Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Detailed Comparison

In this article, we’ll be looking at the SOny a6000 vs Nex 6 comparison. Both cameras are Sony cameras and are also both mirrorless.

Furthermore, the aim of this article is to help you decide which of these cameras is the better option for you. This is why we have outlined the features of each camera.

Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
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We went further to compare those features that both cameras share to help you see where one camera does better than the other. This article is really detailed and is not something you can rush through.

However, if you are really pressed for time, we’ve got the comparison overview and comparison table. Those two sections contain the basic information in small doses that you can quickly run through and make that quick decision.

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Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Comparison Overview

Right here is where we give you the tidbits of information:

Overall Rating Of The Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6

We consider both cameras good cameras. Now, they might not have all the features you are looking for but that is because neither of them is a professional camera.

In fact, they both come with enough features that they could be your go to back up for your professional camera, especially the a6000. The a6000 actually comes with a few more features than the Nex 6 and we think those features are enough to make a difference.

However, because of a lack of a microphone port, we do not consider either camera a good idea for recording videos. No microphone port means you’ll have to make do with what the camera comes with. And that means your video will probably have a lot of noise.

Rating Of The Features Of The Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6

As we earlier pointed out, both cameras are mirrorless cameras and this accounts for a number of common features that the cameras share.

By this we refer to size (both are lightweight), the fact that they both do not come with a mirror and an optical viewfinder, the fact that they both come with an electronic viewfinder and the fact that they both do not have an impressive battery life (360 shots per charge).

That said, they come with a number of features peculiar to them with the a6000 taking the cake. The Nex 6 does better with the viewfinder resolution (2359k dot as against 1440k dot).

On the other hand, the a6000 has more focus points (179 vs 99), better max resolution (24 megapixels vs 12 megapixels), is NFC enabled and can be controlled using a smartphone.

However, they both have two shared flaws. They both do not have an image stabilization feature which means pictures might come out blurry. And they both are not weather protected which means they are both not dust resistant, water resistant or waterproof.

Price/Value Ratio — Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6

In our opinion, both cameras are reasonably priced. We consider the features that each camera comes with worth the price that each camera goes for.

Now, you need to know that the a6000 costs more than the Nex 6. However, you’ve seen the difference in the features and what you can get with the a6000 but not the Nex 6. We are sure you’ll agree with us that the price difference is justifiable.

Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
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Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Comparison Table


Sony a6000

Sony Nex 6

Weight 0.75 pounds 0.76 pounds
Dimensions 4.7 by 1.8 by 2.6 inches 4.7 by 1.7 by 2.6 inches
Picture Resolution 24 megapixels 16 megapixels
Viewfinder Resolution 1440k dot 2359k dot
Continuous Shooting 11 frames per second 10 frames per shot
Smartphone Control Yes No
ISO Range 100 to 25600 but can be expanded to 51200 100 to 25600
Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
Get the Sony a6000 now!   Get the Sony Nex 6 now!

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Which Is Better Under What Circumstance?

Sony a6000

Sony Nex 6

The Sony a6000 offers higher picture resolution than the Nex 6. So, if you just have to have your picture resolution as high as you can have it, consider this camera. On the other hand, the Nex 6 is the more affordable option. So, consider getting this camera if you are on a tight budget.
Furthermore, of these 2 cameras, the a6000 is the more convenient option. Why? It is smartphone controllable. Furthermore, the Sony Nex 6 offers better viewfinder resolution than the a6000. So, with this camera you’ll be able to see whatever object you want to capture better than on the a6000.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 — A Comparison Video

Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
Get the Sony a6000 now!   Get the Sony Nex 6 now!

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Common Features

This is the section where we get to see how similar the Sony a6000 is to the Sony Nex 6. We’ve already pointed out some striking similarities including the fact that they are both mirrorless cameras and are both semi-pro.

However, in this section we are going to be looking at those features and functions that both these cameras share. This section will include those features and functions that are exactly alike and also those that are alike with slight variations. Let’s do this!

1. Electronic Viewfinder

We pointed out earlier that both cameras are mirrorless cameras. What that implies is that they do not come with a mirror and an optical viewfinder.

Now, the alternative which is the DSLR receives light through the lens and said light bounces off the mirror and part of said light goes to the optical viewfinder and the other to the Autofocus sensor.

However, in the case of a mirrorless camera, the light passes through the lens straight to the sensor. The sensor then sends a digital image to the electronic viewfinder or the LCD screen.

Some mirrorless cameras expect that you rely on the LCD screen to see whatever you need to. And while this could be OK is certain environments, you’ll have issues seeing images on the LCD screen if you are in a place that is too bright.

Thankfully, both the Sony a6000 and the Sony Nex 6 come with an electronic viewfinder. This way, whichever camera you decide to go with, you can be sure that you’ll be able to see whatever it is you are capturing in whatever light.

