Sony a5100 vs a6300 – Which Should You Get?

In this review, we will compare the Sony a5100 and the a6300. It’s a pretty interesting read as the two cameras in question are two of Sony’s smallest cameras. If you’re familiar with Sony, then you know that Sony mostly deals with large sensors.

However, we are looking at crop sensors here. Will this cause a dip in the expected Sony performance? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Sony a5100 vs a6300

Although these cameras seem plenty familiar, and you’re going to be observing that through the review, they are actually targeted at different sectors of the market.

That much is quite obvious. The Sony a5100 seems geared at the entry-level photographers while the Sony a6300 seems targeted at the intermediate users. In other words, our review today compares an entry-level camera with a semi-pro camera.

In this comparison review, you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether or not Sony did a good job with these cameras. Did Sony do a good job creating these cameras for different audiences or are they just copies of each other?

You’ll learn all of this and more right here. And then you can decide for yourself which of them you should go for or whether you’re going for anyone at all.

Interested in exploring the video capabilities a little more, check how it compares with the Sony GH4 here.

Table of Contents

Sony a5100 vs a6300 – Comparison Overview

if you can’t spare the time for a comprehensive read, that’s fine. Let our comparison overview give you a brief summary of the entire article and then you can make a quick conclusion from that. Sounds nice, right? Great. Come with us.

Where Both Cameras Get It Right

There are many areas where these two cameras get it right. For one, these two cameras come with fantastic sensor size and resolution. Considering the bodies of these cameras, the image quality coming out of these cameras are absolutely amazing.

More so, they both come with built-in wifi and Near Field Communication (NFC) for the swift and hassle-free transfer of files. There’s RAW support for fantastic images. Plus, the screen even flips up to take selfies.

In fact, guess what? There is a countdown and smile shutter mode which you can use to take automatic selfies without touching the camera.

Face detection, AE bracketing, time-lapse, and a small, lightweight body are other advantages that these cameras also share as well.

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Where The Sony a5100 Does It Better

The Sony a5100 is a better camera when it comes to size and cost. It’s smaller, lighter, and less expensive. Also, it’s great that the screen is, at least partially expensive. That is, you’ll be able to touch the screen to set your focus. The Sony a6300, on the other hand, lacks the touch sensitivity feature altogether.

Where The Sony a6300 Does It Better

Now, there are many more areas where the Sony a6300 outperforms than where the Sony a5100 outperforms the Sony a6300.

First off, the recording frame rate on the Sony a6300 is much higher. And the same also goes for the bitrate as well. This, of course, translates to better video output from the Sony a6300 than the Sony a5100.

Since we are talking about video, there’s one other advantage the Sony a6300 has over the Sony a5100. The Sony a6300 shoots in 4K while the Sony a5100 does not.

Besides that, you can trust that you won’t get the overheating experience on the Sony a6300 as much as you might get from the Sony a5100. Also, the fact that it allows for the connecting of external flashes is another pro.

Other pros the Sony a6300 has over the Sony a5100 include the presence of an electronic viewfinder, better burst mode, and a microphone port. There’s also better battery life, more focus points, and weather sealing.

Where Both Cameras Get It Wrong

There are only a few areas where these cameras both get it wrong at the same time. The first is that they both lack image stabilization. It becomes a problem when you have to shoot handheld and you have to deal with blurry photos.

They also both tend to overheat after shooting for long hours at a time. However, in this case, the Sony a5100 experiences more overheating downtimes than the Sony a6300.

Lastly, both these cameras have battery lives that suck even though the Soy a6300 sucks less.

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Price Value Ratio – Sony a5100 vs Sony a6300

Which is more expensive: Sony a5100 or a6300?

The Sony a5100 is more expensive than the Sony a6300 although both cameras are affordable, and their features justifying the price tags.

We think Sony did their best to create travel-friendly cameras that deliver unbelievable camera quality. Sadly, that plan nearly backfired with the overheating issues constantly mentioned.

Nonetheless, these cameras are amazing. And the overheating – isn’t that part of the tradeoffs to be made for the price you’re getting these cameras at?

