 7, one of them being that the Nex 7 doesn’t have in-built wireless connection. However, if after going through this review, you consider those issues not very significant, get the Sony Nex 7.