However, there is a little catch and that’s with the resolution. The resolution is what tells us how bright the viewfinder can get and how decent what you are looking at will look.

Now, the viewfinder on the a6000 is at 1440k dot which is not so bad. However, the Sony Nex 6 offers 2359k dot of viewfinder resolution. This is a whopping 63% more than what the a6000 offers. Be sure, though, that this does not affect the final outcome of whatever picture you’re taking.

2. Weight

Weight can definitely be the difference between the camera you get and the one you decide to forgo. That said, both these cameras practically weight the same. There is just a 0.1 pound difference with the Nex 6 taking the cake. So while the a6000 weighs 0.75 pounds, the Nex 6 weighs 0.76 pounds.

However, before we run along to discuss something else, there is something we want to point out. In determining the weight of a camera, you’ll need to factor in the lenses that will need to be attached. After all, you won’t leave the lenses at home when you carry your camera out.

But seeing as both these cameras have a decent number of lenses available to them, we can’t exactly examine the weight of the individual lenses. Nonetheless, this is what we can say.

The sensor on both the a6000 and the Nex 6 are the same size. What this means is that, for aperture and focal length that are similar, they will both use lenses of similar weight and size.

Having known all these, we can conclusively say that the a6000 and the Nex 6 are practically interchangeable as regards weight.

3. Articulating Screen

If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. When we say a screen is articulating, it basically means the screen can be tilted upward or downward.

Not all camera screens are like this, a good number of them are fixed. With an articulating screen you can take pictures from different angles and/or perspectives without having to move the entire camera. Luckily, both the a6000 and the Nex 6 come with a 3 inch articulating screen.

We’ll quickly point out here, that neither of the cameras has a touch screen. You’ll be doing things the good ole button way.

Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
Get the Sony a6000 now!   Get the Sony Nex 6 now!

4. Battery Life

This is a sore spot for us with these 2 cameras. However, it is such a huge surprise seeing as they are both mirrorless cameras and mirrorless cameras aren’t exactly known for their long battery life.

To determine the battery life of a camera, we look at how many shots it can get in with 1 charge. The Sony a6000 and the Sony Nex 6 have a battery life of 360 shots per charge which isn’t very impressive.

5. Flash

If you’ve ever taken a picture with a camera, a phone, a tablet or any other kind of device, you’d have understood the importance of proper lighting for that perfect picture. Too much light and you have a terrible picture, not enough light and you have a terrible picture too.

Now, the flash feature that both the a6000 and the Nex 6 come with helps to solve the later issue. So, if you are in a place where there isn’t enough light, the flash will come in handy.

Now both these cameras took the light thing a step further as they feature an external flash port. This flash port is where you can attach an external flash.

Now, this provision was made for cases where the in-built flash won’t be sufficient for the kind of photography. The external flash will definitely come in handy if you want to do flash photography.

6. RAW Support

RAW is the format in which both the a6000 and the Nex 6 store the photos taken. And compared to its counterpart, jpeg, the RAW format is quite superior. You can be sure that whichever camera you go for, you’ll get pictures of decent quality.

7. Continuous Shooting

This is basically about how fast you the camera can go. You might not understand the need for speed until you want to take numerous pictures of a moving subject.

Thankfully, both the a6000 and the Nex 6are pretty fast. The a6000 is a tad bit faster with a continuous shot of 11 frames per second. The Nex 6 is, however, not to far behind at 10 frames per second.

What this basically means is that the a6000 can take 11 shots in 1 second while the Nex 6 can take 10 shots in 1 second. In both cases, we can say that the camera is pretty fast.

Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
Get the Sony a6000 now!   Get the Sony Nex 6 now!

8. Face Detection

The face detection feature does what it says. When you place your camera ready to shoot, the camera is able to detect and focus on faces. This does come in handy when you want to take portraits seeing as the faces we refer to here are human ones.

9. Time Lapse Recording

Neither of these cameras comes with an in-built feature that allows for this function. However, if this feature is important to you, there is an option for you to download an app for this purpose. This is optional, though.

10. Wireless Connection

With both of the cameras in this review, you can have good connection to the internet. How? Both of them have in-built connectivity so you need not look for something external.

The connection is strong and swift enough that you won’t have issues connecting. Furthermore, in the case of the a6000,this feature will go a long in helping with the smartphone control.

11. ISO Range

The ISO number is what helps us know how sensitive a camera is. The higher the ISO number a camera features, the better sensitive it is to light and vice versa.

This then means that if you have a wide enough ISO range, you’ll be able to set the camera such that it can be not so sensitive to light or very sensitive to light, depending on the setting. Bear in mind, though, that the higher the ISO numbers, the more grains you are likely to see.