Sony a5100 vs a6300 – Comparison Table Of Major Specs And Features


Sony a5100

Sony a6300

Announcement Date 17th August, 2014 3rd February, 2016
ISO 100 – 25600 100 – 25600 (expands to 51200)
Mount Sony E (NEX) Mount Sony E mount
Continuous Shooting 6 frames per second 11 Frames Per Second
Video Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels 3840 x 2160 pixels
LCD Touch Sensitivity Yes No
Dynamic Range 12.7 13.7
Low Light ISO 1347 1437
Viewfinder None Electronic Viewfinder
Focus Points 179 429
External Flash Shoe No Yes
Microphone Port No Yes
Color Depth 23.8 24.4
Flash Coverage 4.0 meters 6.0 meters
AE Bracketing ±3 EV ±5 EV
Environment Sealing No Yes
Dimensions 110 x 63 x 36 millimeters 120 x 67 x 49 millimeters
Weight 283 grams 404 grams
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Sony a5100 vs a6300 – Circumstances They Are Best Suited For

Sony a5100

Sony a6300

The Sony a5100 is a beginner camera. It’s something the photographer wishing to take photography from a hobby to something a little more serious should consider.
So, say you’ve been shooting with your smartphone or a point and shoot and you feel it’s time to get you your first real camera, the Sony a5100 can be that camera for you.  

It’s a really small camera so it’s easy to carry around. That’s great news for beginners and hobbyists. As a hobbyist, although the camera isn’t pocket size, you’d definitely be able to move it around quite conveniently.  

The Sony a5100 can also make a great choice for vloggers. As a vlogger, you probably want a camera with a screen that flips up. It just makes it easier for you to communicate with your audience more naturally.  

So, it’s a great camera for vlogging although the screen isn’t so sharp you’d survive.  

The Sony a5100 does well in low light. it’s a Sony after all. It’s definitely not the best autofocusing system on the block, but it’s quite fast. 

Now, to video shooting, if you love to do slow-motion work, the Sony a5100 does great. If you like to do a lot of slow-motion effects, then you want to check out the Sony a5100. The Sony a6300 does better but for a beginner camera, we can’t help but acknowledge that.  

With its high frame rate of 60 frames per second, even beginners can begin experimenting with slow motion.  

So, whether you’re a stills guy or you’re a video guy, the Sony a5100 is a great fit for you as a beginner. It definitely will
The Sony a6300 is a fantastic camera as well. It’s not exactly a beginner camera even though it isn’t a pro camera either.
It’s more like an intermediate camera – something you might want to consider if you ever feel like you need to upgrade from a camera like the Sony a5100.  
The Sony a6300 is also a great low light camera. In fact, nearly all Sony cameras are and being a more advanced camera, it’s even better than the Sony a5100 in low light.  

It’s also small with a nice weight to it. It’s definitely not as small as the Sony a5100. But it’s not as large and as heavy as a full-frame camera too. So, it will make a great daily camera.  

The Sony a6300 is also great for videographers and there are several reasons why. It has a high frame rate of about 120 frames per second. So, it’s even better than the Sony a5100 for slow-motion work.  

It has a microphone input as well which is great for audio quality. But it lacks a headphone port for monitoring the audio while shooting.  
All in all, this camera pretty much works for the same purposes as the Sony a5100. However, being a more advanced camera, its features are more sophisticated and better suited for more advanced users.
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So, this brings us to the end of the comparison overview section of our Sony a5100 vs a6300 comparison review. From here, we go full force into the article for today. If you are interested in getting all the teeny details, then keep reading.

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Common Features Of The Sony a5100 And The a6300

The following features are common to both the Sony a5100 and the a6300:

1. APS-C Sensor

2. Full frame

3. 24 Megapixel Sensor Resolution

4. High ISO (100 – 25600)

5. 3 Inch Articulating Screen

6. Dynamic Range

7. RAW Support

8. 1/4000s Shutter Speed

9. Focus Points

10. Continuous Shooting / Burst Mode

11. Wireless Connection

12. No Image Stabilization

APS-C Sensor

Which has an APS-C sensor: Sony a5100 or a6300?

Both the Sony a5100 and the a6300 have an APS-C sensor. With the crop sensors, the cameras become more travel-friendly because of the reduced size. They are also more pocket-friendly thanks to reduced cost as well.

While professionals go for full-frame cameras because of all the sophisticated features, APS-C might be a better bet for non-pro users. And this isn’t just because of the cost of purchase.

It’s also about running costs. With the purchase of lenses and all of that, APS-C sensors are more affordable for the intermediate or beginner photographers without skimping too much on the features.

That said, the sensors of these cameras are quite impressive. However, that of the Sony a6300 seems to be the better sensor. The small limitations that the Sony a5100 experiences are most probably due to the fact that Sony rammed such a large sensor into such a small body.

So, naturally, they had to skimp on the features just a little bit to accommodate that.

So, for this reason, the sensor of the Sony a6300 is better in low light and also gives a less tight field of view than that of the Sony a5100. Of course, this is thanks to its larger size.

Please bear in mind that crop sensors do not take the same quality of photos as full-frame sensors. They are great, no doubt, but full frames do a better job.

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24 Megapixel Sensor Resolution

What is the sensor resolution of the Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300?

Both the Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300 are 24 megapixels in sensor resolution. And that is quite impressive. 24 megapixels gives you more than enough detail to crop, print in large sizes, or downscale.

If your work involves any of the aforementioned, then either camera makes a good purchase. And 24 megapixels prints really large up to 11 by 14 inches perfectly and all the way down to 30 by 40 inches pretty well as well.

High ISO (100 – 25600)

What is the ISO of Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300?

The Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300 have a native sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 25600. This ISO range for both cameras has the capacity to increase to 100-51200.

The ISO of your camera is what tells us how sensitive your camera is to light. Generally, in areas where lighting isn’t good enough, increasing ISO settings helps your camera to produce a brighter shot.

There are so many reasons a high ISO is important on any camera. And many professionals go for cameras with higher ISOs as they are important for certain functions on the camera. However, there are still reasons to be wary when working with super high ISOs.

But here’s the thing. If your ISO is too high, it could cause the camera to produce noisy photos and that’s something you want to avoid. So, many times, photographers end up not even inching close to 25600 stops when shooting in the dark.

Like we mentioned before, Sony makes fantastic low light cameras and the Sony a5100 and the a6300 do a good job as well. However, between the two, the Sony a6300 has the better low light capability.

Now, this is not because the ISO of the a6300 can be expanded. We usually pay a serious mind to the expanded values of the ISO. This is because the native ISO of a camera is always much better than the expanded one.

Away from that, a reason for the a6300’s better performance in low light is probably the size of its sensor and how it’s larger than that of the a5100.

The a5100, on the other hand is okay. It can handle pretty much noise-less photos at 3200 stops which is great. Nonetheless, it still doesn’t quite compare to the a5100. But for the beginner, this camera works great.

So, for photographers into weddings, concerts, dinners, and other settings where lighting isn’t usually bright, then either of these cameras would survive but the Sony a6300 remains the better buy though.

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3-Inch Articulating Screen

Which has a 3-inch articulating screen: Sony a5100 or a6300?

Both the Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300 have a 3-inch articulating screen. We already know what screens are used on a camera. The LCD screen can be used as a viewfinder in the event that your camera lacks a viewfinder.

The Sony a5100 lacks a viewfinder which can be a bit frustrating. Especially if you’re just starting out, we’d advise you to get a viewfinder to work with. Viewfinders are much easier to use for the beginner than screens. And if you get an electronic viewfinder, the camera becomes even easier to interact with.

So, let’s talk about the screens of these cameras. For the Sony a5100, the screen flips upwards and that’s great for vloggers and Youtubers. It makes it much easier to achieve a one-on-one communication than on other kinds of screens.

The challenge though is that the screen of the a5100 is quite limited in that it doesn’t have a very sharp sensor unlike the Sony a6300.

As for touch sensitivity, the screen of the Sony a5100 is only partially touch-sensitive. Yes, partially. That is, the screen will only touch when you need to set your focus. You can’t use the touch feature to scroll through menu options. So, yeah, it is quite limiting.

As for the Sony a6300, the screen on here is also similar to what you have on the Sony a5100, the screen tilts upwards and is great for vlogging as well. It might not be great for some other video work that might require you to turn the screen in a number of ways.

The resolution of the Sony a6300’s scree also sucks. Just like the Sony a5100, it has a resolution of 922k dots. So, we are not sure you’re going to completely enjoy working with the screen of the Sony a6300 as well.

For touch sensitivity, the Sony a6300 does not touch at all. Not even partially.