That said, both the cameras in this article do not have great ISO ranges. We wouldn’t go as far as saying the ranges are bad. However, they are not the widest you will ever find.

We’ll point out, though, that while they both have the same ISO range of between 100 and 25600, the ISO range of the a6000 can be expanded to 51200. And we concede that it is a significant improvement.

12. Available Lenses

Both the Sony a6000 and the Nex 6 have 102 lenses that are available (and compatible) to them. You do not get all 102 lenses when you get the camera. If you feel you need all of them, you’ll have to purchase them separately.

That said, 102 is a decent number. There are other cameras that have more than that available to them but 102 is definitely not bad, especially for a semi-pro camera.

Now, bear in mind that neither camera has a sensor based image stabilization. The implication of this is that if you take pictures with either camera in motion, the pictures could come out looking blurry.

However, to balance things out, you could get an optical stabilization lens. That said, both cameras have 23 optical stabilization lenses available to them.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 — A Sony a6000 Demonstration Video

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Unique Features

This is the section where we discuss the features that are unique to each of the cameras in this Sony a6000 vs Nex 6 comparison review.

We will be looking at those features that appear on one but not the other. We will also be looking at those features that are kinda the same but with significant enough variations that they didn’t make it to our common features section. Let’s go!

1. Near Field Communication

Let’s start this way. We’ve already pointed out that with both the a6000 and the Nex 6 allow for wireless connection. However, just 1 of them is NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled and we’ll explain.

A camera that is NFC enabled can connect with another device (not necessarily camera) that is NFC enabled. This way, you can transfer files from the camera to the added device without having to pull out the memory card in the camera. You just have to make sure the 2 devices are as close as possible.

That said, the one camera of the two that is NFC enabled is the Sony a6000.

2. Smartphone Control

Just like with the NFC connection, only the a6000 can be controlled using a smartphone. However, you have to be sure that you download the right app.

So, you basically connect a smartphone to the camera and be sure that the smartphone is within connection reach of the camera. Once the smartphone is connected, you can take shots using your smartphone with your phone screen acting as the viewfinder or LCD screen.

You can basically see whatever your camera sees from your smartphone. This allows for convenience if you ask us.

3. UHS Memory Card Support

First off what is a UHS memory card? The UHS stands for Ultra High Speed so a UHS memory card is basically the kind that allows for speeding transfer of pictures when they’ve been shot.

All cameras (or at least all the digital kind) have a provision for a memory card. However, not all of them allow for a UHS memory card and the Nex 6 is one of them.

4. Picture Resolution

This is basically concerned with the quality of the picture. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the picture captured.

That said, the Sony a6000 offers a 24 megapixel picture resolution and this is really good quality if you ask us. On the other hand, the Nex 6 offers 16 megapixel picture resolution which is pretty decent in its own right.

Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
Get the Sony a6000 now!   Get the Sony Nex 6 now!

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Unique Pros

Pros Of The Sony a6000

  • The Sony a6000 ultimately takes better pictures than the Nex 6. And this is basically because the a6000 offers a 24 megapixel picture resolution vs the Nex 6 which offers 16 megapixel picture resolution.
  • The Sony a6000 is also the more convenient of the Sony a6000 vs Nex 6 and here is why. The a6000 is NFC (Near Field Connection) compatible. As a result of this, the camera can connect with other devices that are NFC compatible.
  • Unlike the Sony Nex 6, the Sony a6000 can be controlled via a smartphone. This is really convenient if you ask us.
  • We also like that the a6000 is UHS memory card compatible. With this UHS memory card, you can swiftly send the photos taken on the camera to the memory card.
  • Finally, the Sony a6000 has more focus points (179) than the Nex 6 (99).

Pros Of The Sony Nex 6

  • First off, the Sony Nex 6 is more affordable vs the Sony a6000 which costs quite a bit. It will serve right if your budget is kinda tight.
  • Furthermore, while the a6000 has the Nex 6 beat as regards picture resolution, the Nex 6 still has something to boast about. That something is its viewfinder resolution. Its viewfinder resolution is 63% higher than the a6000’s. And while this won’t affect the output quality, it makes sense to be able to see what you’re about to shoot clearly.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 — A Nex 6 Demonstration Video

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Unique Cons

Cons Of The Sony a6000

  • The viewfinder resolution of the Sony a6000 isn’t so high vs that of the Nex 6 which is. And this translates into not having a bright enough view of the subjects you want to capture.