Now, here’s something fun for selfie lovers on both the Sony a5100 and the a6300. These two cameras have a shutter timer feature which allows the screen automatically to take a selfie after counting down a few seconds.

And then also, there’s the smile detection feature as well. This feature causes the camera to take a photo once a smile is detected on the screen.

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Dynamic Range

A good dynamic range for a camera usually ranges from 12 to 14 stops. And anything beyond 14 and close to 15 is considered excellent. This, therefore, means that the Sony a5100 and the a6300 will do great in the outdoors.

This is why camera manufacturers work to give their cameras a good dynamic range. With a good dynamic range, your camera is better able to pick all the details no matter how backlit the environment. And naturally, the higher the dynamic range, the more details your camera is better able to pick.

The Sony a6300 will obviously do slightly better, coming with a dynamic range of 13.7 stops. This is also probably as a result of its larger sensor.

RAW Support

Which has a RAW support feature: Sony a5100 or a6300?

Both the Sony a5000 and the a6300 come with the RAW support feature. Shooting RAW is quite important as it gives you the opportunity to shoot better quality photos than the JPEG format.

For RAW footage, you get the uncompressed, unprocessed version of the photo at your creative mercy. So, you can tweak it anyway you want in post for the best quality images.

This is not to say that the JPEG format is all that bad. It isn’t. In fact, many of the beautiful photos you see online are JPEG. However,

Correcting errors made while shooting is also more achievable in the RAW mode as well, things like exposure and white balance. The only downside is that RAW photos are not always immediately available for sharing after the photo is taken. Because they are unprocessed, they typically appear flattish and muted. So, you’d have to edit it first before you can share it.

However, that’s just a small price to pay for such amazing quality.

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1/4000s Shutter Speed

What is the shutter speed of the Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300?

Both the Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300 have a shutter speed of 1/4000s. For Sony’s professional cameras, max shutter speeds usually cap at 1/800s. However, for a less sophisticated camera, 1/4000s is just right. You do not not necessarily have to use up to 1/4000s, so that’s fine.

The shutter speed range of these cameras is quite impressive. You have a wide range to work with to achieve whatever effect you want with your subject.

For the moving subjects, you can use faster shutter speed to capture them mid-movement. Faster shutter speeds literally freeze your subject in time. Slower shutter speeds, on the other hand, cause them to blur in the direction of the movement. But then again, slower shutter speeds also let in more light into the sensor which is why it is sometimes used in some dark situations.

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Focus Points

Which has the autofocusing feature: Sony a5100 or a6300?

The Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300 both have the autofocusing feature. Autofocusing is also fast on the Sony a6300. It’s, in fact, faster than that of the Sony a5100 and great for any job where the emphasis is placed on accurate focus work.

As for focusing, these cameras do great. However, the Sony a6300 has more focus points and also has a faster autofocus setting than the Sony a5100.

Let’s check out focusing beginning with the Sony a5100.

The Sony a5100 has got fast autofocusing but it’s definitely not the fastest you’d ever see. But for this level, the Sony a5100 is quite fast. It’s also great that it comes with focus peaking.

Because the autofocusing is so fast and reliable, it does not suffer focus hunting. Once it locks on to the subject or object. It stays locked and stops “hunting.”

Having more focus points, the Sony a6300 is great for taking photos or videos of moving subjects. Whatever happens, there are enough focus points to ensure that the subject remains within focus.

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Continuous Shooting / Burst Mode

Which has a continuous shooting mode: Sony a5100 or a6300?

Both the Sony a5100 and the a6300 have the continuous shooting mode. The Sony a5100 comes with a burst mode of 6 frames per second while the Sony a6300 has a burst mode of 11 frames per second.

With 6 frames per second, the Sony a5100 will, definitely, not be a good choice for sports or any activity with intense movements. But when your camera gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade, right?

So, you can use the burst mode to take group photos. In this mode, you have a higher chance of taking a photo where everybody’s eyes are open in the photo if you know what we mean. You can also use it to take your portraits with which you can take random photos of the moment.

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Wireless Connection

Which has the wireless connection feature: Sony a5100 or Sony a6300?

Both the Sony a5100 and the Sony a6300 come with the built-in WiFi connection feature. The WiFi feature makes it super easy to move files from the camera to other devices although you’d require an internet connection to do that.
These cameras also come with NFC which allows for contactless, no internet required transfers. All you need is for the camera and computer to be within 4 inches of each together.

However, it’s still great for transfer since you wouldn’t be needing cables to transfer. So, it makes for a clutterless transfer and you also don’t have to bother about leaving it behind anymore.

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No Image Stabilization

It’s a bummer that none of these cameras comes with image stabilization. That could be a bit frustrating when you have to take a photo handheld. Without image stabilization, involuntary camera shakes can translate to blurry images. This is something you want to avoid by all means.

Usually, the best way to stabilize your images is to use a tripod stand. However, you will not always want to shoot with a tripod. At those times, you’d need another form of image stabilization. And since that isn’t built into any of these cameras, there is another way to go.

You could go for image stabilization lenses. These lenses are even more helpful as they stabilize images in real-time. The only issue with image stabilization lenses is that they are expensive and they could constitute a heavy gear to carry around.

These mounts (the Sony E (NEX) and the Sony E) both have only 23 optical lenses to choose from which is quite a limited array. But it’s something and you could go with that option, in addition to, or in replacement of the tripod stand.

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What Are The Unique Features Of The Sony a5100?

The following are the unique features of the Sony a5100:

1. Video Mode – 1920 x 1080 Pixels

2. No Viewfinder

Video Mode – 1920 x 1080 Pixels

The Sony a5100 is a great camera for shooting stills, and it’s also great for shooting videos as well. It definitely does not compete with the Sony a6300 which shoots in 4K but it is definitely a great camera, considering everything.

Here’s everything you need to know about the video mode of the Sony a5100.

It records video at a pretty high-quality XAVCS. In this mode, the camera records at a bitrate that’s higher than AVCHD and MP4. Impressively also, the Sony a5100 shoots videos at 50 megabits per second and that is absolutely amazing at this price point.

Cameras that are thrice the price of these cameras shoot at a bitrate that’s twice that of the Sony a5100. Isn’t that just lovely?

For the frame rate, the Sony a5100 gives you 60 frames per second as the highest frame rate. But you also get other options like 30 frames per second and 24 frames per second which is great for slow motion.

In low light, the Sony a5100 is quite okay. It doesn’t perform excellently but it doesn’t do too poorly either.

But while that might be average, the flip-up screen of the Sony a5100 is a perfect fit for vloggers. It makes it easier for them to shoot videos themselves and have more natural communication with the audience.

The resolution is poor though, so it might not be the best shooting experience for the vlogger.

Another amazing thing about the Sony a5100’s video mode is that it allows you to record both high quality and low-quality video at the same time.

So, in cases where you need to upload or share a video instantly, you could go for the lower quality option and save you some time.

As for the bad, this camera does not come with audio. So, you can’t attach an external microphone which, in turn, affects audio quality. Needless to say, there’s no headphone out either so you can’t monitor the audio either. You’re going to have to use an external monitor for that.

Also, after recording video for a while, the Sony a5100 overheats after a short while – about 20 minutes to be precise, making shooting videos not so smooth.

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No Viewfinder

Which has a viewfinder: Sony a5100 or Sony a6300

The Sony a5100 lacks a viewfinder while the Sony a6300 has this feature.
For Sony a5100, there’s the option of an external viewfinder if you’d like to consider it. This is a better option for the user.

You’re going to have to use the LCD screen which is of several disadvantages. One, it’s not so bright. Two, it does not fully articulate. And lastly, it could be affected by the reflection of the sun.

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What Are The Unique Features Of The Sony a6300?

The following are the unique features of the Sony a5100:

1. Electronic Viewfinder

2. Video Mode – 4K

3. Video Resolution

4. Weather Sealing

5. External Flash Shoe

Electronic Viewfinder

Which has an electronic viewfinder: Sony a5100 or a6300?

The Sony a6300 has an electronic viewfinder while the Sony a5100 does not have this feature. The Sony a6300 is a rather small camera so its viewfinder is also small. It’s a limitation but definitely not a big disadvantage. At least, with it, you get to see your image clearly. You also get to see the details of your image as well.

The electronic viewfinder of the Sony a6300 is quite sharp but not very sharp. However, it’s plenty good enough.

It suffers the usual disadvantages of an electronic viewfinder in that it consumes battery power and they also have a challenge in the bright light as well.