Cons Of The Sony Nex 6

  • The picture resolution of the Sony Nex 6 isn’t so high vs that of the a6000. This means that you won’t get pictures on the Nex 6 as good as you would on the a6000.
  • Also, the Nex 6 isn’t as convenient vs the Sony a6000 and this is basically because the a6000 can be smartphone controlled while the Nex 6 can’t.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Common Pros


Sony a6000

Sony Nex 6

Articulating Screen We like that the a6000 has an articulating screen. This is because, instead of having to move the camera about to take a picture from a different angle, you basically just need to tilt the screen and take your picture. Same as the Sony a6000.
Flash The a6000 has an in-built flash that can provide light for you to take good pictures in settings where the lighting is poor. It also features an external flash port to which you can attach an external flash if you need to do flash photography. Same as the Sony a6000.
RAW Support The a6000 stores pictures in RAW format which is better than its counterpart jpeg. Same as the a6000.
Wireless Connection The a6000 has an in-built wireless connection that allows for good internet connection. Same as the a6000.
Weight The a6000 is a decent weight. You won’t have any problems lugging the camera around together with the appropriate lens or lenses. Same as the a6000.
Speed The a6000 is also pretty fast as you can get 11 frames per second. Same as the a6000. However, the Nex offers 10 frames per second.
Time-Lapse RecordingWith the right app, you can time-lapse record on the Sony a6000.Same as the Sony a6000.
Face DetectionThe Sony a6000 can detect and focus on faces, making it a good camera for portraits.Same as the Sony a6000.
Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
Get the Sony a6000 now!   Get the Sony Nex 6 now!

Sony a6000 vs Nex 6 –Common Cons


Sony a6000

Sony Nex 6

Image Stabilization The a6000 does not come with a feature that enables image stabilization. Hence, if for any reason the camera is moved or if you are capturing images with the camera in motion, there is a possibility of having blurry images. This might not be so much of an issue if you mount the camera on a stand. However, if you have to carry the camera to take shots, you could miss the image stabilization feature. Thankfully, you can get an optical stabilization lens to counteract this. Same as the a6000.
Environmental Protection The a6000 also does not have any feature(s) that protects it against environmental or weather conditions. We are looking at rain, snow and stuff like that. This then means that while you can’t take the camera out in certain conditions like the ones we’ve already listed. Same as the a6000.
ISO Range The a6000 doesn’t have a very wide ISO range. What this means is that you’ll be kinda limited when you want to choose the right ISO. However, on the bright side, there are lesser chances of having the grains show on the picture. Same as the a6000. However, unlike the a6000, the ISO range of the Nex 6 isn’t expandable.
Battery Life The battery life of the a6000 is another thing that isn’t very impressive. The a6000 can only take 360 shots per charge. However, we do concede that it isn’t very surprising as mirrorless cameras aren’t popular for their long battery life. Same as the a6000.

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – What People Think About Both

Sony a6000

Sony Nex 6

A good number of users look to be satisfied with the Sony a6000. The speed of the camera which stands at 11 frames per second is one of those things people are excited about and it is one of the reasons the a6000 is favored by camera users who are semi-pro. People also seem to like the convenience that the smartphone control offers. There are other things that people are happy about including the wireless connection and the picture resolution. The Sony Nex 6 also has its own fair share of praises. People have praised it for its image quality even though it isn’t as good as the Sony a6000’s. Generally, though, people seem to agree that the Nex 6 is an improvement on the previous Nex series cameras. And this is basically because previous Nex camera series do not have an in-built flash or a viewfinder while this one does.
The Sony a6000 seems to be favored more among photographers than among cinematographers or videographers. And this is basically because it doesn’t come with a microphone port which would have allowed for a microphone attachment which would have allowed for better audio recording. However, there are still a few issues with some people complaining about the absence of a touch screen and some others complaining about the battery life.
Sony a6000 vs Nex 6
Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6
Get the Sony a6000 now!   Get the Sony Nex 6 now!

Sony a6000 Vs Nex 6 – Our Take

Sony a6000

Sony Nex 6

We like the Sony a6000 and we particularly like it because it seems to be built for convenience. First off, the camera is pretty lightweight even with whatever lens you need to use. Furthermore, there is the articulating screen. With this, you are not only able to capture different (kinda impossible angles), you are able to do this without having to actually move the entire camera. And, of course, there is the fact that the camera can be controlled from a smartphone. We also like the Nex 6 and would choose it over the a6000 if we were trying to save a couple of bucks. This not saying, though, that we don’t think the Nex 6 has other good features. If you’ve followed through from the beginning of this article you’d have seen that we like the camera speed, the viewfinder resolution and the articulating screen among other things.
There are a number of things we aren’t excited about, chief of them being the battery life. However, for a mirrorless camera, it is kinda decent. Get the Sony a6000 now! The Sony Nex 6 does come with its own issues like how the battery life isn’t the longest. However, it does cost less than the a6000, so…. Get the Sony Nex 6 now!


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