Altogether, the electronic viewfinder is quite okay and you shouldn’t have too many complaints.

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Video Mode – 4K Video Resolution

Which shoots 4k video: Sony a5100 or a6300?

The Sony a6300 shoots 4K videos while the Sony a6300 doesn’t have the capacity to shoot 4k videos. In fact, the camera shoots at a 6K sensor and downscales to 4K. So, the details of the video shot by the Sony a6300 are quite sharp.

The video mode of this camera only records for 30 minutes at a time before it stops abruptly. And then you’d have to manually restart the camera before you can continue again.

Also, this camera does a better job at autofocusing than the Sony a5100. It’s great for jobs that require precise and accurate focusing. So, if that’s your biggest attraction to any camera, then the Sony a6300 will make you happy.

As for low light capability, the Sony a6300 is great. There are definitely Sony cameras that are better than this in low light. However, they are also more expensive, so we are happy to let the Sony a6300 off easy.

It’s a good thing that the Sony a6300 comes with a microphone port. So, audio quality is assured to be clean ab high quality. There’s no headphone port though. So, any audio monitoring you’ll be doing with this camera would have to be through an external monitor.

The highest frame rate of the Sony a6300 is 120 frames per second in 1080 pixels. So, it’s twice that of the Sony a5100. Of course, like Sony a5100, you can also achieve a slow-motion effect in post.

Now, to the bad, just like CMOS sensors, the Sony a6300 suffers badly from the rolling shutter effect. So, it’s not something for activities with intense movements, or super-fast sequences.

Another small problem which the Sony a6300 suffers is a shard disadvantage between the two cameras. The Sony a6300 begins to overheat after recording for a short time, especially if you’re outdoors. If you’re indoors, you should be able to get away with shooting for an hour before it begins to heat up.

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Weather Sealing

Which has a weather-sealing: Sony a5100 or a6300?

The Sony a6300 has a weather-sealing while the Sony a6300 does not come with this feature. The weather-sealing is important for the ruggedness of the body of the camera. By layering the camera with rubber, the camera is able to resist harmful elements of the weather.

This weather-sealing protects the camera and elongates its life by preventing moisture and dust from entering into the vulnerable parts of the camera.

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External Flash Shoe

Which has an external flash shoe: Sony a5100 or a6300?

The Sony a6300 comes with an external flash shoe as a means of connecting an external flash to the camera while the Sony a5100 does not come with this feature.

There are times when the lighting situation of a scene needs to be augmented. Sometimes, the built-in flash is enough, other times, a bigger flash is the only thing that cuts it. For this reason, therefore, an external flash shoe is always appreciated.

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What Are The Unique Pros Of The a5100?

The following are the unique pros of the Sony a5100:

1. It’s a smaller, lighter camera.

2. It’s less expensive than Sony a6300.

3. The screen of the Sony a5100 is partly touch-sensitive, at least.

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What Are The Unique Pros Of The a6300?

The following are the unique pros of the Sony a6300:

1. Records at a much higher frame rate than that of the Sony a5100 – 120 frames per second.

2. The higher bitrate of 100 megabits per second.

3. Better battery life.

4. Comes with an external flash shoe for an external flash.

5. Features a microphone port that allows you to record clean audio while shooting video.

6. Comes with an electronic viewfinder.

7. Has more focus points than Sony a5100.

8. Better in burst mode than the Sony a5100 – at 11 frames per second.

9. The camera comes weather-sealed for durability.

10. Can shoot in 4K.

11. Better low light capability.

12. Better color depth.

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What Are The Unique Cons Of The a5100?

The following are the unique cons of the Sony a5100:

1. Does not come with an external flash shoe.

2. Lacks a viewfinder.

3. No microphone port which affects sound quality.

4. Not weather-sealed and so it’s not as rugged as the Sony a5100.

Sony a5100 Vs a6300 – Cons Unique To The Sony a6300

The following are the unique cons of the Sony a6300:

1. The screen is not touch-sensitive.

2. It’s not as lightweight and as small as the Sony a5100.

3. It’s more expensive than the Sony a5100.

Common Pros Of The Sony a5100 And The a6300

Sony a5100

Sony a6300

Comes with built-in WiFi to transfer files quickly and seamlessly. Also comes with built-in WiFi.
Supports RAW photos. Also RAW photos.
The screen flips up which is great for taking selfies and videos. Also comes with a flip-up.
Countdown shutter and smile shutter modes for taking selfies. Also comes with countdown and smile shutter modes.
Face detection focus feature present. Also comes with a face detection focus feature.
Sensor size and resolution are excellent for the body and price and point of this camera. Same goes for the Sony a6300.
The time-lapse recording comes with the option of the app. Also comes with time-lapse recording with the option of an app.
Features AE bracketing. Also features AE bracketing.
NFC connection is present. Also, present here.
Smartphone remote control. Same goes for the Sony a6300.
Small, lightweight, and compact enough for travel. Also goes for the Sony a6300.
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Common Cons Of The Sony a5100 And The a6300

Sony a5100

Sony a6300

No image stabilization. Same here.
This camera tends to overheat after shooting for a relatively short time. The same applies to the Sony a6300.
Screen resolution isn’t great. Also goes for the Sony a6300.
Battery life isn’t great. Slightly better but battery life also sucks.

Sony a5100 vs a6300 – What Do People Think About both?

Sony a5100

Sony a6300

You could easily tell from the comments of customers that people came to Sony a5100 with realistic expectations which is great. We didn’t see anyone coming with the mindset that the camera could change the world or take the place of a full-bodied DSLR or a full-frame mirrorless.
This understanding, we believe, helped users truly enjoy their camera and we believe it will help you too.  

Up next, we look at the price. The Sony a5100 is a definite steal and many customers came to cash in on that.  

Now to the actual features of this camera. One thing that definitely struck most users was how Sony was able to pack such a small sensor into such a small body.  
It was definitely much appreciated by customers that they were able to achieve high tech photography in such a small body.   Besides that, a more compact body makes for easier travel. So, it definitely was common to find customers who got this as a travel camera. But it wasn’t just travelers alone who enjoyed the Sony a5100.  

One-person vloggers and Youtubers also had all kinds of nice things to say about this camera as well. Apparently, its size is really friendly for those who are constantly moving around taking videos of themselves. It’s not too heavy which means you get to use it for as long as possible.  

However, this same body which seems to make Sony a5100 the people’s favorite also seems to be its undoing.  

For one, there was a serious complaint of overheating and nearly every customer had something bad to say about that. You know how it can be frustrating to keep shutting down and restarting due to overheating problems.  

Again, the lack of a viewfinder was a small challenge as well for a number of users as was the lack of audio in. The audio, in particular, was a big issue because of audio quality. Were there complaints about the battery? You can bet your bottom dollar there was.
It was made worse for most users for the fact that the camera can’t even be powered externally. Add all these to the overheating problem and it was a huge challenge for most.   Altogether though, ratings were nice – mostly 5 star reviews.
It’s hard to find a Sony camera that isn’t loved by users. So, it comes as no surprise that the Sony a6300 received raving reviews pretty much like its counterpart – the Sony a5100.  

Quickly, let’s run through what customers really loved and what they really complained about as well.  

The first thing that seemed to the mantra of customers as regards this camera is its flexibility. The camera got all kinds of accolades including “jack-of-all-trades.”
So, in essence, if you need a workhorse, you’ve got it in the Sony a6300. Customers found that the camera was so flexible, they were able to use it both as a point-and-shoot and as an all-purpose mirrorless camera.  

It definitely also did a lot of good that the camera comes quite sturdy and durable.
We found that many customers found that they could depend on the Sony a6300 and it proved itself by serving for as long as possible.  

The 4K video quality of this camera was definitely appreciated. However, there were just a few complaints about the delivery. The most important was the rolling shutter effect which made it a pain to use this camera for scenes with intense activities. Besides that, in the words of a customer, the 4K output was “world-class.”  

In fact, from the patterns we noticed, it seemed like the video mode was the most loved feature of this camera for most users.  

Exposure, dynamic range, and color depth were great. These areas got a few mentions as well. So, apparently, Sony did a good job with them.  

Again, we face the problem of poor battery life which Sony does not fix in the Sony a6300. In fact, the camera also overheats – the same problem we notice on the Sony a5100. In all fairness though, overheating was not as consistently mentioned with the Sony a6300 as it was with the Sony a5100.  

The lack of an image stabilizing feature was also mentioned as a problem, but that was just for a number of customers. It was not a widespread complaint like others.  
But for all it’s worth, the Sony a6300 gave many customers great value for the money they paid. So, though many agreed it was imperfect, they still found it worth the price.
Get the Sony a5100 here! Get the Sony a6300 here!

Sony a5100 Vs a6300 – Final Thoughts

It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t made your choice of a camera by now. However, just in case you need our opinion, we are happy to give it.

If we were to choose between the Sony a5100 vs a6300, the choice would most probably have to go to the Sony a6300. It’s a better camera for a number of reasons. But then again, that’s to be expected is that the camera is made for intermediate users in mind, unlike the Sony a5100 which is made for beginners. Plus, the Sony a6300 is more expensive as well.

That said, Sony a6300 has many amazing features including 4K video, better battery, better focus, higher bitrate, and more. And it packs all those features in a small body that’s about the same size as the Sony a5100. So, it’s easy to carry around.

Even price-wise, considering all you’ll be getting on from the Sony a6300, it’s difficult for us to call it expensive.

But all that said, the Sony a5100 is not a totally abominable idea. It’s a great camera and it’s less expensive, making it a great option for those who cannot afford to splurge on an a6300 just yet.

The features are not as great as that of the Sony a6300. But we can tell you for free that you won’t regret your purchase, especially if you buy with the wisdom that a camera this affordable will come with its natural tradeoffs.

Get the Sony a5100 here! Get the Sony a6300 here!

a5100 vs a6300 – Related FAQs

What Battery Does Sony a6300 Use? 

Sony a6300 uses the Sony NP-FW50 battery pack which is a rechargeable lithium-ion. This battery offers a small self-discharge and a large amount of energy density. With a voltage of 7.4V and a 1020mAh capacity, you can charge the battery with a Sony BC-TRW charger in a normal socket. 

The camera boasts of a 31mm width, an 18mm height, and a 45mm depth. It is also considered a portable battery that is found in most mobile electronic devices in the market.

What Lenses Are Compatible with Sony a5100? 

The following lenses are compatible with the Sony a5100:   

1. Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS

2. Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T E 24mm F1.8 ZA

3. Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 (SEL18200LE)

4. Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8

5. Sony E-mount 30mm F3.5 (SEL30M35)

Beginners and professionals in photography know that lenses play an important role in producing quality images. It is against this backdrop that we recommend proper checks before buying a camera lens. Doing this will help you know the compatibility of the camera with the lens.

Is Sony a6300 a Professional Camera?

The Sony a6300 is a professional camera. It is a mirrorless camera that comes with a 24-megapixel resolution and a sensor that produces high photo quality. The camera also produces good images and videos when you are shooting in dim light. 

The Sony a6300 shoots 4k video with a big metal design, and an exterior MIC jack. It also has a better APS-C CMOS sensor which produces an improved ISO of 51,200 (Expandable) against the 12,800 found in the Sony a6000. 

How Long Does Sony a5100 Battery Last?  

The battery of a5100 can capture 400 images and record videos for 75 minutes on a single charge. However, the number of images and minutes of recording videos depends on the imaging practice and the style of the videographer or photographer.

The duration of the battery pack can also be determined by the weather condition, extended use of the camera LCD screen, and the frequency of turning the camera off and on. 

For instance, when you are using the camera LCD screen for an exceptionally long time to review or frame images, the battery performance will drop drastically. 

Is Sony a5100 Mirrorless? 

The Sony a5100 is a mirrorless camera and it comes with the same features as the improved version of Sony a6000. The camera comes with a 24.3mp APS-C CMOS sensor plus an on-chip phase detection that covers ninety-two percent of the camera frames. 

The camera also features the latest Sony image processor, a three-inch LCD touch screen that can be moved upward for about 180 degrees. Additionally, the camera video features are excellent with the help of XAVC S codec that makes it possible to reach 1080/60p with a 50mbps bit rate.  

How Do I Stop My Sony a5100 From Overheating?

To stop the Sony a5100 from overheating, move files to external storage to improve the camera memory card. This option involves you buying a higher memory card that will contain most of the information in your camera without heating the camera. 

You can also buy an additional battery pack. This option means that you have to acquire an extra battery that will assist the original battery especially when the SD card is in good shape. 

Finally, install the latest firmware. By updating the Sony a5100 firmware, it will help to reduce overheating in the camera.